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November 30, 2005

And So It Begins ...

3:58 pm - i know the number

We're beginning the initial phases of the reset. During this time, there will be some scripting going on, so if I screw something up, some page might die for the 10 seconds that it takes for me to fix my mistake. Just a heads up.

We're going to try and make this as painless as possible, so HEX will not be shut down until the nitty gritty stuff has to get done, and when it does, we'll work as quickly as possible to bring HEX back to you.

November 29, 2005

The Big Christmas Reset 2005

6:06 pm - Birgitte

We have thought about this for a long time and after yesterdays incident we have come to the conclusion that it is time for a total reset. All money and items will be reset tomorrow night. All users will be left with 1000g in their pocket and their bellies filled. We will also be cleaning out old items that are no longer relevant.

We are not doing this to punish everybody even though it might seem that way. But I read a post today that only confirmed what we have been talking about for a long time; people have become way too obsessed with pixels and fake money - so obsessed that it has driven some to exploiting the site. A lot of both the money and items in circulation right now have not been earned fairly.

Thursday is December 1st and we have a lot of things planned for December and Christmas. So there will be loads to do for everybody :)

This reset will take place tomorrow night and we will have to close the site down for a couple of hours in order to do this.

So this is your chance to try out those expensive items that has an action that you didn?t dare try before lol Knock yourself out and there will most likely be canaries and other goodies in donations.

We are sorry that we have to do this, but right now we see no other way out in order to get things back to normal.

We are getting very tired here

3:03 am - Birgitte

It seems there is a bug in trades and we KNOW a lot of people have been taking advantage of that. We also know the names of SOME of the people who's been taking advantage of this.

I'm giving you guys one last chance here before we simply shut down the site. I'm tired of people cheating and I'm tired of people spending their time finding loopholes AND exploiting them. I thought what happened last time was more than enough? I thought it was a big enough warning. But I guess I was wrong.

I will not keep spending my time working on this site. John is very busy too and we're all trying to joggle real life and this site. Currently we're working our butts off planning all of December.

I'm going to give people ONE last chance. I'm expecting quite a bit of owls from people who's been stealing items from trades. Owl me and nothing will happen. Dont owl me - and we will shut the site down within the next few days.

If you have offered items and/or money on trades that got accepted and you never got the item(s) you offered on - let me know too.

This truely is pathetic people. This is nothing but a kiddie site but there's a lot of people who consider this their second home. There's a lot of people who's been coming here through many years to keep up with friends. Now you're ruining that for them. I myself have spend more hours than I wish to count on this site too. But I've had it. Unless people fess up - there will be no Christmas on HEX simply because there will be no HEX.

November 28, 2005

New Diagon Alley Moderators

1:40 am - Birgitte

We have selected 4 people to join AlienorH in Diagon Alley. They are as following:

Please welcome them as new moderators. They will be taking over Diagon Alley and I'm sure you'll all hear news from them soon :)

Baby Picture Contest, Second Part

12:18 am - PixieChickie

The second part is up! For more information go to The Contest Forum!

Remember if you didn't enter a picture you CAN still enter the second part!

November 23, 2005

Baby Picture Contest

7:07 pm - PixieChickie

Just a heads up, today is the last day you can turn in baby pictures to be put in the contest. So if you want to turn in a baby picture, send me the link to your pictures. For more information go to the Contest Forum.


4:39 pm - Birgitte

Right now we're in the middle of finding a few moderators for Diagon Alley and setting up some rules for buying/selling. Please dont owl me to become a moderator :) We will find them on our own. But there will be an update on that shortly

We're also in the middle of writing up a set of rules that all houses are going to follow when it comes to common room elections. We're doing this because we feel it will be more fair to everybody if all houses are following the same rules, have the same staff and do the elections at the same time - just like in the books. More on that will follow too.

And Christmas is almost here ;)

November 20, 2005

Classes are open!!!

7:07 am - BrennaKeely

First off all of you that met the point requirement of 100 points moved up a year. Congrats to all of you!!!! Secondly, classes are open!!! Go register for the classes you want to take and hopefully quite soon lessons will be up! The staff room should be open to all teachers now. Please read the rules and instructions regarding classes. Lastly, if anyone (teachers or otherwise) has any questions, please feel free to owl me. Have fun with classes guys!

November 18, 2005

Update on the cheating

2:08 am - Birgitte

I have now been through more than 300 owls from the past few days. Some have been answered, some have "just" been noted and some have been taken care of. If you haven?t received an answer to your owl - it hasn?t been ignored. I simply can?t answer all owls. But they have ALL been read and we have considered every word being said. Ashaman and Stankoniaexp90 have both been expelled for exploiting the bug and for distributing money and items that didn?t belong to them. It is still possible that more will be expelled over the weekend but we need time to get to the bottom of this. Because this is taking so long due to me also actually having to work - I ask that you all be patient and stop making up rumours and accusations when and if you can?t back it up. As said - this isn?t over yet and we're working as fast as we can. To answer a few questions: For now - money and items won?t be reset. But a ridiculous amount of rares e.g. those from Naut Fur You have been distributed thanks to the expelled people - we will have to find a way of levelling that out. And if someone bought something from you the past few days - don?t worry about it right now. You can all continue as always and not be scared that something is still wrong. We are monitoring this very closely and we WILL let you know if more unusual stuff happens. And no - the expelled members will NOT be let back. It doesn?t matter if some only had the money for 24 hours. That was 23 hours and 50 min to long. It should have been reported. Instead some decided to play Robin Hood and thought it would be nice to share with their friends. The thought was nice - but it was also wrong. So no one will be let back.

