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June 24, 2004

Settings Fixed

5:34 am - John

The email field has been fixed in the user info page. Please verify that we have your latest email, here!


June 22, 2004


7:01 am - rebkos

Happy Anniversary of what you might ask? Well of HP OotP coming out of course! Check your calendars and check your printings! It's been one whole year!

June 19, 2004

Spell Search Winner

3:49 am - Link

Let's give it up for NaimaBlu for finding an amazing 151 spells. I award her 500 galleons for her effors (and success)!

I also award MasterWizard 300 galleons for finding the rarest spells!

Congrats to the both of you!

June 14, 2004


3:21 pm - Hello

Users may now purchase pets once again from either Eeylops Owl Emporium or the Magical Menagerie (both of which are located in Diagon Alley) and if a user used to own pets, they are now accessible once again through the 'My Pets' page, which is accessible through the link on the navigation bar.

A few reminders about pets for new and old users alike:
-Users may only own 3 pets at a time. Hagrid's Pet Adoption Service is not up yet, so it is not possible to publically sell pets. However, users may still give their pets to another user through use of the Actions page.
-At this point, with the lack of availibility of money, users are not necessarily required to feed their pets. However, pets, just like you, need to be fed and kept happy. Evenutally (when money is more availible), if pets are not fed, they will run away. Pets who run away are not able to be returned by anyone (including admins). It is suggested that if you can right now, you get in the habit of feeding them. Pet foods are always availible in the Animal Alcove in Hogsmeade. Pets will only eat certain types of food.
-Pets are expensive. This is because they require responsible owners and we feel that only someone who is willing sacrifice money for a pet will be responsible enough to take care of the pet. Also, prices are determined by the rarity of the animal in question.
-Pet stores are restocked at the admins discretion (not automatically), so as to prevent the amount of unwanted animals in circulation from getting too high.
-It is not possible to have a picture of your real life pet become your Hex pet. This kind of system would be too confusing and it would open up too many windows for people to misbehave and abuse the privledge.
-Upon purchasing an animal, 5 pieces of food that it will eat will be added to your inventory courtesy of the Pet Store Owner ( ;P ). These are not the only foods you new pet will eat though. Experiment with different foods to find out which your pet likes best.

Any further questions can be asked of a global moderator or you can make a post in the new Questions forum. Please use the questions forum if you need an answer to something as opposed to posting it in the Entrance Hall. Also, if you have an idea or suggestion for the Admins, you can post it in the Ideas forum.

I think that's all for now. As always, have fun! :)

Added Features

6:19 am - John

The avatar option has been re-added to the forums. To add an avatar click preference at the top of any page. As always, avatars cannot contain any explicit content. (Bad words, bad pictures, bad symbols, etc.) It is possible to get sent to Azkaban if you have a bad avatar, plus getting your avatar privledges taken away.

Also, the about us page has been re-added! :)

Thanks, and have fun! :)

June 13, 2004

Started Dates

11:51 pm - John

Started dates have been fixed for all of you old users. ;) Have fun everyone!


9:37 pm - Link

As you may have notice, things have been coming back up little by little. Now, it is time for classes to make an appearance. We will be doing classes a little bit differently this year. There will be many more details on this later, but all you need to know is you all have a chance to teach! Please follow the following link to submit an application to be a teacher!

Click here!


June 7, 2004


11:05 pm - Hello

The hogfriends list has been redone so users may now request hogfriends either through the hogfriend page or a user's profile.

Site and User stores have been restored and some inventory actions, such as eating or swapping items, have been restored. We hope to get the rest of the item actions up as soon as possible.

A reminder to new and old users: If you decide to open a store, the only appropriate places to advertise for it are Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade. If advertisements for stores (or later, auctions and trades) are found in any other forum they will be deleted right away. You may locate both Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade on the navigation bar under Shopping.

Also for the new users, a FAQ page has been added. You may access this page via the link under the banner. Before you owl a question to an admin, please review this page. This will save us from having to answer the same question many times. If you have an idea for a question to add to the FAQ, please owl an admin.

Also, as many users have already noticed, the 'Members in this Area' list is back on the forums. Just to remind you: Red means Gryffindor, Green means Slytherin, Blue means Ravenclaw, Yellow means Hufflepuff, Orange means New User/Awaiting Owl, and Gold means Administrator.

Thanks, and Have fun!


7:27 am - Hello

New Users will find that there is a special invitation for them at the top of Hex. You may now be sorted!

Please be patient though while the sorting hat makes its decision.

In other news, we are working very hard to bring Hex back up, so please be patient with us as this will take some time (though not too much time, I hope).

EDIT: As always, you CANNOT change your house! Do not request this to be done, as it is a waste of time.

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