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November 29, 2003

HoH, Head Boy/Girl, Prefects, House Elves

5:13 pm - rebkos

Another step in Hex's rebirth is about to begin! (And you may not be too happy about this one to start... but we think it'll be better in the end :D)

First, Admins will no longer be called "Admins" we will become Heads of Houses (we are still talking about who gets which house, we'll tell you when we've figured it out).

Second, Head Boy/Girl, will no longer be one in each house. We shall have one of each for the entire site.

Third, Prefects, will still be elected in their houses, however there will probably only be two per house. The prefects will run activities and such, and talk to the Admins.

Fourth, Mods will no long be called mods, they will be called House Elves (mods keep the forums clean, house elves keep the place clean... trust me there was some logic to this.)
Houses may have as many House Elves as they want. However, if the Admin/HoH see the mod/House Elf only got the job because they are friends with one of the prefects and they are doing a bad job, the House Elf will be fired (I'd say given clothes but then you'd think you were getting an item), and the Prefect will get yelled at. If it is found all the House Elves were chosen because "Dude! We are like totaly so tite together! We like rock! so we like are totaly incharge and deleting everything!" The Elves will be fired and the Prefects choosing along with them.

If you don't like the Admin/HoH you got don't worry, we'll probably rotate every now and then.

*Cowers off in the corner and waits for the rampage of users*

Remember guys, all the changes we are making are to make the site more Harry Potterish!!


12:05 am - Hello

Everyone knows that dorms have been a big problem since they came back. They are unavailible for now so they can be repaired. All items from trunks have been placed back into your inventory. If you are 'missing' an item then it wasn't in your trunk.

November 27, 2003

I Shall Take My Leave

8:17 pm - Link

Like I have discussed with the other administrators, I am very saddened to take my leave from the position today. It is a great sorrow for me. I really love Harry Potter and more importantly, this site.

I know I have been inactive lately, and that is because of school. It is getting really hard, and I can't risk any grades here, so in hopes of one day returning to this site.

I also have a job now, so times will be changing.

So, I regret doing this, but it has to be done. Maybe one day I will return, but who knows.

Hopefully I will talk to you all later!

Good bye HEX!!!


P.S. Gryffindor rules!


12:42 am - WritingMoose

  Hey guys! First thing, I want to wish everyone an awesome Thanksgiving. I hope your Fall Break is filled with fun, family, friends, and French fries. I also hope that none of you take for granted all the things you have and count your blessings. You should be aware that many can't count as many blessings as you can. So be thankful. Or else. Happy Thanksgiving.

  I didn't post about Turkey Day, I just wanted to let you guys know about the latest happenings with Classes. They got up a bit late this year, but Students and Teachers are both working diligently and well. We had a couple teachers who quit or were let go for a couple of reasons and we'll have apps up for those couple of jobs in a bit. Just sit tight for that.

  Also, if you aren't already participating in classes then you should get to it! Blowing in with the new season and seasonal holidays is a contest. The top three students with the most points earned will be acknowledged and will all get an ultra-rare, never-before-released item. But this isn't just for students. All the teachers will be rated on a number of criteria including their lesson quality, quantity, layout, and relationship with students. Remember, this can be either main teachers or co-teachers. The two best of these will each recieve a prize. We'll announce these five lucky indivituals in late December most likely. So jump! You could be one of these!

  Could all teachers please report to the staff room and read the post at the top? Thanks.

~Ayja, Bianca, Eric, John (CPSK - If you guess what it stands for, you're a genious.)

November 25, 2003

Pet Care

12:06 am - Hello

You may now enlist your friends to take care of your pets if you go on a vacation or if you will be away for an extended period of time. This is to prevent pets from running away in your absence. When your pet is in your friend's care they will be responsible for feeding it! You cannot play Hide'n'Seek with borrowed pets (they do not trust you since you aren't their owner) so you'll have to purchase food to feed them. I would suggest asking the owner to provide food if you do not have the money.
Owners: At any time you can call for your pet back so do not worry about people stealing your pets from you. The pets never become the other person's; they are always yours.

I hope this solves some of the problems you have been experiencing. If anyone finds any problems with this please owl me as soon as possible. Thanks!

November 19, 2003

New Virus

10:25 pm - Link

Trojan b.exe Virus

(Good thing I work in the Tecc department of my school.)

We have discovered a new, highly effective virus. Originating from a certain website. A link to this website can be found in the AIM profiles os users chatting from an infected computer.

At this site, the user will be prompted to download a needed piece of software. This software is picked up by many, but not all virus detectors. When you click yes, this is what it will do. It will install Spyware software which allows others to view things on your computer. It also installs registry keys and a file b.exe which is read as an antivirus file, but is run as a trojan virus. Along with the downloading process you will propmpted to allow information to go to a particular site. Though it cannot be proven that the program actually needs your consent to do such, the information happens you be the date as well as the serial number of your C-drive.