November 17, 2005

Attention All Hufflepuff Boys

3:20 am - Sara Potter

Hufflepuff needs you. We need you to join the Girls vs Boys goes hufflepuff contest. This contest is similar to tournament hextreme but its a lil diffent, because your on a team with your gender and you do team task. Come in the Common Room and Check it out, Who knows you may go all the way and win a badger!

November 16, 2005

I am currently at work

9:52 pm - Birgitte

I can see I have 3 pages of owls about the whole cheating thing. I'm at work (I work mad hours) but I will deal with this tomorrow when I'm home. So no need resending your owls anymore - I WILL deal with it when I have the time.

November 15, 2005

Expelled members due to cheating

12:27 am - Birgitte

Due to recent events the following people have been expelled:
Katopotter who had galleons
Pansy_parkinson who had 738.956.484 galleons
Willywonka who had 227.613.057 galleons
Rosmerta who had 20.625.720 galleons
Felisa Felicis who had 6.822.255 galleons + the 11 mil she gave away
Pinkieofstewie who had 5.763.379 galleons
And there will be a few more.

It is just not possible to obtain those amounts of galleons without cheating. Those amounts of galleons have not been distributed. And yes ? there is a bug on the site ? actually there are 2 and it can?t be fixed right now. But we are currently monitoring it and ANYONE exploiting these bugs will be expelled immediately ? no questions asked.

Just because there?s a bug it doesn?t mean that people should go exploiting it. When something happens that is NOT to the users advantage you do not hesitate whining about it ? if it IS to your advantage you just start cheating? And people are complaining that there?s too much money floating around? If you guys think you can demand that we keep this site up to date ? that we work our butts off all the time and ask of us to be here 24/ 7 and set everything else aside .. then YOU need to follow the rules too.

It?s just pixels people ? why go to the length of cheating and risk being expelled when you have friends here that you don?t want to lose?

And now that I'm at it - let me make it VERY clear that NO cheating will be tolerated at ALL. If you cheat and we notice - and we WILL notice sooner or later you WILL be expelled - no questions asked.

November 14, 2005

Study Forum Announcement

12:39 pm - Bosnimf

I have an idea for specific study help, however I'm going to need some help. I won't say anything on the idea yet, but if everyone could please go to the study forum and post in the 'idea' thread, what specific subject they need help with. That would be a great start. It might not be obtainable, but if it is, it could help. :)

For those of you who lost the link to the study forum, Go here:

Study Forum

November 13, 2005

HEX Gazette!

4:41 pm - Bosnimf

A New Gazette is out! Finally, after a long absence, it's back. Enjoy!

Go Here for the Gazette


Houston, we have a problem...

6:12 am - masterwizard

Gryffindors, there's a new contest in the common room, with a really nice grand prize! Go check it out! :)

November 11, 2005

About the Slytherin Plushies

9:18 am - Birgitte

Seeing how someone thinks it's fun to run around accusing our staff of things they didnt do I would like to clear something up. There are 6 Slytherin plushies out. 4 belongs to the slytherin account, 1 belongs to Deyna and the last one belongs to Koopa. 5 plushies were given to each house and 1 of each plushies were put in donations. Happy now? Once again we didnt do what you're accusing us of.

November 9, 2005

Baby Picture Contest

10:02 pm - PixieChickie

Ok so we are going to have a Baby Picture Contest. What you do is send in a baby picture, it can be from newborn on to toddler, so, just when you were young, lol. Once the deadline is up and all the pictures have been turned in I will post the baby pictures and the names of who the babies could be. The top 3 people to guess the most right will get a VERY RARE Dumbledore Picture.

The rules are simple enough, don't show anyone the picture you're turning in, and once the pictures are posted don't tell anyone which picture is yours. If you have already posted a baby picture in the picture forum then please try to turn in a different one because then they would know its you lol. All admins/helpers/mods are eligble, except me hehe.

Turn in your pictures to me, PixieChickie by November 23rd! That gives you 2 weeks to get a picture in.

Have fun!

UPDATE: I will also need a recent picture of you, this way instead of posting names and you match the picture to the name you will match the baby picture to the recent picture. Sorry for the change and if you have any questions feel free to Owl me. :)

November 7, 2005

Bludger Dodging :D

3:13 am - i know the number

You can now throw rogue bludgers at a friend to break their jaw. As with the wands and the frisbees, there's a risk, however. Your friend might just catch it and toss it back. Enjoy.

November 3, 2005

Happy Birthday To All Our Friends Born in November

12:04 am - Sara Potter

November 1 Railine_Black; Ryelle
November 2 Liever
November 3 ggocgirl
November 4 Brenda Trelawney; darkphoenix
November 5 Erin
November 6 Delora; lil_sweet_azngirl
November 7 harry_potter_freak; stofolonglegs
November 8 Katherine
November 9 freds_girl; Dream
November 11 Adele; jerome black
November 12 tumbleveela; potion_master; The_Charity_Society; lulu; Joanne
November 13 Ravenlion; Jr13
November 14 giksy; LarData; Rosemel92
November 15 justcuz; Deyna; Half_blood Princess
November 17 Ashmalfoy; T_A_F_girl88
November 22 lazydaisy
November 23 lucette
November 24 Edo Sith
November 25 N_I_G_H_T_W_O_L_F; charmed_babe88; phil_jo
November 27 Fox_Cutter; Jason Archen; Wolfie; Amelia; Megan Fox
November 29 rajrag
November 30 KarolinaPotter

Have a very happy day. Look for a cake in your inventory.

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