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August 31, 2005

Happy Birthday to the Witches and Wizards born in September

10:13 pm - Sara Potter

Happy Birthday to all of you born in September. You should be finding a little gift in your inventory from the staff.

September 1: Terry McMillan
September 2: Tasarla: Naomi_Slverflame; Lindsey; Lore
September 3: harobikes333
September 4: nikki granger
September 5: Cattl_Draco
September 6: thebigshow; AF_ARMY; rons_biggest_fan
September 8: James Spencer; hollow_fairytales; Andrew Granger
September 9: Wizard Wonderer; King_of_mamasites
September 10: LabLuver12; Raiyne; Christina Snape
September 11: Harriet Lily Snape; mushu dragon
September 12: Aimee; Kennedy Miller; Tynkjonez, starfire; I_LoVe_DiGGory
September 14: Miss Radcliffe; FleurgrlMH, azkabanchik
September 15: Blend_One; Fortuna
September 16: angel_guy; CountryGirl
September 17: Carlita
September 18: Azarel Blade; beth1890
September 19: Etymologist; Draco
September 20: Cho Chick
September 23: Sara Potter; felisa felicis
September 25: Ilovetomfelton; Ginny Diggory 726; Nos
September 28: Rhian Brecon
September 29: trigr_oner
September 30: Gumdrop11; Mistaya; Sinn Hunter

If you didn't make this list, please owl me, Sara Potter, with you birthday. I can't edit this list, but if you contact me prior to Sept. 14, You will get your gift. After that, you will be put in the database for next year. The only way your name is on this list is if you owled me. If it isn't on the list, you didn't owl me.
Again, Happy Birthday

Announcement for Tournament participants!

7:40 pm - Bosnimf

Because of recent events with the hurricanes, Sara and I have decided to postpone the start of the chess section untill monday september 5 (at least). We trust you will all understand our decision to do this., hex will be around longer, the time needed for the tournament is not set in stone. Those affected by the hurricanes need our support, and we still want to give them a chance to be able to participate.

There will be more special arrangements for those affected by the Hurricanes if they still wish, and are able to participate. Contact Sara Potter or Bosnimf if that is the case. We also trust that this will not be taken advantage off, we can and will notice if that happens, and as you may understand, we have little respect for anyone who takes advantage of a situation like this, and there will be concequenses if you do so.

Also, because of Hex being down, you all have 24 extra hours, from the moment this is posted, to send in your chess information. You also have an additional 24 hours to send in your section answers (meaning it is now due on friday). Again, for those affected by the Hurricanes will be a special arrangement.

~Sara & Aggie~

August 30, 2005

Attention Everyone:

3:51 pm - Sara Potter

Aggie and I have a way for you to make some Galleons. We need Section Leaders for the Wizard Chess portion of the Tournament.

Title: Section Leader

Responsibility: To moniter the chess games, taking screen shots after each set of moves (white and black) and post them. You may take responsibility for as many games as you feel you can moniter.

Who can Apply: Anyone can apply. Even if you are participating in the tournament. The only stipulation is that you can not moniter your own game.
You will only be able to moniter games in your own house.

Payment: 100 Galleons per Game.


August 28, 2005

The Tournament HEXtreme has begun

10:21 pm - Sara Potter

Head to the Tournament Forum to cheer on our contestants.

Contestants-please enter the contest forum through the doors at the top. Beware the dangers that await you!

August 25, 2005

Announcement regarding Wands, Sorting and Eating/Drinking!

4:39 pm - Bosnimf

Momentarily there is a bug with getting permanent wands, and you will be unable to get a wand when trying. This will be fixed as soon as possible.

Also about sorting, once accepted onto the site, your account still has to be aproved before you will recieve a link to sorting. This may take a while (up to a week or two).

