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September 30, 2003

Dp Graphics

1:32 pm - Swaroop

Hello Hexians,
A message from our graphics designer who went through the DP graphics application:

After the applications for graphics-designer on the DP-team have opened on HEX, a lot of people have reacted. From most of these reactions it was clear people misunderstood what we need. Bannermakers, blinkiemakers, picturefinders? Unfortunately, none of these is what we really need, especially if we keep in mind that the DP is supposed to resemble a newspaper.
What we do need:
- People who can draw/make pictures to go with written articles. This means that you must be able to draw a picture 'on request', if put in hard but truthful words.
- People who can draw/make small comics. Sometimes if you don't have an idea for a comic, this will mean you will have to ask others for idea's and work it out into a nice comic.
- People who can help making a new layout. Good HTML knowledge (and preferably - optional - some php-knowledge) is a must for this, combined with being able to work in a team.
If you feel that any of these is the perfect job for you, fill out the application if you haven't done so already.
Also keep in mind that these applications are for the Daily Prophet only. The DP has no say what so ever on how HEX looks.
Also, all should DOUBLECHECK if the urls they are sending (pictures and websites) are alright.
We will be owling/emailing the ones we have selected soon.
Graphics Designer
The Daily Prophet

Me be back!

12:02 am - Link

Haha... Hello everyone! I greatly missed HEX on my leave. I am so sorry I was away for so long. I was due back the 16th, but the site didn't work for me at all then. Now, I think everything is fine.

In case you were wondering my reasoning, I am going to a private boarding school this year. Needless to say I did had the adjust to this community coming from my small-town home. Well, I am thoroughly adjusted. Now it is time for me to work my butt off.

Sadly to say, I can't and won't be on the site as much as I used to. I will do my best to be on here daily. The worst of it is, from the intranet they run here, I can't get on the FTP, but oh well. I still have ways of creating files. So, I am going to fix up the dueling a bit...just tweak it...then, hopefully something will happen with classes.

Well, have fun with school and the wide world of Harry Potter!

- Ryan

September 27, 2003

Major News !

3:02 pm - Swaroop

This time Daily Prophet has a lot to report, fresh and real (non-fictious)!

First of all we have released yet another edition, so u all can enjoy 4th Edition !

The Winner of the second contest is frogger_rose . Congrats Chelsea !

We have put up a new contest which doesn't invlove ur Hp Knowledge. It involves ur literature skills. Guess what poets ?? Here's a Poetry Contest !

Now the major news !
People have been waiting for news on The Quibbler & Witch Weekly. We had told some while ago that we would soon post more about it.
So here it is .. We have decided to bring up The Quibbler and WW as a part of our special editions.. The people who wanted to be a part of these separate sections, don't be disappointed !
We have re-opened applications for Writing/Graphics/Progamming ! Links:
To apply for Writing Staff
To apply for the post of graphics designer
To apply for the post of programmer(PHP)
We hope that the HEXians co-operate with us by involving and appreciating all the others.
Also, we request you all to give suggestions,etc in our forum.
Also, please note that The Quibbler and WW won't appear in a jiffy as the recruiting rpocess will itself take time. After we release our 5th Edition, we will start our work on it.
Remember, what we do is purely for you !

Swaroop Hegde
Head Of The Daily Prophet @ HEX

September 26, 2003

Llama Day!!!

5:12 pm - rebkos

Because I have decreed it so... Today is officaly LLAMA DAY!!!!

Watch for llama's all around the site today :D

September 21, 2003


4:50 am - John

A lot of you (including me :D) have been getting random cannot be displayed pages frequently. This usually happens when you try to submit something on HEX. (An owl, forum post, forum reply, etc.) We may have a solution to this problem. Instead of going to: www.hexrpg.com, go to hexrpg.com. Leave out the W's. This should fix the problem. This problem was mostly happening to internet explorer users.

Thank you!

September 14, 2003

The 3rd Edition

4:24 pm - Swaroop

We r pleased to publish another edition.
This time we have decided to keep the same layout as it loads quickly and looks perfect.
New sections have been added so is new contest.
We will keep updating as usual.
Thanks for the support,
Swaroop :D
Head Of The Daily Prophet @ HEX

Note: The contest form has been fixed, so now you may submit your answers to the questions. Good luck!

September 11, 2003

September 11

1:04 pm - HEX Staff

Two years ago today, terrorists struck the United States of America. Thousands of people lost their lives in this attack. Some went down like hero's, like those in Flight 93. Many firefighters and police officers gave their lives working tirelessly in the World Trade Center and the Pentagon trying to save the innocents trapped inside. Remember all of these brave people today. We have set up a rememberance forum, and a rememberance page made by Ginny890.

HEX Staff
Hoojx, Hannah, John, Rebecca, Josh, and Ryan.

September 10, 2003


7:01 am - Hello

Your name in the top-left corner of the site now displays your status. The affliction colors are as follows:
Gold - Tontongue Toffee
Yellow - Rubber Cookie
Green - Acid Pop
Pink - In Love
Purple - Broken Jaw

Also shown are the display-altering gear you're currently wearing (Blue - Invisibility Cloak, Brown - Death Eater Mask) and if you're an admin then your name is red.

Note: Teaching staff should be able to enter the Staff Room again. Sorry about that.

September 6, 2003


4:15 am - John

HEX has not been hacked, the graphic was put up by me and made by Ryan. (top main graphic) Sorry for any trouble this may have caused you.

September 5, 2003

Teacher's Day !

11:18 am - Swaroop

We on behalf of HEX wish a very Happy Teachers' Day to all our lovely teachers !
They help us throughout our career.
So Let us all wish them and give them respect !
Swaroop :D


8:36 am - Hello

You may now equip a broom. When a broom is equiped a new section of the navigation bar becomes available : the quick links section. These are links you can define yourself from the Profile Edit page. All you have to do is put in a URL and submit it. They can link to pages within Hex or outside. More links become available with better quality broom. A minimum is 1 (Fake Nimbus) and a maximum is 5 (Firebolt).

Suspected Hackers

1:00 am - rebkos

There have been some recent reports of people's accounts being hacked. Everyone please change your passwords. If you have an account on HB or DIN MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT HAVE THE SAME PASS ON HEX AS YOU DO AT THOSE PLACES. Not all sites have as good anti hack protection as ours, if you have the same pass there as here and someone hacks those sites you'll be in some trouble.
Perferably change your Hex pass and not just your DIN or HB pass. There are always logs left over of your old pass.

September 3, 2003

New Short Film!

12:28 am - John

A new short film as been released, titled: "Harry Pulls a Mad Eye." This short film brings up 1 professors name in the 5th book. Sorry for the fuzzy background in this film. Also, we are now accepting your ideas for short films. Just go to the comment section and select idea for the type of comment. Thanks!

Berlin's World


12:09 am - John

Berlin is our flash designer! Gosh other sites are trying to steal her. Find your own designer. :)

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