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April 20, 2005

Contest Forum - your chance of contributing to HEX

9:18 am - Birgitte

We are setting up a new thing called the Contest Forum. In this forum you - the users will get a chance of running a weekly contest and we - HEX will sponsor the prizes. Here are the ground rules:

1: Everybody can submit their contest ideas to the Weekly Contest account. When you submit your idea you are required to make a suggestion for prizes too. That be items or money. You are also welcome to make your own items as a SUGGESTION and include this in your owl, but we reserve the right to decline your item.

2: Once a week WE (the staff) select a weekly contest and post it in the Contest Forum which will be closed to new threads - meaning that only this weeks weekly contest thread will be active for people to post in.

3: If your contest is selected you're responsable for sending the contest - that be trivia, quests - what ever to the Weekly Contest account who will post it in the contest forum.

4: If your contest is selected we will contact you to discuss the prizes for your contest.

5: Unless it's something special all contests are supposed to be running a whole week.

6: WE - the staff will select the winners along with who ever submitted the contest.

7: We can not help you with major coding. Of course - if it's minor things we'll talk about it but dont count on it happening. The contests are supposed to be run by YOU without any help from us.

8: This is the first time we're doing this so there might be things we havent thought of. So we also reserve the right to change these rules a bit and bend them if needed :p

So start sending in your ideas. Dont count on a response in any case. We simply just store the ideas in that account and will pick from all sent in ideas when needed.


April 14, 2005

PixieChickies Contest - Harry Potter Spoofs!

8:01 pm - Birgitte

Hello fellow Hexians. I have a really fun contest for you. I want you to create a Harry Potter spoof. What is a Harry Potter spoof you say? Here are some examples to show you(these are not my works of art):
So you can basically use anything. Harry Potter book covers, movie posters, other movies(only you have to somehow make it Harry Potter related, such as, Planet of the Snapes), pictures of the actors or characters, anything at all, except it has to be related to the Harry Potter books in some way. Rules of this contest:
1. Must be your own original work(except, you can use pre-made images from the books and movies, etc..). But no one can make it for you.

2. All forms of art are accepted. Hand drawn and scanned or drawn with any computer program.

3. It can be any size, but lets not make it too big guys.

4. EVERYONE can enter, including, Admins, Helpers, and Global Moderators.

5. Do NOT post your work in the forum. Owl them to PixieChickie. If you post your work on the site you are instantly disqualified.

6. The top three pictures will win Extendable Ears. Everyone else who entered a valid entry(meaning you really tried! Just sending in anything WON'T work!) will get a Fanged Frisbee.

7. This contest will end on April 26th. That gives you guys two weeks. I will not accept anything after that date.

8. Breaking any of these rules will get you instantly disqualified.

So go on get to work and have fun. Remember Owl PixieChickie with any questions or you can post them in the thread in the EH.

April 12, 2005

Back up

9:12 pm - Birgitte

Hex is back up - as you can see lol IF your pet ran away while the site was down - we cant replace it. Very sorry about that. But the petstores will be restocked shortly.

April 5, 2005

New edition of the HEX Gazette is out!

1:40 am - Birgitte

Check the EH for link :o)

Profiles are part of hex too = PG rated

12:12 am - Birgitte

I would like to remind everybody that your profile is a part of hex too and therefor is to stay PG rated. If you have anything in there that you KNOW isent PG rated - please remove it. This also goes for links to quizzes that might contain profanity, links to not PG rated sites, links to sites that might have R rated popups and all things like that.

If we find a profile that doesnt fit a PG rating - we will delete the WHOLE profile - no questions asked and we're not saving what ever was in there so it will be lost forever.

So do yourself a favor and go through your profiles and delete inappropriate content.

April 2, 2005

Search for the Sorcerer's Stone

7:28 am - masterwizard

It seems that Voldemort is at it again! Now that he has gained his body back, he wishes to attempt to steal the Sorcerer's Stone once again! As everyone knows, the Sorcerer's Stone will grant the drinker immortality for as long as they consume the potion that it produces - the Elixir of Life. He has sent another one of his minions - Quirrell (Who happens to be a professor at Durmstrang, as well as a cousin of the Quirrell from Hogwarts), to steal the stone, so that Voldemort can rule the wizarding world with an iron fist. With Professor Dumbledore, and the Order of the Phoenix extremely busy with containing the Death Eaters and the recently free Dementors, no one is left to stand up to Quirrell.....except you.

Voldemort knows that Dumbledore has recently produced another obstacle course for Quirrell to break through, but he doesn't know what obstacles he will have to face. Luckily for Voldemort, there have been clues left throughout Hogwarts and it's grounds, to help the sleuth along the way. So, what do you say? Will you help Professor Dumbledore retrieve the Stone, so that it can be destroyed forever, or would you rather sit back and watch the world crumble? The choice is up to you. If you wish to help, however, please hurry and find the first section of the course, as it's been rumored that Quirrell is already inside the castle, and is on his way to find the stone!

For those that want to participate, the rules are as follows:

1. You must work out all clues on your own, with no help from anyone. Any threads composed asking for help will result in the thread author's automatic disqualification. If you have questions about the contest, please post them in this thread, or owl them to Masterwizard.

2. The Admins and Global Moderators have been informed about the contest, so they are not eligible to win. You may not ask them for any help regarding the contest. Anyone caught asking someone from either group for help, will be automatically disqualified.

3. All obstacles, riddles, trivia questions, etc. will pertain to the books, and not Hex. In the event that something does pertain to Hex, it will be noted as such in that particular thread. (Note: The riddles to find out where the next section of the contest is, will be based on Hex)

4. This contest is time-based, however, that does not mean that because you've submitted your answer sheet first, that you automatically win. The first person to have a complete, correct, answer sheet will win the Sorcerer's Stone.

5. The first place winner will receive a Sorcerer's Stone. The 2nd place winner shall receive a Mirror of Erised. The 3rd place winner shall receive a White Snowball (100).

6. You may only send in one answer sheet, no exceptions. So make sure that you are confident with your answer sheet before sending it in.

7. The clues may be anywhere on Hex, including the hidden forums. They will not, however, be placed in any forums restricted to one or more groups (common rooms, bathrooms, etc.)

8. Answer sheets must include the following: (1) The answers to the riddles, questions, etc. (2) The places where you found the corresponding riddles, questions, etc. (Instead of just posting them all together, use this format: "Herbology - The place where it was found; the answer(s) to the question(s).

9. The contest will end on April 10th.

10. You must OWL your answers to Masterwizard.

Good luck to all who participate, and happy hunting!

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