Eating and Drinking:
To be able to post on HEX, you must eat and drink. It will say under your name, where you find how much money you're carrying etc., that you're 'dying' behind 'hunger' and 'thirst'. To eat and drink, you must go to Diagon Alley and buy drinks and food. Then go to your inventory, click on one of the drink/food items, and select 'eat/drink it at once' and click submit. That is how you feed yourself on HEX, and when the status behind 'Thirst' and 'Hunger' becomes white, you can post and talk in the forums.

I hope that these answer the three most pressing questions for new members at the moment. Any more questions, feel free to ask them in our Welcome Forum (which is meant especially for new members), check the Newbie FAQ, which is also set up especially for new members to get all the info they need, or owl one of the Global Moderators with your question if you can't find the answer in the FAQ or the Welcome Forum.

Also: Welcome to HEX :)

August 19, 2005

Tournament HEXtreme!

8:02 pm - Bosnimf

This year HEX presents: Tournament HEXtreme!
Battle of the houses!

Gather around to hear all about it!

The tournament will have 4 teams, one for each house, battle against each other in the 9 sections of the tournament. The House team that wins will have instant fame and fortune and not only for them, but for their entire house!

To pick the teams, we start off the tournament in each house sepperatly with smaller, less complex versions of the sections to work through. The 3 members with the highest score at the end of Round One of the tournament will form the team that battles in the name of their house against the other houses.

The house that wins will earn 100.000 galleons to their house account. The team members of the winning team will win an Invisibility cloak!

All the details about the tournament, how to participate, the rules, etc. can be found in Tournament HEXtreme forum!

But to give the tournament the grand opening it deserves, we start off with a ball for all four houses (during which you can sign up to participate in the tournament)! All you need is some house pride and a good mood here! Now turn that music up and let the games begin!!!

~Have fun~
~Sara Potter & Bosnimf~

August 6, 2005

Happy Birthday to our members born in August

3:40 am - Sara Potter

Happy Birthday. In a few days, you will receive a little gift from the staff here at HEX. If you have a birthday in August, and didn't make this list-you can still get your gift. Please owl me by August 14th, and I will get it out to you. August 1: Sessann; thomas_web
August 2: Haylee Jade; DeAnna Weasley; Katy Spyder
August 3: Fallen_Princess
August 4: popo; John;arik;Fawkes Feather
August 5: kerrichelle
August 6: i_love_harry_25; areyouamuggle
August 7: Jade_Evans27
August 8: Dark Angel; Theny; lynx444; briar_rose; Craigius
August 9: Hermy_Granger; YennyWP
August 10: Yuki Eiri
August 11: Vren; Csharp; Gean gaire
August 12: lavender_brown; Yayrabies; omareduardo13
August 14: lord_omnipotent; gryffselmak
August 15: lady_the_great
August 17: Tanaquil; Demeter; Hermione_Granger2002; dark_angel_xxx
August 18: kayrien; _moony_
August 19: hermionegranger19
August 20: speckleburst; Weaselbee
August 22: Zevchan; ReIzA; darkangel45; Nicholas_Flamel
August 23: dragonwhishes; Aragorn; Kerrie
August 24: Blaise Zabini; Mihycio
August 25: JessicaKate; Draco_Malfoysfriend; Adele Grayson
August 26: Iximony; Azriel; MaryAndHarryPotter
August 27: mel_potter
August 28: hobgoblin828
August 29: Tom_Felton
August 31: Mudgie Potter; childofearth; Amy Dawson Black; ampalaya
Happy Birthday, one and all!

August 3, 2005


7:13 pm - Sara Potter

I messed up BIG TIME, and added a whole bunch of August Birthdays to September. If you have an AUGUST birthday-PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE owl me with your date-even if you have done so already. All other people, please hold off on owling me your birthdays-so I can correct this error. Thank you for your patience and cooperation

HBP Info

9:31 am - John

As we said previously, once July is over, you will be allowed to talk about Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in any forum on Hogwarts Extreme.

Note that you MUST use spoiler tags if it is not in a designated HBP forum.

This also means you do not need to use the spoiler tag at all in the HBP forums. View at your own risk.


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