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March 31, 2003


8:38 pm - Hoojx

To all the teachers :

Please post your last lesson or the final test within these days. All classes will be closed down on April 7.


Current House Point

8:15 pm - Hoojx

4603 5097 4296 4977

March 30, 2003


8:56 pm - John

Just to let everyone know, all posts complaining saying the admins suck will be deleted. These kind of posts will not accomplish anything, and will not be tolerated. We rested money because it was best and if you can't handle it, leave. The money is not real! It's just fake play around money. You can't buy anything in real life, you can only buy stuff on a game, HEX! It's just plain stupid if you are complaining you lost all of your money, because it's not real! I have announced it is not aloud now, and if you disobey, you will be punished!

Also, contests have been added back, enter them now! Only 1 submission per contest, otherwise your entry will be ignored. Contests are Here.


Hex has returned

5:16 pm - darkshady

After exhausting all other alternatives and long contemplation, the staff of Hogwarts Extreme has decided to reset the money. I realize that this decision is going to make some of you fairly mad but allow me to explain how we reached this decision. On HEX there is a wide gap between the ?wealthy? and the ?poor?. This started to happen because of the stock market. All you that were here when the stock market was up probably remember how crazy the prices of things got. Items were either way too expensive for some or ridiculously cheap for everyone. Some of us thought that over time the problem would sort itself out, but that hasn?t happened and in some ways it has gotten worse. The newer members haven?t had the chance to make a lot of money let alone catch up to others because they weren?t here for the market. If unaided, these people can hardly get what they need, let alone what they want. Surely all of you will realize that it is not fair to newer users and it is almost a penalty for not joining earlier. In the mean time, the prices for things keep going up because if we don?t raise the price there is too much money etc. The galleon is in essence becoming the lire for some and the dollar for others. The staff of Hogwarts Extreme likes to try and find ways to make HEX as real as possible. Not only do we all feel that it makes HEX more fun and original but we also find it more challenging. In the real world, this country would have crashed and burned months ago.

After World War I, Germany faced problems somewhat like this. People would have to pay a pile of money to get a simple item. They finally decide to do something that benefited them all-they burnt most of the money. This is what we are going to do. We are going to ?burn? almost all of the money and reset the prices of items. This way the galleon will be the same for everyone and it will stabilize the HEX economy not hurt it. In the long run, we are confident it will help all.

For those who possess lots of money, remember that you aren?t loosing real money and it?s not like you are not going to be able to pay for things. Your inventory will remain intact and so you do have collateral in addition to the money everyone is going to start out with. Also bear in mind that we have been considering resetting the money for months and our minds are made up. Please refrain from writing us about it.

Thank you for your time and support,

-The Staff

Everyone's money has been reset to 50 galleons, and 5 in gringotts. You can also collect your interest in gringotts.

March 29, 2003


8:06 pm - Link

I myself have been receiving many owls complaining how the user has given it to another person and then their items and money were gone. More so than that reason, users have complained of hacking.

As I am sure you know, you are not to give out passwords no matter what. Once you do this, you run the risk of something similar happening. If it does, there is no way to get it back, and it is your loss.

Here is a few hints. Don't give your password to anyone. Also, do not write your password on a piece of paper and lay it beside the computer or somewhere someone could easily find it. It is a good habit to change your password every once and a while. The best passwords are random numbers and letters and not common word or words found in a dictionary.

Thank you!

March 27, 2003


9:33 pm - John

A lot of you are complaining about the ton of pop up ads on HEX. There should not be that many, and I think I know the problem. It is most likely that you have installed something on your computer that pops ads occasinally, and you happen to be on HEX. One of the leading programs that takes advantage of you is KaZaA.


March 25, 2003

JK had her baby!

12:49 am - Hannah

J. K. Rowling has given birth to a boy. The baby's name is David Gordon Rowling Murray and was apparently born a few days (or day) ago because both mother and child are home now.

March 23, 2003


5:54 pm - mikelc2

Okay guess what? Now we have games on our site. We have a bunch of cool little falsh games provided by miniclips.com. Check them out and play em! Macromedia Flash is required for this, so you may be asked to install or update the version you have.

I would also like to tell you that if the site goes down and :

1. There is a can't find page error - The site wil be back up in a few minutes.
2. IF there is a Default Pleske Page, it may take a little longer.

Also, if HEX is ever down, fell free to take a stop by our forum for updates on what is going on. There are usually people on the forum :-D.


Ministry of Magic OPEN! Sort of . . .

4:34 am - Link

It seems that we have found a way to open the front door to the ministry. But, there is still a dilema with most of the doors. We have changed things around and will continue to do so when we finally get through the office doors.

The front door is:


March 22, 2003

Clubs Announcement...

5:57 pm - John

Although we won't announce the current galleons in each company, these are the current standings. The standings were put together by how many galleons have been donated in each club, and how the clubs' store are doing.

