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September 29, 2004

Stolen items returned!

8:46 pm - rebkos

After an indepth investigation by the MoM, all items that were stolen from Flourish and Blotts the other day have been recovered!

However, though the items were found the mysterious "HexCrimeRingLeader" managed to evade the ministry.

"We'll find him! We'll find him if we have to post dementors all over Hex!" -Minister of Magic

September 26, 2004

Broken Bones

7:27 pm - Hello

If you find yourself with a broken jaw from...oh I don't know, a rogue bludger... and you can't get ahold of some Skele-Gro, you may now visit Madam Pomfrey for a free bone-healing session. Of course, from what I hear it is not a very pleasant process, so you may leave feeling a little more sore then you had planned on.

September 15, 2004

All gmods with sorting powers to the Sorting Cave!!

12:50 am - Birgitte

We've got work to do ;o)

September 14, 2004

Missing your activation email?

9:31 pm - Birgitte

If you are a new user and you still havent gotten your activation email - chance are that you're using aol or netscape.net .. Those emails wont let us send email to you. Or the email from us might have gone straight to your junk folder. Check there first and if it's still not there - try emailing us at relations@hexrpg.com from another account and provide us with us with your username so we can mail you a new activation code.
And PLEASE be patient .. this is taking quite some time seeing how there are over 1000 new accounts.

September 11, 2004

Registration is here!

9:54 pm - John

After over a year of registration being closed, it has now returned. You may now sign up!

Please note that after the many times we have had registration open, we have learned a lot. We now have developed some pretty complicated scripts that will track you if you decide to break the rules.

Please do not sign up for another account because you will be caught. (expelled users, current users)

Thanks, and have fun!

Special Edition Wizard Cards!

7:22 pm - Hello

The Card Collector has just informed me that some new Special Edition Wizard Cards have just been released! They are Magical Beast Cards, and they are very very rare. The Card Collector managed to get ahold of a few of the pieces for 2 of the cards, but they are so rare he could not get any complete cards. He said he heard rumors about being able to win the cards in games or contests...And he said he even heard of people finding them on the ground! We should look into this...

September 9, 2004

Beginning of term is coming up.

11:07 pm - Aran Shadowsong

I would like to welcome everyone to the start of another year at Hogwarts. You will notice that you can once again chose the classes you wish to attend.

You are all now a year older and a year wiser. Put those brains to the books and learn what you can.

The Start of Term Feast will begin shortly.

September 6, 2004

User Pet Shops

1:29 am - Hello

Users may now open up their own pet shop in either Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade. Let me explain how the system works now:

-There are two types of shops: Item Shops and Pet Shops. Item Shops are the same as user shops have always been. Pet Shops only sell animals. Pet shops do NOT sell pet supplies.
-To convert your store into a Pet Shop, first you must empty your store's stock completely. Then go to the Create/Edit Shop page and change the type selection from Item Shop to Pet Shop. Then submit. The same process goes for converting from Pet Shop to Item Shop.
-For animals, the price may not exceed 2000 galleons. The 1000 galleon limit still exists for items.
-There is no limit on how many animals you may stock in your pet shop.
-The History list, which is viewable on the Wizard Money page, will only reflect the history of your current shop type. For example, if someone buys 5 cats from your store and you convert to an item shop, those 5 cats will no longer show up in your history. This has no effect on the wizard money which may be collected from this page. The amount will always be the total of purchases from your store, no matter what type your store is or what object the galleons came from.
-To add pets to your shop, use the Actions page on the 'Your Pets' page. Once a pet is in your shop, you may not take it out and have it as a pet again.

Also, a new feature has been added. You may put up a closed sign in your store. The closed sign, when in effect, will restrict access to your shop to every account except your own. This option may be used for people to set up their templates, or things of that nature.

To elaborate on the fact that only animals may be sold from pet shops: I know most if not all real life pet shops sell pet supplies in addition to animals. I decided to make Hex's pet shop animal-only since it will promote store-rings and affiliations of animal shops + pet supply shops and things of that nature. Plus, it was less work for me. :) So have fun with the new feature. As always, if you discover ANY errors or any abuse, let me or any admin know as soon as possible.

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