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July 25, 2004

New - or old Administrator

7:51 am - Birgitte

As you all know we're one admin short right now. So we have bugged and begged Corey to come back to which he has agreed :o) Most of you already know Corey and those who dont .. you'll get to know him soon :o) But please welcome him back. We're happy to have him here :o)

July 24, 2004


11:00 pm - John

Reports have returned. If you find a bug or a breaking of a rule on HEX, feel free to report it. If you report, then it helps make HEX a better place. Report stuff here!


July 23, 2004


3:02 am - Link

I should have announced this before, so to make it official (and not receive any more "undoable" owls"), I have quit my position as administrator. There are many reasons that factor into my decision, but I can say a bigger one in one word: time. I have a hectic schedule this summer and that will increase as I start school. Hogwarts Extreme has been a big part of my life and I could not be more happy setting aside my resignation. So, to all of you that have helped me in all years past, thank you and I wish you all the best! ->Ryan

July 22, 2004

Important Information

6:53 am - John

Password retrieval and enrollment are being fixed. For now, they will be down.

If you enrolled in the past few days, you will have to retrieve your password once the script comes back up.

All of this should be working again in the next day.

July 21, 2004

Wizard Card Exchange

4:11 pm - Hello

The Wizard Card Exchange has opened for business in Hogsmeade! The owner of the store, who just goes by the title 'Card Collector', wished for me to give you this message:

"Dear students of Hogwarts,
I would very much appriciate if you visited my new store in Hogsmeade. The way I have decided to run my shop, I can only stay in business if you come sell to me! See, I have decided it was too much of a hassle to arrange shipments from the Wizard Card Production company. Instead, I will just buy your extra cards! So if you have some extra 'Glenda Chittock's or you don't need that 'Andros the Invincible', come buy and see me and we'll work something out. Who knows, maybe we'll become friends and I can slip you a few rares under that unsuspecting Dumbledore card...Right now, my store is stocked only from the cards in my personal collection.
The Card Collector
Wizard Card Exchange"

July 19, 2004

Illegal Dragon Eggs ? Ministry of Magic Crack Down

4:30 am - rebkos

In the recent days there has been a sudden flood of illegal dragon eggs being smuggled into Hex. The Ministry of Magic is currently doing everything in its power to locate and confiscate these eggs.


Do not approach or attempt to hatch any dragon egg you find. Please report them to the appropriate authorities.

The Ministry of Magic would like to remind you that under Section 31Q of the Illegal Animals/Animagi Act of 1632 anyone caught in possession of a Dragon Egg will have both their hands chopped off. (Note: In 1633 the law was revised by Minister of Magic Armious Archer, and the punishment is now a simple fine of 500 Galleons.)

July 18, 2004

About the new owlpost features.

11:33 pm - Birgitte

Please do not abuse the new 'forward' and the 'send to multiple users' options. Do not use it for spamming, sending out chainmails/owls, advertising your own site or anything along that line. It will be considered as spamming and will be punised. The new features are very cool and very useful but they can be taken away as fast as they popped up if it is being abused.

Site Updates

11:09 am - John

Hey everyone,

HEX was down for about a day, but it was worth the wait! A new layout has been added to HEX. It's a nice change. :) This layout was designed by one of our new staff members: Ovation.

Also, owlpost has been re-done. You now have the option to add your own folders, block certain people, only allow people to owl that are on your hog friend list, or block everyone. Other features added to owlpost include: forward, move, report, and delete individual posts.

But probably the biggest addition to owlpost is the new folder feature. You can move certain checked messages into your created folders. This creates better organization.

Also, two new staff members have joined the HEX staff today as helpers. Please welcome to the staff: Ovation (ryan), and Cho Potter. (Bianca) They are our new graphic designers. They have already contributed a lot to HEX, and they definitely deserve this position.

Also, the security update is MANDATORY. Please provide all valid information.

Thanks everyone, and have fun!

July 11, 2004

Platform 9?

1:14 am - John

A whole new thing is coming. People have always asked us, "Why don't you actually provide the latest Harry Potter news?"

Well... now we do. Well, very soon, and you get the chance to have some influence on that. We need news posters and we need editors to make this new thing extremely awesome. This is finally your chance to be apart of HEX. So sign up now and apply for a job.

Apply here today!

Note : People that do not have HEX accounts can still apply.

All questions about this should be directed to news@hexrpg.com, and more info about Platform 9? will be provided soon.

Good luck to everyone!

July 8, 2004


7:29 pm - Hello

Auctions have returned. Let me just to a quick run down of how they work, for new users or those with bad memories:

-Post an item up for auction from your inventory using your the auction item action.
-Bid on items from the auction item screen. When you place a bid, the money is taken from your account immediately. If you are out bid, your money is returned to you.
-If you win an auction, the item will be transfered to you and the money will be transfered to the auctioneer.

If you notice any errors, please owl Hello ASAP. I did my best to test it before I released it (trust me...ask the gmods) but there is still a chance I missed things.

And last but not least, have fun! :)

July 4, 2004

Post Count

6:03 pm - Hello

Yes, post count has returned. However there are some new features to prevent abuse this time. Abuse is what kept this popular feature away for so long. When I say I abuse, I am refering to users who make threads specifically aimed at increasing their post count. Well that is strictly against the rules and is unfair to other users. To counteract this, we've created a system for docking posts. If you are found to be unfairly increasing your post count, you are subject to having posts docked from you. As this is a punishment, you will be docked MORE then you unfarily increased your count by. This is what I mean: If you made a thread for increasing post counts and you posted 20 times you are still subject to be docked more then 20 posts.

Also, posts can and will be docked as a means of punishment for minor offenses. If you feel that posts have been docked from you unfairly, please owl an admin ASAP.

Hope you enjoy the new feature! Please use it responsibly!


5:47 am - Link

Now you can minimize and maximize your navigational bar! Simple click the '+' or the '-' beside the section title to make it disappear or re-appear. Eventually, we will switch over to images instead of the plus and minus.

July 1, 2004

Ollivander's Cold

2:24 pm - Link

Please forgive him, as he was a bit sick. He skipped out on some important information such as hand and core on the recordings. The Ministry requires all this information, so he has terminated the contract on your wand if you have done it recently.

Please re-visit Ollivander's to get a new wand. As he is out of some wands already, you might not get the same one.

Wands: Have yours yet?

2:51 am - Link

Well, if you don't already have a wand, you can visit Ollivander's Wand Shop.

Please note that all wands are permanent and they can't be changed due to an Anti-Touching Spell. Sorry!

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