1st- Pepsi
2nd- Coke
3rd- Water


Pepsi Products

5:55 am - John

A ton of new pepsi products have been added to the pepsi store. Enjoy! Go pepsi!

Click here to go to it!

March 21, 2003

One more thing...

8:45 pm - John

I forgot to mention that all pets will drink pepsi as food. How convienant, right?

Pepsi Store!!

8:42 pm - John

Pepsi-Cola store now open! A lot more items will be added soon.

Click here to go to it!


7:32 pm - rebkos


Book 5 Cover!

2:37 am - John

The book 5 cover has been revealed.

March 20, 2003

HEX Clubs!

10:40 pm - John

There are now HEX clubs. There are only 3 clubs, but these are official clubs. You will be able to create your own club soon. You will be able to join 1 of these clubs soon. Each club will have a line of products, so choose your club wisely. For now you can donate galleons to your favored club to help it get developed.

Clubs are located here!

March 19, 2003


8:29 pm - John

It looks like peeves was having a little to much fun today. If things do not look normal, it was probably him. He even rose the pumpkin juice prices! Hurry and buy a bottle before he rises them again!

Pets Update

5:40 pm - John

Your pet's personality traits are just the way he or she was when born. Everyone has different personalities. But you will be able to increase your pet's strength, loyalty and such soon!


4:31 pm - John

Your pets now have personality traits! You can find out what your pet is like by going to the pet page, and click view personality traits. Also, pictures of your pets will be back up soon. Sorry about that.

Okay, people, take a hint!!

2:11 am - rebkos

If you owl one of the Admins and we don't reply, guess what? We are not going to answer your silly owls that say things like:

"Hi, Hi Hi Hi HI???"
"Are you there? Are you there? Can I talk to you?"
"I have a big important question!"
"I really have to ask you, it is so important I ask you right now!!!"
"hi hihihihihihihihihihihihi!!"
"I'm not gonna say what my question is but its imporant!"

That is not going to get you anywhere. We WILL ignore you. There is no reason for us to answer your silly questions, we will block you from owling us about that "very important question" which 99% of the time is "Can I have some money?" Guess what guys, your not getting money from us no matter how much you beg, so don't even bother asking. Unless what you have to say is EXTEMELY IMPORTANT, Don't but us with sill owls!

So please people, take a hint, and DON'T owl the admins about silly pointless things!

New Poll!

12:25 am - John

A new poll is up! Lets see which is better. lol.

Here were the results to the pervious poll:

Who is the coolest admin?

Hoojx 327 votes
DarkShady 374 votes
John 213 votes
Rebkos 233 votes
Hannah 196 votes

Thanks for voting!

March 17, 2003

Some info.

8:40 pm - John

Forum titles:
(the text that appears under a users name in a post they made in a forum and appears in a users profile under their username.)

Please do not ask to have one anymore. Forum titles will be added by administrators only, and not by request. They were created for the purpose of stating someones official title. Signatures will return soon for everyone.

Reporting Bad Posts:
Please do not report any bad posts to us. Please report it to the moderators or darkshady, as they will get to the post faster then us. We will soon post a list of global moderators. Global moderators will be able to delete any post in any forum.

Thanks for all of your cooperation!

March 16, 2003

Many things

9:29 pm - darkshady

Many more potion combinations have been added, can you figure them out?

Wizard Math
New prices have been added (much better!) and your not required to get a new item.

Wizard Money Count
The prizes have been increased a little bit.

The ticket system has been taken down. It is being replaced with a whole new idea/suggestion forum. Now users will be able to post their ideas, and get comments from others

A new supply of items has just arrived in Diagon Alley and the store keepers are going to be adding new items to their stores! You might want to check them out frequently.

Wizard Math

1:01 am - darkshady

The wizard math game has been fixed!

March 14, 2003

News Posting Job*Workers Have Been Chosen*

3:07 am - Mr Bob

The Following Users Have been chosen they are:

Cho Potter,
Ariadne Cormier,
Sanguis draconis,

Congrats. Thank you everyone for applying. Everyone did a great job!

*Workers Please Start to find news, its not needed now but will be needed by next week.if you have any questions owl me*

March 11, 2003

Magical Menagerie

5:05 am - Hoojx

Magical Menagerie is opening now ! They'll sell more animals soon !

Have fun !

March 10, 2003


6:35 pm - rebkos

Well the petition got so many signitures that it wouldn't add any more. So here is a second petition that will be added to the first and sent to WB. If you signed after 4525 then your signiture was not added and you should sign again, however IF YOU HAVE ALREADY SIGNED THE FIRST ONE PLEASE DO NOT SIGN AGAIN! Sign Here

News Posting Job!

12:46 am - John

Are you good at finding news on Harry Potter? Or a good journalist, article writer? Then this is the job for you! 12 jobs are open for news posting. This job is posting news on Harry Potter for Hogwarts Extreme users to see.

