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May 31, 2006


12:39 am - John

Two new rules have been added in the "Terms." Please check this to be up-to-date with the current terms. Also, I would like to remind everyone that today (Wednesday) is the last day to donate $10 or more for May's rare item.

Thank you!

May 14, 2006

New Layout

7:26 pm - John

The new layout is in place and was designed by the staff member hermionepotter. Great job!

Also, sign up is now open to everyone, meaning essay sign ups are currently closed. Everyone may now simply sign up.


May 7, 2006

The Quibbler

1:59 am - pixiechickie

The first issue of The Quibbler is out and ready for you guys to read. Just click on the link to the right. Hope you all enjoy. I also want to thank The Quibbler staff for all their hard work.

May 3, 2006


7:06 pm - John

All users who donated during our time of need have received a S.P.E.W. Badge. The HEX Staff thanks all of you. We still need donations for server upgrades. (Our next upgrade is scheduled for June) Starting now, we will give away monthly items. If you donate $10.00 or more a month, you will receive a new item for that month. That item will only be available for the users who donated during that month, nowhere else. Again, everyone who donates $10.00 or more during this month (May) will receive an item for May 2006 that will never be released again. Then everyone who donates $10.00 or more in June 2006, July 2006, etc. will receive a special item for each of those months.

Also, we would love to hear your ideas/suggestions directly. Feel free to submit them. The link is in the "Ideas/Suggestions" forum at the top.

Finally, we are looking for graphic designers as well as people experienced in flash. More information can be attained on the "About" page at the very bottom of any page on Hogwarts Extreme.

Many updates/additions are scheduled in the coming weeks as well as events, contests, and more.

Thank you for all of your support!

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