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May 29, 2005

Congratulations to Gryffindor

11:28 pm - Birgitte

This year Gryffindor takes the Housecup. Congratulations to all and good job on doing your homework :)

The points are as following:
Gryffindor: 24438.2
Ravenclaw: 19600.5
Hufflepuff: 19513.3
Slytherin: 16783.6

Good job everybody. It was very close between Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. We are working on a small prize for all Gryffindors


12:54 am - John

You may no longer use the size 1 for your quills. Also, the wingding font has been replaced with Arial.

All size 1 font users have been upgraded to size 2. Congrats!

Thanks again!

May 28, 2005

School is over!

12:09 am - Birgitte

Classes are now officially over for this term and we are counting the points. Stay tuned for who wins the housecup! It will be announced this coming Sunday.

Good job to everybody who's accumulated points for doing their homework. Next term will start in August.

May 27, 2005


10:09 pm - John

Hey Everyone,

I've returned from my leave of absence and I'm now back to work! ;)

First off, edit profile has been fixed. Second, auctions is finally back. We've gone through it, sorted out the bugs, and it is finally ready. If you happen to find any bugs, please report it!

Thirdly, many things are going to happen, especially in the next few months. A layout is on its way, Book 6 contest, and much more.

Thanks for all of your support.

Hex Gazette layout Applications

6:20 pm - Bosnimf

Due to personal circumstances I need assistance in the layout, because it's something that just takes a lot of time etc.

Applications will close on June 3. I will chose *2 people* who will help me with the layout. Use the base for the layout posted in the Entrance Hall, for an example to send in.

Rules etc. are also in the thread in the Entrance Hall :)

Trivia Contest; It awaits you!

12:26 am - Flashy Comet

You walk with big strides down the hallway on your way to the Entrance hall when you notice students are lining up against the wall. The line stretches for fifty-three and a half strides exactely till you see the beginning of the line. You notice everyone is lining up infront of the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. Above the door is a sign that reads, 'Contest for all ages. Test your amazing knowledge with a trivia contest hosted by Hogwarts.'
You ponder the thoughts of entering this trivia contest. You have alot of knowledge of everything to do with the wizarding world, so why not go ahead and test that good ol' brain of yours. You see your friend Annalisa Bildwong already in the line. She waves you over and walk over to talk with her.
"Join this. I hear it's got amazing prizes. There's alot of galleons involved with this one. Here, budge in line. I'm sure the fourty-nine students behind me won't mind." she chuckles and you glance down at the ground. Here's your opportunity. A once in a lifetime chance to win a big bag of galleons. Won't your family be proud of you? You could buy a new broom. Maybe even a gift or two for your friends. Do you step up to the line? Do you take that chance? It's up to you...


1.) No help from fellow users. If a user is caught cheating, he/she will be terminated from the contest and will not be able to participate.
2.) When sending in your answers to the questions. Please include the A) Question Number, B) The question itself and C) Your answer.
3.) You can only owl things once a week. So put everything into one owl in the first week of questions, a new owl the next week with the new questions. Only one owl per user per week
4.) You may NOT use any multiple accounts or go on someone elses account but your own to do this. If you are caught using multiple accounts, you may as well be expelled, or in azzy for awhile.
5.) If one of the questions has a thing where you have to spell a name or write a name or something to that liking, it must be exact for you to get it right.
6.) Round one must be handed in by next Saturday. That's the 4th of June.
7.) Please owl your entry's to Flashy Comet
8.) Please remember owl your entry's to

The prizes for this contest will be;
1st - 20,000 galleons and a special surprise.
2nd - 10,000 Galleons and a special surprise.
3rd - 5,000 galleons and a special surprise.
Everyone who participates will receive prizes as well, those are to be determined.
Only true attempts given and turned in by owl will receive prizes. [

Round One Questions:

1. Who were the four houses name after?

2. What happened that caused disagreements with Slytherin?

3. Pick a founder and write everything you possibly know about Him/Her. If must be all true and facts from the book.

4. Name all of the colors for each house.

5. What language is the school motto, "Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus"[ in and what is the translation?

6. Name atleast three clubs that Hogwarts has.

7. What's the schools song? The one the sorting had sang the first time Harry came to hogwarts?

8. Explain what the school uniform is.

9. Why can muggles not see Hogwarts?

10. What was the statue of that the weasley twins and harry used to go to hogsmeade?

If you have any questions that relate to anything but the answers to the Round One questions. Please feel free to drop an owl on Flashy Comet's Head.

May 25, 2005

Working on getting the site back

7:34 pm - Birgitte

We've had some problems lately as many of you have probably noticed.
The main problem people have been experiencing is not being able to log onto hex. Hoo has moved the server so the url is no longer www2.hexrpg.com ... it's simply www.hexrpg.com as it used to be. So for those having problems navigating the site or have the url saved in their favorites - simply take out the 2 in the www2.

More news will follow soon.

All gmods and helpers to the batcave!!

3:09 pm - Birgitte

Please check the gmod forum

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