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June 29, 2005

HP and the CoS Contest

11:47 pm - masterwizard

It seems as if Voldemort is trying to take the Chamber of Secrets from Dumbledore. With all of the people in the world looking out for him and his followers, it's been hard finding a decent lair for him and his Death Eaters. Then it occurs to him. What place could be better as a lair than the Chamber of Secrets? It would give him plenty of access to the Hogwarts students and their professors. So he took the idea into consideration, and came up with a plan. He was, in fact, going to try to reclaim the Chamber of Secrets. But how? He'd need help. But then an idea hits him. Maybe he doesn't have to physically enter the chamber? What if his former self did it for him? That's it. Get Lucius to take his old diary to Hogwarts, so that Tom Riddle can be released. But how would it get there. That solution presented itself right before the start of term at Hogwarts. All Lucius had to do was to walk into Flourish and Blotts....

Now Voldemort knows that Dumbledore himself will be patrolling the school passageways, and that there will be obstacles that will need to be overcome if he is to succeed. Will you help Professor Dumbledore stop Tom Riddle or will you allow Hogwarts to become corrupted by evil? It's completely your choice. However, if you choose to help, it will be up to you to find out what Voldemort is planning and to stop Tom Riddle, once and for all. Please hurry, though, as the start of term is in a few days, and you're going to have a lot to overcome! Good luck!

Rules for the CoS contest

1. You must work out all clues on your own, with no help from anyone. Any threads composed asking for help will result in the thread author's automatic disqualification. If you have questions about the contest, please post them in this thread, or owl them to Masterwizard.

2. The Admins and Global Moderators have NOT been informed about the contest, so they ARE eligible to win. You may not ask them for any help regarding the contest. Anyone caught asking someone from either group for help, will be automatically disqualified.

3. All obstacles, riddles, trivia questions, etc. will pertain to the books, and not Hex. In the event that something does pertain to Hex, it will be noted as such in that particular thread. (Note: The riddles to find out where the next section of the contest is, will be based on Hex)

4. This contest is time-based, however, that does not mean that because you've submitted your answer sheet first, that you automatically win. The first person to have a complete, correct, answer sheet will win Moste Potente Potions and your House Sword.

5. The first place winner will receive Moste Potente Potions and your House Sword. The 2nd place winner shall receive your House Sword and 25,000 galleons. The 3rd place winner shall receive a Cage of Pixies and 20,000 galleons.

6. You may only send in one answer sheet, no exceptions. So make sure that you are confident with your answer sheet before sending it in.

7. The clues may be anywhere on Hex, including the hidden forums. They will not, however, be placed in any forums restricted to one or more groups (common rooms, bathrooms, etc.)

8. Answer sheets must include the following: (1) The answers to the riddles, questions, etc. (2) The places where you found the corresponding riddles, questions, etc. (Instead of just posting them all together, use this format: "The name of the section - The place where it was found; the answer(s) to the question(s).

9. All obstacles that will need to be answered will be in italics. If a riddle, question, or other obstacle is NOT in italics, then you do not need to answer them.

10. ALL location riddles or location obstacles need to be answered, whether in italics or not.

Head over to the contest forum to begin the contest! :)

June 24, 2005

Gazette - Who to Interview Enteries

6:56 pm - Felica_SilverMoon

Don't forget to get those entries in on "Who you would liked to be Interviewed in the next Gazette. All entries are due July 1st. You may owl your entries to Bosnimf.

To all new users with problems logging in

9:40 am - Birgitte

If you just recieved the email with your activation code and every time you click it it gives you an invalid request ... Try copying the WHOLE link from your email and paste it into a new browser. If your username has a space in it or your email does - the link might be broken and you cant just click it. But it works when you paste it into a new browser.

I have noticed that we have some users that have changed their user names

2:29 am - Sara Potter

If you signed up for the birthday list under your old name, PLEASE OWL me with the NEW user name, OLD user name AND your birthdate. With out ALL THREE bits of information, I will not change the database. Thank you in advance for your cooperation

June 23, 2005

HEX Trivia Contest; *Winners Announced*

11:08 pm - Flashy Comet

After a long excruciating wait, I am here to announce the winners. By my side I have .. oh nevermind. No fancy talk on this one. I'll get right down to the dirty stuff. Well-It's not really dirty, but if you catch my drift.

