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February 28, 2003

Signups r closed !

10:46 am - Swaroop

Dear Visiting Friends, Please note that the signups r closed for sometime so u can't signup for hex. Plz stop mailing me as I don't have any idea it may be up !
Swaroop :D

Forum Points

3:14 am - John

A lot of you do not know what forum points are. Everyone has forum points... If you are good on HEX, you will get forum points, if you are bad, you will loose them. If you get a lot of forum points, (which is very hard) you will get more privledges. This includes rare items and other stuff. If you loose a lot of points, you will suffer the consequences. So be extra good on the forums. ;)


February 26, 2003

Good News About Honeydukes!

4:32 pm - rebkos

The owners managed to get a large order of chocolate frogs from a different store! However, they are going to have to sell them for quite a bit to make a profit, and they don't have their boxes... But it can still cure you from a dementor! (yes we fixed the program..)

February 25, 2003


5:58 pm - rebkos

Honeydukes was broken into and attacked by two giants! They smashed the chocolate machines! Honeydukes had a limited supply of chocolate in storage, so they are restocking with only 1 Chocolate Bar and 1 Chocolate frog each time they restock! (Everyone knows the only way to beat the effects of a dementor is to have some chocolate!) This must have been an attack organized by a dark wizard supporting You-Know-Who!!

DP Site Up !

12:49 pm - Swaroop

HEY ! The splash page, a kinda promo for the dp is up. Though it's just a bit. we will be updating it as much as possible. go visit: https://dp.hexrpg.com
Swaroop :D
Head : DP

February 24, 2003


11:45 pm - rebkos

It seems the dork*cough* I mean dark, lord has sunk to a new low. He's been attacking the poor messenger owls!

February 23, 2003

Bad News

9:47 pm - rebkos

Unfortunately the rumors of the re-rise of You-Know-Who have been confirmed true.
The sudden appearances of the dark mark was only one of the indications. The Dementers abandoning Azkaban and allowing all the Deatheaters out was the main one.
Watch out everyone.
Constant Vigilance!

Result of the 1st Round !

12:36 pm - Swaroop

Yes everyone. The Results of the 1st Round of the DP Staff Selection is out plz click here. check out the Dp Forum for more details.
Swaroop :D
Head : DP

February 21, 2003


2:45 am - John

If you neglect your pet by not feeding it, you will get money taken away by Animal Control. The Animal Control wants to make sure all pets are living healthy.


February 20, 2003


3:33 am - John

Just to let everyone know, protests will be ignored. We are adding a bunch of new mods where they will receive higher power to take action againest bad users. But protests will be ignored. You are just wasting your time by doing that, because they will then be immediately deleted by our "new" mods. AOL approved us for kids, and we were listed on harrypotter.com. The internet approves of us. We have a censoring system active in the forums, and moderators constantly checking out forums. I'm sorry if its not enough but we are doing the best we can. Lay off, as I said, we're doing the best we can.


February 19, 2003

About Owls

8:34 pm - rebkos

Okay people, yes I understand you like owling people, especially the admins, however please stop setting the subject as things like "VERY VERY IMPORTANT MUST BE READ RIGHT NOW!!" When its something pointless like "Can I have some money?" The subject is ment to give you a quick refference about what the letter is about, not to get your attention..

Also, do not send items to people, especially us with little messages reminding them to check their owls or something of that sort. That is very disruptive and not aloud. Everyone has enough things to do as it is.

February 17, 2003

Your Ideas

6:46 pm - John

What would you like to see happen on Hogwarts Extreme? What are your ideas? Tell us here!


February 16, 2003


10:00 am - Hoojx

Avatar has been added back to the forum. You can add or change your avatar in your profile -> preferences. The max. size of avatar is 60 pixels x 60 pixels.

Inappropriate avatar will be removed immediately and your account will be disabled permanently. Please don't abuse it.

Thanks for your co-operation.

Daily Prophet Forum

8:57 am - Masterwizard

The Daily Prophet Forum has been cleaned and the application layout is up. For more news on the Daily Prophet, please visit the forum often. Thanks!

