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October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

3:04 pm - Caerial

To all our fellow Witches and Wizards, have a hauntingly Happy Halloween!

October 29, 2005

Status Effects

3:29 am - i know the number

Some of you may have noticed that your username has changed color in the top left. I readded an old feature that was originally added by Josh (Hello). Your username will change colors based on different statuses: Gold - Tontongue Toffee Yellow - Rubber Cookie Green - Acid Pop Purple - Broken Jaw Blue - Invisible Red - Admin Your username could become different colors as new statuses are created. ;)

October 24, 2005

Coreless Wands

2:13 am - i know the number

There was a bug in the wand script that caused some users to receive a wand without a core. The bug has been fixed, and all wands without cores have been deleted. If you didn't have a core before, you can get a new wand now.

P.S. Wands don't have plugs, Sara.

October 23, 2005

Winners of the Boggart Contest!

4:55 am - masterwizard

The winners of the boggart contest have been announced! Please visit the Contest Forum for more details! Thanks. :)

Teacher Positions Finally Announced!

1:26 am - Birgitte

You can find the list of teachers here

October 21, 2005

Study Forum update!

8:45 pm - Bosnimf

It's now for all houses available. It's for real life homework help and to learn some extra skills if possible. Make sure to read the main thread to get the gist of it :). Also, if you want on the list as a 'teacher' on one of the subjects, or want to suggest a subject, owl one of your house staffmembers, or post it in the forum.

Go Here for the Study Forum.

Exeplled User Inventory/Store Problem Fixed

3:13 pm - i know the number

All the inventories and stores of expelled users have been deleted. Hopefully this will balance out the rarities of items a bit, and it will also prevent users from seeing an item cheap in a store, only to find out the user who owns the store is expelled. Enjoy.

New Helper

1:50 pm - Birgitte

I know the number - also knows as Eric has joined us to help out with coding. He's already fixed a bunch of stuff and will be working on HEX from now on. He also has the status of Global Moderator - that comes with being a Helper so please respect him when he moderates too.

Also - please dont start flooding him with request for items and actions - you may still post those in the Suggestion Forum and we'll take it from there.

On the same note - wands have been fixed for new users and should now be working. Go get your wand .. enjoy :)

October 20, 2005

New navigation system!

5:14 pm - Bosnimf

As you can see, hex has now a new navigation system. It works quite simple, just click on the picture, a door, a window, a painting..Anything, to go where you want to go. The Navigation system is a bit different then it used to be, so take a look around, and get comfortable in Hogwarts Extreme, the castle :D!

And watch out for those secret links ;)...

October 19, 2005

Attention Ravenclaws!

11:38 pm - Bosnimf

The study forum (for Ravenclaws) is up, you can now get help with your real life homework easy in our brand new Study forum! We also have the option of learning some non-school related skills (such as graphic making, html, yoga...etc. etc.). Have fun!

Tournament Announcement!

10:05 pm - Bosnimf

Section 3 is up! Hurry :D

October 14, 2005

Tournament points update!

7:31 pm - Bosnimf

We're very pleased to announce that all the teams recieved the maximum amount of points possible for the first round! You will see the amount of points in the hourglasses below.

In the Tournament Forum, the hourglasses will be updated after each section, allong with a rp for the new section, and a the full section they just finished (serving as a contest on itself for everyone else, with great prizes!). They also serve as links to the House tournament forums for all the champions! Everyone have fun, and don't forget to cheer!

October 13, 2005

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's a Boggart!

5:52 am - masterwizard

There's a new contest in The Contest Forum! This time, it involves the mysterious creature - the Boggart! Hurry over to see what the contest is about! :)

October 11, 2005

Information about classes

11:03 am - Birgitte

You're all asking about when classes will start. Thing is - you all want to take classes but there's not enough people who want to teach the classes.

We're still missing teachers for the following classes:

Muggle Studies
Ancient Runes
History of magic
Care of Magical Creatures
Occlumency and Legilimency
Medicinal Magic

All of these classes are missing teachers for one year or more. The following classes dont have any teachers at all and will most likely be canceled:
History of Hogwarts
History of Modern Wizards
Dueling If you want to teach any of the above classes send an owl to this account. You have until Sunday 23th to do so and if we're still missing teachers for some year - the whole class will be canceled.