The winners for the Trivia Contest are;

-big gasp-

First Place, The winner of 20,000 galleons and a Sloan Action Figure is; Mistaya.
Congratulations Mistaya on your fabulous job.

Second Place, The winner of 10,000 galleons and a REd Licorice wand is; PixieChickie.
Congratulations to Pixie for her efforts ^^

and last but not least..
Third Place, The winner of 5,000 galleons and a Black licorice wand is; Adarkjedi44.
Congratulations Adarkjedi44 for your skills.

And there you have it folks, the winners of the Hex Trivia Contest!


June 20, 2005

Donation Change

1:56 am - John

A second donation area has been created that is only available to 1st year users. Since most 1st years are just starting out, this will be a big help to them. Anyone can donate to this new donation area in quick inventory if they are feeling generous.

Note: Everyone can still access regular donations.

June 19, 2005

Welcome to all new users :)

2:45 pm - Birgitte

Right now we have a bunch of new users coming in .. welcome to all of you :)

You all have 50 galleons to start with but you will see that you're starving. In order to be able to post in our forums you will have to feed yourself first. Diagon Alley has a variety of shops where you can buy food.

We're currently working on a FAQ for new users that will help you get settled on HEX. Until then - feel free to owl any of the people on this list and ask if you have any questions.

Please pay attention to the top of the pages where you will soon recieve a message telling you how to get sorted.

Naut Fur You is open!

1:26 am - Birgitte

We have re-opened Naut Fur You located in Diagon Alley and there's a new store in Knockturn Alley too that you really should check out..

Now remember that there's a reason the store is named Naut Fur You ;)

June 17, 2005

Enrollment and other news.

9:40 am - John

Hey Everyone!

Enrollment has finally returned to Hogwarts Extreme. Sign up today! Enrollment is a little different this time though. You must first submit an medium description that will either be approved or rejected.

Also, contests are on the way, along with a layout still on the way and many other ideas being formed at the moment.

Thank You!

June 10, 2005

No HEX staff member will ever ask for your password.

2:51 pm - Birgitte

No HEX staff member will ever contact you through owls, on aim, on msn or anywhere else asking for your password. If someone did contact you pretending to be one of us and you gave out your password - please change your password instantly and let us know about it.

Hex Trivia Contest; Round Two

1:30 am - Flashy Comet

You took the challenge and handed in the round one of those tedious questions. You know those questions were hard. But you gave it your best, knowing that you have a chance of winning. You didn't think any of the other students were as confident as you. You showed your beaming smile as you walked back into the line inwhich you first stood waiting to enter the contest. Here you're standing, waiting and waiting for you Round Number Two question sheet. You glance nervously behind you, to see students come piling in. They must've entered round one too. Only people who went into round one, could go into round two. How silly if they thought they could sneak in. Finally you get to the beginning of the line. You notice a staff member by the name of Nikki Comet. She's running the contest. She greets you with a smile and looks down at a list, 'What's your name?' she asks you. You recite your name to her and she glances at her list once more. 'Ahh yes, you're on the list.' She reaches down and grabs a piece of parchment for you. It reads, 'Round Two Questions' and the questions below it. Inside your grinning and jumping for joy, but you hold it in so no one else sees. You walk down the hall and began to jog lightly all the way back to your common room.

People who can participate in round two:

Please check thread in Entrance Hall.

The prizes for this contest will be;
1st - 20,000 galleons and a special surprise.
2nd - 10,000 Galleons and a special surprise.
3rd - 5,000 galleons and a special surprise.
Everyone who participates will receive prizes as well, those are to be determined.

Only true attempts given and turned in by owl will receive prizes.

Round Two Questions:

1. Give all the positions that Professor McGonagall has.

2. Cho Chang is of what descent?

3. How many sisters does Narcissa Black Malfoy have?

4. What happened to Nevilles parents?

5. What animal pulled the Beauxbaton's carriage into Hogwarts for the Triwizard tournament?

6. In order for House Elves to be free, they have to be given an article of clothing to be let go. What article of clothing did Harry give Dobby so that he could be free?

