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April 26, 2003

Lottery and Stores

5:40 am - darkshady

How long have you been waiting for the lottery to come back? You may have been waiting a while, time to put those lottery tickets into use! The lottery is located under the games section

Also another old feature has been added once again, you can now see your sales history!

April 25, 2003

Hide and Seek

4:23 pm - Hoojx

It seems to have some problems with the game right now. We'll look into that and fix it soon.


EDIT: Hide 'n' Seek has been fixed.


2:04 am - John

Years were set back to what they were before, but this is only temporary. We have a few more things to do before you graduate to your next year. Please be patient. Thanks!

April 22, 2003

Order of the Phoenix

8:30 pm - Hoojx

There are 60 more days until the Order of the Phoenixis released !

New Navigation System

8:10 pm - Hoojx

We've now implement a new navigation system ! Beware of moving staircases which will lead you to other places or hidden rooms. More great features will be coming soon !

Happy exploring !

April 21, 2003

Meex Supplies Are Running Low

5:04 pm - rebkos

Well, it looks like we've almost sold all the items from that little mix up. Chances are by tomorow there won't be any Rings left, and probably no more of some of the other items.

April 20, 2003

Easter Eggs

5:47 pm - Hoojx

Does anyone still remember Corey the bunny ? He will come back soon and giving some easter eggs to those who are lucky !

Click here to meet the bunny if you wish to get an easter egg ...

Have fun !

Happy Easter

5:13 pm - Hoojx

Happy Easter to everyone !

April 19, 2003


2:24 am - darkshady

You better get some water, or you might get thirsty!

The house elves in the kitchen have also started serving more of a variety in the Great Hall. Chose from a selection of what you want :)

April 17, 2003


11:59 pm - darkshady

Signatures are back! You can use the same code as you use on the forums in it. Please, do not include anything unappropriate or have lengthy signatures or they may be a limit on the sizes!


You can change your signature in the preferences, you can also now preview your avatar and signature!

Arrows Are Now For Sale!

8:20 pm - rebkos

We just finished unpacking the shipment of Arrows that was ment to go to MEEX. They are now in the store!

Buy a bow and and an arrow and shoot your friends today! ;)

April 16, 2003

Whoops! Mixup at the Factory!

2:12 am - rebkos

Whoops! There was a mix up at the Item Factory in fantasy land! We accidently received a shipment of MEEX(Middle Earth Extreme)'s items! Due to the no return policy we have to sell these!

MEEX Store

April 11, 2003

Harry Potter COS Movie Out!

10:55 pm - mikelc2

You can now purchase the Harry Potter Chamber Of Secrets VHS (Video Casette) or DVD at a local store now! The average price for Canada, at Walmart and/or superstore is $20(DVD) and 16(VHS). That would be about $14 American!
On the DVD there are several great features for you to take advantage of, like the 19 additional scenes, a lingering tour through the Chamber of Secrets, Character interviews. JK Rowling interviews, Games and more!


April 10, 2003


2:50 am - John

HEX did experience some problems earlier today. It was HEX's problem, not yours. Your computer is fine.


April 8, 2003


1:57 pm - Hoojx

All classes have been closed down.
More information will be posted soon.

Thanks !

April 7, 2003

Application Form

8:24 am - Swaroop

All programmers and graphic designers can apply here. U must attach a scripts/graphics or a link to it. Apply here

April 6, 2003

Programmers and Designers

9:00 am - Swaroop

Hello all. Yup, I am kinda back. Sorry I have been very busy lately. I am getting coaching for the second year. So these summer holidays r being more tough for me than any other time of the year. Anyways congrats to all those who made it to the dp. Plz note that they were the writers only. I am still searching for the graphics designers and the programmers. As the merged tasks got confusing, ANYONE who whose a good graphics designer or a programmer in php & mysql or anything else, plz owl me.
Swaroop :D

April 5, 2003

Full Color HP Cover

2:59 am - rebkos

Okay, everyone ofcourse has seen the new HP cover. Which is all blue and boring and no one seems to like... Now I entitle this piece one of two things, either A "The Full Color Version!" or B "Reb has WAYYYYYYYYYY to much time on her hands!" heheheh

Since you STILL haven't caught on...

12:01 am - rebkos

Okay people. Two things.

1. The money being gotten rid of on hex completely and replaced with house points was an April Fools Joke.

2. The money being reset had nothing to do with the April Fools Joke. That was an actual occerence on Hex and whining about it isn't going to do any good.

April 3, 2003

Daily Prophet Staff

7:30 am - Masterwizard

Sorry for the delay everyone. It looks as if our head has been abducted. lol. Anyways, to business. This is the Staff that has been chosen to work for the Daily Prophet. There are 2 categories. Staff writers and Feature Writers. The Staff Writers will be the everyday "normal" writers, where the Feature Writers are writers who will work on specific pieces of work. The list stands thus:

Staff Writers :
WilliamHammon, Cyberblue, Sirius_Lupin, Bigmack, Kitty_Sedai, Masterwizard, Buckbeak, Kiki, Water_Puzzle, Enmity_Homage, Torridmentality, Goodgirl, Writingmoose, JediKnight1, Vider_Da_Lune

Feature Writers :
Britterz7, Mini Me, Amaranth, Octobre_Girl, Goldenhawk, Selene_Dark, Simi, Mellie708

Congratulations to all who made the staff! As for everyone who didn't make the staff, don't fret, for we will always be looking to add Reader's Reports to the Daily Prophet. For those who DID make the staff, if you have any questions, plz feel free to owl Barbara (cuddleskoala). :D Welcome to the Daily Prophet!

April 2, 2003

For those of you who still haven't caught on...

5:15 pm - rebkos

The new form of money thing was an April Fools joke... so you can stop sending me howlers about "BUT HOW WILL I EVER EARN ENOUGH POINTS!!"

April 1, 2003

New Form Of Money

5:00 pm - rebkos

Since everyone is so very upset about the money we've made yet another change to it.

Money will be completely deleated from hex.
Instead you will use the points you earned in classes as money.
This way everyone can earn alot more money easily, and you are actually earning it instead of just handing it to you.
However to prevent useless spending, the points will be taken away from your house, so sure you can buy that thousand point firebolt, but....
We'd also like to remind all users to have a very happy April Fools day. ;)

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