Click Here to apply!

March 9, 2003

Daily Prophet Tests

10:58 pm - Masterwizard

The tests for the second round of the Daily Prophet staff selection have been sent out. They are due back by March 17th. For more information, go to the Daily Prophet forum. Good Luck to all!


9:45 pm - mikelc2

We have had a makeover everyone! Check it out HERE! New looks (not for the forum yet anyways!)


Current House Point

6:05 pm - Hoojx

3869 4075 3976 4109

Years !

5:34 pm - Hoojx

First year students with more than 80 points will get into the 2nd year by next term. Second year students with more than 100 points will get into the 3rd year by next term. All new members will get into the 1st year by next term.

More Information about this and the final exam will be up soon.


6:18 am - rebkos

Well, it seem Warner Bros. has proved yet again that they didn't even bother reading the Harry Potter books before turning them into movies.

Anyone who as actualy BOTHERED to read read the series realizes that the Quidditch is an important part of PoA. So of course anyone that has read PoA would realizing CUTTING OLIVER WOOD FROM PoA IS A STUPID IDEA! But WB has proved that they are up to the challenge of making a movie without reading the book, because they did cut Oliver Wood. Which means they cut most of the Quidditch sequences, which means Harry loosing the Nimbus will have to be changed, which means Harry and Ron won't be mad at Hermione for ratting out the Firebolt, which means the partronus won't mean as much.

Now is your chance to show WB that they can't continue destroying the work fans love. SIGN THIS PETITION FOR OLIVER WOOD TO BE PUT BACK INTO PoA!!

March 8, 2003


9:26 pm - John

Hogwarts Extreme did experience some downtime. We are sorry about this, nothing was lost.

Thanks for your support! :)

Be Careful

5:47 am - John

Everybody please be careful not to post personal information about you anywhere on Hogwarts Extreme, and anywhere else.

This might include:

- Your School
- Your Town
- Your Last Name
- Your Phone Number
- Your Address

The staffs at Hogwarts Extreme will never ask for your password.


March 7, 2003


3:29 am - John

There is an error with the dorms, it will be fixed as soon as possible. Please be patient. Thanks!

Hex Make A Wish Foundation

2:04 am - mikelc2

Most of you know the great HMAWF! Well as you know our site has been down for the past 2 weeks because he have gone through a major server move. We have now moved to a better, more reliable server which will help us to bring you a better site! We have tonns of bandwidth so we will never need to tell you to slow down on your posts, or anything of the sort!

We are hoping to get the HMAWF forum up by tomorrow, so that everyone can go back and continue posting!

The HMAWF administration would like to thank you for you patients! We would also like to mention that we will be providing free e-mail address. ex. you@hmawf.webrefs.com. If you have any questions or comments at all, feel free to owl or PM the following:
Tkdgirl555 (Our Head)

Thanks Everyone!

March 6, 2003


6:37 pm - darkshady


To creat a dorm:

Fill out the form and you must include at least 1 person as a room mate. They must be in the same house, their gender does not matter. They will then get an event and they can chose to accept or decline the invitiation. Once at least one person accepts, you can create the dorm.

Inviting users to the dorm:

Once you have created a dorm anyone in the dorm can invite others to join. They can only be in your house.


You can add items to your trunk in your inventory, people in your dorm will be able to see those items but cannot do anything with them

Each user can only be in 1 dorm! Be careful when picking room mates, as of right now you cannot leave a dorm once your in it.

More features coming soon!

When you fill out the form to create the dorm, you must have at least 1 person accept before you can fully create the dorm (it has a button to click on) and then you will be able to view the dorm and put items in your trunk

Of All The Stupid Things..

3:06 am - rebkos

Here is something I thought I'd never have to post... No streaking on the message boards. You will get one warning, but then you will be expelled.

Ministry of Magic Attacked!

12:30 am - Link

The Ministry of Magic has been attacked by deatheaters. They broke in using dark magic and now hold hostages captive. We do ask that you remain calm. Everything and anything in our power to overcome this event will be done!

March 4, 2003

Classes Info

12:42 am - John

Just to let everyone know that classes will end in March or April. In order to graduate you must have collected some points! Required points to pass per year has not yet been determined. Do your homework now! ;)


March 3, 2003

New Silver Wizard Card - Fulbert the Fearful

6:28 pm - Hoojx

A new silver wizard card has been added. Are you the first one who will own it ? Good luck !

March 2, 2003

New Game - Scramble

8:19 am - Hoojx


We've added a new game. Can you guess the words and win a secret prize ?

March 1, 2003

Deatheater/Dark Mark/Dementor Tip Line

6:06 am - rebkos

A Tip Line has been set up for people to report any Death Eaters/Dark Marks/Dementors they see! You can find it here Thank You!

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