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August 29, 2004

All mods and admins to their batcaves!

11:26 pm - Birgitte

All gmods and admins - please check your staff forums.

August 27, 2004

Time to cool down people

9:52 pm - Birgitte

There will be NO threads containing rasicm of ANY kind on this site. And there will be no threatening to behead anyone on national television.

During the past few days there has been more rude, insulting comments than I've seen in a long time and it's time to cool down. This is a PG rated site and we have users from many different countries. Everybody are welcome here no matter how they look, how they talk, who they like, what God they believe in and everything else.

I'm mad that I even have to post this and remind people of the rules, and I'm tired of putting people in azkaban for the above mentioned reasons. There will be absolutely ZERO tolerance with racism and personal insults.

Please cool down and start treating eachother with respect.

August 24, 2004

Food prices

7:16 am - Birgitte

Seeing how 1 Galleon is supposed to be equal to $4.82 USD .. we have lowered the prices on food items now that thirst and hunger is working again. So make sure you check the shops in the forums before buying from userstores.

August 23, 2004

Hunger, Thirst, and some Pets

4:44 am - Hello

Hunger and Thirst will be returning within a day or so (just wanted to give you some notice). Please get into the habit of feeding yourselves and giving yourselves drinks because if not, as you all know, you won't be able to post. There are plenty of ways to earn money now, between stores, games, trades and auctions, so coming across money to buy food should not be a big deal at all. You don't even need the daily food anymore. So just be ready, stock up on food, whatever. Just know that it's coming back.

And speaking of which, You will also be required to feed your pets too. If you do not feed your pets, they will fly away. Also, new to the pets soon will be the mood option. It will be independant of the hunger option. This means you will be required to play with your pet, whether with toys or in Hide'n'Seek. Some of you with cats may have already noticed that you can use the mouse toy to play with cats. More pet toys will be availible in the near future. If a pet's mood is unhappy, it will also be liable to run away from you. So be prepared for that too.

Also set to return is the pet exchange, where users can give their pets away to another user. There will be other options regarding pet trading soon, including one I think lots of people will have some fun with. It's not quite done though, so be patient and don't ask questions. ;P

August 22, 2004

Attention: Teachers

2:45 pm - Aran Shadowsong

Your presence is being requested in the Teacher's Staff Room. Thank you.

August 20, 2004

Quidditch Titles

5:37 pm - John

Quidditch forum titles will be taken away from everyone in the next few days. The Hogwarts Extreme staff has made this descision due to the fact that Quidditch isn't even actually played on HEX and the fact that the titles/requesting for them was getting out of hand.

No rants or protesting is apperciated. Any form of protests will be ignored by the HEX staff due to the fact that we have made up our mind on this issue and it is not going to be changed.

Thank You.

August 19, 2004

Follow up from the Minister of Magic

9:34 am - Birgitte

All Undiluted Bubotubers Pus has now been investigated and made harmless. The Diaries of Tom Riddle has been censored, Basilisk Fangs has been de-poisioned and the Goblets no longer pose a portkey risk. Some of them might still be portkeys but they will only take you to the nearest bathroom so they too are harmless now. As a temporarily test we are releasing them to the public again and they can be bought in Knockturn Alley. But beware - use at own risk!

August 17, 2004

Official Statement from the Minister of Magic!

10:20 pm - Birgitte

An official statement was posted yesterday in the Daily Prophet from the Minister of Magic himself. It read:

The Ministry has done some extensive testing on Undiluted Bubotubers Pus after many reports from serious disfigured muggles who have come across it. After many tests the Ministry officials have determined the overly dangerous pus has been created by a group of illegal breeders who bred Bubotubers to create a highly poisonous dose of pus. All pus is being confiscated to be tested and destroyed. No pus should be in the public until the breeding issue has been fixed

At the same time the Minister of Magic is confiscating all Diaries of Tom Riddle because they are too evil, all Basilisk fangs because they are way, way too dangerous and all goblets because they pose a possible portkey risk. We will return with more updates from the Minister of Magic.

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