7. How old is Nymphadora Tonks?

8. Ron does not like what?

9. What special ability does Lucius might have?

10. What is Hagrids mom's name?

If you have any questions that relate to anything but the answers to the Round Two questions. Please feel free to drop an owl on Flashy Comet's Head

June 9, 2005

Hogwarts Extreme Comic Section

6:53 am - John


Hogwarts Extreme's first ever comic section!

Currently there are two comics posted for your enjoyment. A new one will be added for sure each Friday, but more may be added before each Friday. (see link under "Navigate")

Feel free to submit comments by clicking the links under each specific comic.

Thanks to user IanCrowe for making the comics!

June 8, 2005

Hex Gazette

12:08 pm - Bosnimf

I have chosen someone to assist me with the layout. I know i would say 2 people, but the low amount of applications (and quality of those) forced me to chose one person instead. Those who entered have been owled about it :)

If you haven't seen the previous news about this, I am still looking for a second person to assist me in doing the layout of the gazette. Applications for the layout stay open indefinitly (or untill further notice).

June 6, 2005

Warning to all users

8:48 pm - Birgitte

Because of last nights incidents we have expelled 10 accounts today all having relations to the same people.

Let this be a warning. No matter what you do - it can be undone with a few clicks of a mouse. We're not going anywhere. This is a PG rated site and to be honest - to keep coming back even after almost a year to cause problems is rather pathetic.

Let this also be a warning to NEW users - and old. I can see that some of the accounts that were expelled are fairly new accounts. NEVER ever give out your password to someone you dont know. And not to your friends either. Obviously no one can be trusted. Do NOT give out your password. Chances are that who ever you give it to and for what ever good reason you have - they will be up to something simply because they dont have anything else to do.

Anyone found with one of the expelled members ip's on their account will be expelled too - no questions asked.

And our owlboxes are always open if you hear something or know of an expelled member being on an account here on HEX.

Just a Friendly New Reminder.

4:06 am - Flashy Comet

Please do not accept avatars from strangers you don't know. Bad things could be lurking around the corner. -Nikki, Global Moderator-

June 3, 2005

BIRTHDAY SIGN-UPS (yep, all caps, so no one misses it)

9:04 pm - Sara Potter

sign up with USERNAME and date I will edit each post as I enter them into my database. If you have signed up, you don't need to sign up again

For Those of you who just signed up for the Birthday recognition

3:57 pm - Sara Potter

I will be getting the bithdays in the database, and those who have birthdays this month WILL get their cakes. It will be within the next day or 2. Don't panic, it will be done.

June 2, 2005

NEW HEX Gazette!!!

10:34 pm - Bosnimf

THE NEW HEX GAZETTE IS OUT!!! Run to the stands before we run out! Big contests, news, Interviews, sneak peaks and MORE!

Also If you have the old Hex Gazetter turning up, try refreshing it :)

(In case it doesn't work that way go here: https://gazette.hextoday.com/ copy and paste the url in your browser)

New gmod :)

12:13 am - Birgitte

Please welcome Rosmerta as a new Global Moderator. She's been a mod in DA for a few days and we thought we might as well bump her to gmod :)
Please respect her as I know you do all the other mods *cough* and feel free to owl her if you have any problems as you already do with the other mods.

June 1, 2005

Happy Birthday To Our Members With June Birthdays!!

6:15 pm - Sara Potter

Pippa (6/4);
Paleghost (6/5);
Lord__Voldemort (6/10);
Jackgirl4ever, Zabrina (6/14);
ADarkJedi44 (6/19);
Percussionist (6/26);
Juanito (6/28);
harryweasley (6/30)

From now on everybody will recieve this cake when it's their birthday:

Happy Birthday to all!!

Hex Gazette Staff Members!

11:03 am - Bosnimf

Our Staff forum will be down for maintenance untill further notice :)


4:15 am - John

All users in the Gryffindor house have been issued a house cup item. If you are in the Gryffindor house, you definitely got one.

Also, the minimum points required to pass will be announced soon, along with the actual year upgrades.

Thank you!

Note : All random events have been updated!

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