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July 31, 2003

Happy Birthday !

8:19 am - Swaroop

Many happy returns of the day to J.K. Rowling(Murray) !
Swaroop :D
On Behalf of:
The Hogwarts Extreme Team

July 30, 2003

Report Something...

10:26 pm - John

Have you seen an error/bug on HEX? Is there a bad user that needs to be reported? Or do you have a really good idea that needs to be heard? You can do all of this in the new reporting section. An Administrator is guaranteed to look at what you submit here.

You can do this here!


Edit: Use the Owl report when reporting users who've sent you bad owls. If its posts or anything else, use this.

Changing server

2:00 pm - Hoojx

Hogwarts Extreme may have errors, or may not be working properly in the next few days.

We are in the process of changing server. All the scripts and databases have been moved over and the DNS has been updated. Since DNS transfers normally take 24-48 hours to complete, some users may not be able to log on before the prognation.

Thank you.

July 29, 2003

Owl Reporting

8:42 pm - Link

If you receive a bad owl, you can now report it. Underneath where you read the content of an owl is a way to report the owl. That is all that needs to be clicked and an admin will review the owl and take necessary action.

If you click Report by mistake, you can undo what you have done by simply going back to that owl and in the same place you clicked Report, click Cancel Report.

If you report foolish owls for no reason multiple times, you will be punished!

July 28, 2003


10:17 pm - rebkos

I'd like to emphasize the fact that the FanFiction section is for the purpose of posting fanfiction. Not weird ideas you've had, not ads for your store which never go away, not random talking with your friends. I have begun going through the fanfiction section and deleting files which are not fanfictions, if you would like to make my life easier, please remove yours yourself because you probably know very well it isn't a fanfiction.

July 26, 2003

Item Rarity

4:42 am - Hello

You may now look up an item's rarity using item search. Refer to the table on the Item Search page for the rarity values.

July 25, 2003

Quest Winners

2:33 am - Link

I think it is just about time to announce the winners!


SECOND PLACE IN QUEST GOES TO fraggles ate my home!


Thanks for being devoted and hopefully you had fun!
They all will be receiving the medals beneath their name and money as follows:
1st - 500 galleons
2nd - 250 galleons
3rd - 100 galleons

July 23, 2003

Signature Length

10:40 pm - Hello

Users are reminded that signatures are not to be longer then the size indicated by the blue bar on the Preferences pages. I have recieved complaints from moderators about uncooperative users who disregard the signature limit. From now on if your signature is over the limit it is allowed to be removed without warning. If you make your signature too long after it was deleted then your signature will be disabled (you won't be allowed to have a sig).



6:32 am - Hoojx

2nd year students with 100.0 points and above in the last term have been moved to the 3rd year and 1st year students with 80.0 points and above in the last term have been moved to the 2nd year. New active members (logged in at least once within 2 months) have been moved to the 1st year.

We'll not reply to owls asking to change your year if you didn't meet the above requirement. We wish you good luck in the new coming term.

Thank you.

Order of the Phoenix

2:38 am - Link

I hope you all will enjoy the new Order of the Phoenix forum. Be sure to read the description found just above the mods.

Order of the Phoenix Forum

July 22, 2003

Pages Down

10:58 pm - Link

If you notice any pages down, do not worry. I will be testing some new things. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you!


6:26 pm - Hoojx

645 new members have been moved up to the 1st year, 438 1st year students have been moved up to the 2nd year and 955 2nd year students have been moved up to the 3rd year.

There are a total of 805 active students in 3rd year, 1805 students in 2nd year and 1002 students in 1st year.

Update - Class

12:09 pm - Hoojx

To all the teachers and assistants,

Please head to the staff room for a little announcement.

Thank you.

July 13, 2003

Dorms are back!

7:49 pm - darkshady

The dorms are now up again. You may not notice much of a change but they were totally redone. Due to the change in the scripts all of the dorms have been reset so you will have to create your own dorm over again. All items from the trunks were added to your inventory so you did not lose anything.

You will also notice a little surprise inside your dorm once you've made it. Dorms!

To creat a dorm:

Fill out the form and you must include at least 1 person as a room mate. They must be in the same house, their gender does not matter. They will then get an event and they can chose to accept or decline the invitiation. Once at least one person accepts, you can create the dorm.

Inviting users to the dorm:

Once you have created a dorm anyone in the dorm can invite others to join. They can only be in your house.


You can add items to your trunk in your inventory, people in your dorm will be able to see those items but cannot do anything with them

Each user can only be in 1 dorm! Be careful when picking room mates, as of right now you cannot leave a dorm once your in it.

When you fill out the form to create the dorm, you must have at least 1 person accept before you can fully create the dorm (it has a button to click on) and then you will be able to view the dorm and put items in your trunk

July 12, 2003

Signatures & Avatars

6:16 pm - Hoojx

Signatures and avatars have been brought back. You'll need to go to the preference and change your settings in order to see them. Again, same rules applied. Thanks.

Dorms - Inventory

4:35 am - darkshady

All your items that were in your trunk in your dorm is now in your inventory. It was required that we do that while we're editing the dorms. The dorms are not up yet but should be back in a day or two.

July 10, 2003

Final House Point

8:14 pm - Hoojx

5206 5519 4830 5791

Congratulations to Ravenclaw for winning the house cup for this year.

Deleting of Posts...

2:13 am - John

Moderators and trusted people will delete any posts without giving you reason. A lot of users have forgotten this, but this is how Hogwarts Extreme has always worked. Arguing with anyone in authority is not allowed and can result you in Azkaban. (This has always been in the rules and you agreed to all of the rules when you signed up.) Thank you.

July 9, 2003

Riots, Spamming, Ect

7:46 pm - Hello

Spamming is not limited to one person posting the same thing over and over, as was witnessed by those who were online about an hour ago. If you want to get a point across make sure you have all of your facts straight, you aren't degrading anyone, and that your opinion is presented in a mature manner. Spamming is immature, especially when people are posting lies.

Also, when users are sent to Azkaban, they are NOT to use other people's accounts. When a user who is supposed to be in Azkaban decides to use a friends account, that account will be placed in Azkaban too. Admins, Helpers, and trusted people are not to be held accountable for this. When a friend gives you their password they are trusting that you won't misuse their account. If you abuse that trust you're friend will be the one hurt and it is your fault in the end.

PS-Harry_Potter_the_Grt had nothing to do with any users being placed in Azkaban or with the deleted posts. He is a trusted and responsible mod.

July 7, 2003

2 New Films!

9:55 pm - John

There are 2 new short films in Berlin's World! Check them out. We'd love to hear your comments on the 2 new short films!


July 4, 2003

July 4th!

7:15 pm - John

Happy Independance Day to all of our American users! Hope you have a fun-filled day.

- Hogwarts Extreme Staff

July 3, 2003

New Poll!

5:29 am - John

What did you think about the 5th book? Rate The Order of the Phoenix in the new poll!

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