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March 26, 2006

We're back

10:47 pm - John

Hey Everyone,

Sorry for the week of downtime. We had overloaded our previous host so we finally had to get our own server. Thank you for all of your support, donations, and patience. All of the donaters will be recognized in due time.

Thanks again!

March 18, 2006

New Wizard Cards!

1:50 am - masterwizard

The master of the Scramble game has kindly informed me that in addition to there being new scrambles, he has also acquired some pieces of new wizard cards - Alberta Toothill, Circe, Daisy Dodderidge, Elfrida Clagg, Felix Summerbee, and Gregory the Smarmy (they appear in that order below)! Unfortunately, he was unable to get a complete set of pieces for any of the cards, so that will be your job. :) He said that he was putting the pieces that he's received into his wonderful game, and that you would be able to get the pieces in his game soon. I wonder what else the master has that's hidden....

March 16, 2006

The Quibbler

11:00 pm - pixiechickie

Hi Hexians! The Quibbler is now looking for staff. We need creative writers to help with the monthly magazine. To apply please owl The Quibbler with your name, and a short story or ideas you have for stories or specific sections you want to personally add to the magazine.

Advertising space is now available to all shop owners. Send a graphic to The Quibbler. The Quibbler comes out once a month, so the fee for advertising is 20 Galleons per issue/month, for graphics that are no bigger than 118 x 80. We will also be doing full page and half page ads but of course it will cost more money. If you don't have your own graphic, one can be made for a price, again just contact The Quibbler to let us know you need one made. And advertising will be free for Quibbler Staff.

March 14, 2006

Site Updates

4:33 pm - John

Hey Everyone,

A links page has been added. Please support us by clicking on the topsites, and of course viewing the other Harry Potter sites we've linked. Also, Berlin's World is going to return. You can currently submit ideas for the section under the "Navigate" category.

Trades has also returned today. Storage trades are not allowed. If you make a trade, you should be intending to actually trade it. Anyone caught cheating will obviously be expelled.

You may have also the noticed the new category "Subsidiaries." Many sites relating to HEX, but somewhat seperate will be added in the near future. Applications for this will be posted soon.

Club modifications have been made as well. All clubs now have a general profile. In the profiles are important stats. An image can be added to your club profiles via the "Club Settings." Also, you may view what clubs a certain user is apart of by clicking the link in userinfo.

Lastly, teaching applications are here. You are allowed to apply for inactive classes in your year. By inactive, we mean they have not been updated since January 2006 or before. Apply here!

Much more is going to be added this week and in the near future. Thanks for all of your support!

March 5, 2006

Congratulations to the new house staff members!

8:38 pm - hermionepotter

I've decided to go ahead and announce this now, but none of you better start owling me about titles.

I'll be working on giving you powers in each house after this has been posted, so don't owl me about that either. haha


HoH: Nicholas_Flamel
AHoH: kara potter
HG: kitten050606
HB: Seamus_Finnigan
GP: monieeka
Graphics: Glitter_Parvati


HoH: Cho Potter
AHoH: Theny
HG: XChoChangX
HB: Hpfanextrm
GP: Tomoyo
BP: Icy Wind
Graphics: Charmed_babe88


HoH: Lord__Voldemort
AHoH: erik_the_phantom
HG: fallen_princess
HB: buckbeak
GP: pansyxparkinson
BP: salazar
Graphics: jupiter


HoH: Huggles
AHoH: HeadmasterNick
HG: rhyoko
HB: Remus Moony
GP: Abi Potter
BP: angel_guy
Graphics: Wolfy


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