Co-Head Hex DP

Daily Prophet

8:04 am - Swaroop

Hello all ! This is Swaroop. Some of u may know me from PE or from the older hex :D BTW I with the permission of Hoo will be heading DP and start it off soon. Dan(Masterwizard) will be my main assistant. We will be soon selecting the main DP staff. The DP Forum will be cleaned for fresh applications. More in the next post.
Thank You !


February 14, 2003

Happy Valentines Day!

11:53 pm - John

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Some items will be added later.

February 9, 2003


3:29 am - darkshady

Sorting has been added. Sorry for the delay. If you are a new user you can now click the image and it will bring you to a new page. When filling out your description please include as many details as possible. You will now be sorted automatically, no wait!

February 8, 2003

Server Message

3:29 am - John

I know that the HEX is temporarily unavailable message is annoying, but it has to be done so we can stay on the net. We are in the process of getting a better server. This message pops up most frequently in the late afternoon, around 2-5 PM EST. If you just continue to refresh the page, the page will eventually load.


February 7, 2003

30 Bucks!!

7:37 pm - rebkos

Just so everyone knows, they are estimating the price for HP5 is going to be $29.99. So if you haven't already start saving your money!
(Note: this price sets the record for most expensive new childrens book, aren't we lucky?...)

February 5, 2003

Daily Prophet

7:07 pm - Hoojx

We're looking for a group of people to maintain Daily Prophet and Witch Weekly. Please go to the Daily Prophet forum under Newspapers section for more informations. Thanks.

February 4, 2003

Update - Hide 'n' Seek

8:56 pm - Hoojx

The game has been updated. You'll get some cherries, some galleons as a reward and your owl will feed itself until 'fine' if it is hungry ! You can call them back after 1 hour if you couldn't find them.

They'll only hide at 37 different regular places on this web site now. High score table has been added for this game.

Don't be suprise if your owl brings back a piece of a silver wizard card or any of the 25 gold wizard cards from time to time !

Have fun !

HEX Network

5:38 pm - Hoojx

All the HEX related sites will be listed on the HEX Network page from now on.


February 3, 2003

Happy Chinese New Year

5:10 pm - Hoojx

We would like to wish all our Chinese visitors a very happy new year.

February 2, 2003

Protesting/Swearing Matter

10:27 pm - John

Here at Hogwarts Extreme, we have never tolerated swearing. Since the beginning it has been this way. Protests by users will be ignored. You aren't going to change the way we do the rules! I know 5 year olds on here and they have not fully read the book themselves OR their parents read it to them and they took out the cuss words when reading it to their children. Please cooperate with us to make this a clean site. Once again, we will not change the rules on Hogwarts Extreme, ever. These rules were set for a good reason. Remember everyone, young people participate in this site.

Thank You.


4:53 pm - darkshady

The amount of swearing in posts have gone far enough. From now on any swearing you will earn you -1 forum points (the post will most likely be deleted too).

Censoring your words still count as swearing. If you can tell what the word is it is swearing. There are kids on this site so all language they should not hear will not be allowed.

Also all threads with extreme fighting (not friendly arguements or discussions) will be deleted right away.

February 1, 2003

New Game

6:06 pm - darkshady

Let your owl out of it's cage and try and find it. You can win food or money to spend on your owl. It will also make your owl happier.

Hide and Go Seek

To find your pet you must search the site and you will get an event saying you found your pet. You will not loose your pet by playing with it, and after an hour if you do not catch it you can end the game by going here.

Also about the MoM contest. If you have any questions please owl Link, he is incharge of the contest.

Columbia Space Shuttle

5:18 pm - John

The Columbia Space Shuttle exploded today. :( Expected to land at 9:16 AM Eastern time, it did not. Pieces of it fell all over Texas. The crew of 7 is presumed dead. Please be thinking about their families.

Nasa is expected to hold a press conference at noon. (central time.)

Thank You.

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