October 9, 2005

Tournament announcement! (October 9)

8:51 pm - Bosnimf

Section 2 is up for the teams! You can also now see in the tournament forum what the section is....more or less ;)

Also..Section 1 is now available for the rest of hex...as a contest for you! Be champion of this section and participate for cool prizes (please pay close attention to the instructions, specificly who to owl your answers to)! Enjoy!

Sara & Aggie

For those who havent noticed yet

10:03 am - Birgitte

There's a new navigation system in Diagon Alley and in Knockturn Alley. Aggie has been working very hard on those and there's more to come :o)
Go check it out - and who knows ... maybe there will be secret links somewhere in the future ;o)

October 8, 2005

Attention Ravenclaws!

3:13 pm - Bosnimf

For this month will be all about Halloween! Because of course, us ravies don't have enough on one day.

So get those costumes out, wands and quills ready and moods up! Because this month we will bring you exciting contests, events, candy (and lots of it!) and even more typical ravenclaw crazyness!

So stay tuned, stay online (you never know just what can happen, or what you can get ;)) and Enjoy!

-The Ravenclaw House staff-

October 4, 2005

Happy Birthday to those born in October

4:13 am - Sara Potter

Look for a cake in your inventory!

October 2Justinn Haffle; altheryka
October 4lisa504girl; poptarts
October 6Daichi Azure
October 7Dan; musicalyoshi; Ani Derliebe; usagi1071983
October 8TammySirius; MedevaM; Dark Shadow; Callisto Black
October 9Lily_Miyahra_Rhyding; fawkesfan101
October 10MagicKid; jessie; Misyical1; cody robin
October 11ros; LiL_FliRT; Norraline
October 12Marauders
October 13HP13; arnoldhelen
October 14Corrian_Orrak; Lillian
October 15Anjela Tonks
October 16Gemini
October 17Seamus Finnigan; Dawand2
October 18Lilianna; Garin
October 19DemonMalfoy789; Celestina; master_marauder; matorious
October 20darkhour_angel
October 21Evenstar
October 22Sam13; qtbabie23
October 23Caitlin
October 24DeadlySin; VictoriA_326
October 25frodo_09; Klondike T
October 26Anastacia Brasiliass; kg7swimchick
October 27Herome; Froufrou; Tiegan; Stephen Patil
October 28crystella2810
October 29James Potter; Verseus Apens; raindropsxo
October 30cristina
October 31Whispered Sin; harry potter 7; Astrum

October 3, 2005

Monthly Contest for Slytherins - Great Prizes!!!

3:01 am - BrennaKeely

Each month the staff will be holding a contest to find the Slytherin of the Month. Anyone can take part appart from the house staff as wer'e the ones that will be juding the entires sent in. Each month there will be a different kind of task to complete, for instance one month it might be a graphic contest or a set of puzzles, the next it might be a writing contest or a quiz. For the first month we are holding a House Pride Contest. Create something to help support our Champions in the Tournament. This can be in the form of a graphic, poem, cheer, avatar.. anything you like so long as it is house themed and within the sites rules. Entries for this month need to be owled to Deyna by October 7th. The winner will recieve a Salazar's Cauldron and a Slytherin of the Month Avatar as well as having their name displayed in the forum for the month. Good luck everyone.

October 2, 2005

Tournament Announcement: Section 1 is posted!

10:24 pm - Bosnimf

Houses now is the time your champions need you most! Cheer loud!
The first section has started! Hurry yourselves to your House room Champions! Good luck!

~Sara & Aggie~

Major updates in the welcome forum!

5:54 pm - Bosnimf

For everyone on hex, newbies AND oldies, major updates in the Welcome Center! Read the anouncements there for more information.


ATTENTION Gryffindors

12:15 am - PixieChickie

Hey guys just to let you know jackgirl4ever and I are holding a big contest in the Gryffindor Common Room, so come on in and take a look and hopefully join in. Thanks.

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