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October 23, 2004

Classes Now Open

10:25 am - Hello

Classes are now open! Teachers, please post your lessons so the students can start doing their homework!

October 21, 2004

Teacher Positions announced

4:41 pm - Birgitte

Congratulations to the following people who were awarded a teaching position:
Charms 3rd year - Masterwizard
CoMC 1st year - PixieChickie
Transfig 1st year - Wintrala
Herbology 2nd year - neseaia_nickalous
Potions 3rd year - TheLadyMan
History of Hogwarts 3rd year - Heir_of_Ravenclaw
Astronomy 3rd year - Witch88
History of Magic 3rd year - HeadmasterNick
History of Magic 4th year - serpent_princess101
Ancient Runes 4th year - Danie
Potions 4th year - Mirdan Webber
Flying - Purrtina_Pearson

Again Congratulations to everyone! And Thank you to everyone who applied. We had some awesome applications and it was very hard to decide who to give the teaching positions to. Good luck to all new teachers.


October 15, 2004

Post Preferences

2:22 am - Hello

Users may now opt to select from some post preferences. When you make these selections, all of your posts will be formatted according to them.

There are 10 different fonts you may choose from and they each correspond to a different Quill (all quills including gold except for Quick Quotes). When you choose to use a Quill to get use it's font format, the quill is selected and then deleted from your inventory. In other words, each quill can only be used once. To select the default Hex font, select 'None' from the choices. If you have a quill equipped already, do NOT make any selections on the drop down. Leave it as is, and your current quill will not be removed.

You may also select from 5 different colors. Each color corresponds to an Ink Well. Once you select and ink well to use for your format, the ink well is deleted from your inventory. Same as the quills, the ink wells are one use only. To select the default Hex color (white), select the 'None' option for inks. If you have an ink well equipped, do NOT make a selection with the drop down. Leave it on the default option. Otherwise your ink well selection may be removed/changed.

You may also select a font size. Font size 2 is the default size for all Hex posts. If you want your posts to be the same size as regular posts, simply select 2. You may change the size of your font as much as you want.

Forum codes ([face], [color], and [size]) over ride these selections. If you have an Ink Well - Green equipped and in one of your posts you enter the code [color=blue], you're post will be blue, not green.

Also, obviously, you have to have the quill/ink well in your inventory and not posted in a trade or auction for it to be availible for use on the preferences page.

As always, if you discover ANY errors or problems, let me or any admin know as soon as possible. Thanks, and have fun!

October 14, 2004

Teachers Needed

4:13 am - BrennaKeely

In order to get classes underway, we are attempting to fill all the empty teacher slots. The classes we need teachers for are:

Care of Magical Creatures - 1st Year
Transfiguration - 1st year
Herbology - 2nd year
Potions - 3rd Year
Charms - 3rd Year
History of Hogwarts - 3rd Year
Astronomy - 3rd Year
History of Magic - 3rd Year
History of Magic - 4th Year
Ancient Runes - 4th Year
and Potions - 4th year

If you are interested in teaching one of these classes, you may owl me your application. In your application please make the subject of the owl the class which you are applying to teach, and in the message box please include a sample lesson. I will accept applications until October the 21st. Good luck to all applicants!

October 4, 2004

New users on AOL email accounts.

7:12 pm - Birgitte

I would like to stress that it does NOT help you emailing us saying how you didn't get your activation code from an AOL account. We can NOT email you back. If you need a new activation code or need any help at all email us from another email account that is NOT an AOL account.

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