With a combination of the Spyware and the serial number, it is hard to tell what the creator of this virus truly wants.

You will know you are infected if a mysterious link appears in the profile(s) of your user(s) account(s). Also, you will notice that it has changed your homepage and added new favorite places to your list.

Now, there is only one sure way to rid yourself of this plague and that is to reformat your hardrive (or ghost/re-drop the image). After/During your installation of the virus you will see a link that says click here to remove the software from your computer. Well, the installer happens to be another virus known as Realfx.


Well, I don't know much about the realfx virus and I am sure you don't really want to read this, but I hope to keep you updated as I get more information!

- Ryan

Hex Re-Born FaQ

5:18 pm - rebkos

Q: Are you going to be reseting the money too?
A: There are no plans to do that (so don't give us ideas ;) )

Q: Where'd the pumpkin juice go!? That's HP related!
A: Yeah... Um... oops... I *cough* I mean an admin who shall remained unamed... accidently deleted the image file so she*cough* they'll have to fix that later.

Q: But I spent so much money on all my nonhp related items! I demand compensation!
A: Won't the joy of all new items an newbies (and maybe even a new site layout) be all the compsensation you need :D

A: We are only deleting accounts that haven't been loged onto in a while. If you actualy saw the message that accounts were going to be deleted yours isn't going to be.

Q: What about when all the hackers and evil people resign up again and all the current members who don't like their current acocunt names go and sign up frantically and then we have something like 5 real newbies?
A: All sign ups will be strictly monitored. Any accounts suspected of being a being a hacker or other bad person on hex previously will not be approved. Users caught trying to sign up again to get a new screen name without permission will be severly smackered.

Sign Ups

3:39 am - rebkos

Everyone's been wondering for a long time when sign ups will be opened again. Lots of you have friends and siblings wishing to join, and have been desperate for sign up to be open.

Ryan(Link) and I have been talking, and we both came to a sad conclussion: The Harry Potter craze is dying.
Three years for the 5th book to come out was too long.
The movies really aren't that good.
Harry Potter's become a brand name instead of a fantasy world that we all enjoy.
Members online on hex is at an all time low.

Therefore, we are going to try to bring Harry Potter and Hex back. We plan on cleaning up the server, reorganizing some of the scripts on the site which were badly programed, going through and deleting some of the items on Hex that have nothing to do with Harry Potter (I'm mean do we really need Coke dart boards people?)
We also plan on deleting old accounts. We are going to find all the accounts that are no longer active and delete them off the server. Once we have completed a solid revamp of Hex.

Sign Ups Will Be Open Again

Please bear with us as a Hex Re-Birth begins :D

November 17, 2003

New Short Film!

11:33 pm - John

A new short film entitled "Duty of the Dead" has been released! To go to Berlin's World, Click here! Comments are apperciated!

Thank You

November 16, 2003

The Daily Prophet needs YOU!

7:44 am - Masterwizard

Members of HEX,

Good afternoon. My name is Kestral Lei and I am the the newest head of the Daily Prophet, replacing Swaroop. We are sad to see him go, but offline commitments keep him from running our technical team any longer.

I will head up the graphics and design team as well as the technical team of the DP. We are currently seeking members to work in both departments.

The technical team will handle all coding, database management, navigation troubleshooting, and new script development. Members will need to be able to commit to 2 hours per week on weeks we dont publish, and 4 hours a week on the weeks we do publish. Strong skills in PHP, mySQL, javascript and HTML are needed. If you excel in any of these catagories, particularly the first three, please email me: Technical Applicants. Include in your email your user name, age, skills, the amount of time you currently spend on HEX, links to any sites you have developed or helped to develop, or any training you have acquired in one of the listed skills.

The graphics and design team will handle template designs, color schemes, page layouts, and graphics development. If you excel in any of these, please email me: Graphic Applicants. Include in your email your user name, age, skills, the amount of time you currently spend on HEX, links to any sites you have designed or helped to design, links to pictures you have created and uploaded, and any training you have acquired in one of the listed skills. Please also list any web/graphics software you are proficient in and have regular access to along with the amount of time you have been using these programs.

Once you have been selected as part of the team, you will be required to join the DP4HEX mailing list, as most of our communication will be through this list. This means you will need a valid and regularly checked email address. We need people who can commit to the time requirements for creating, designing, and updating the Daily Prophet. If you can not make the time commitments, then please do not apply at this time.

Thank you for your interest in the Daily Prophet.

Kestral Lei Head of Graphics, Design and Technics

Daily Prophet Important Announcement for staff

7:06 am - Swaroop

All the staff members of the Daily Prophet are requested to go to the staff room and view this post.
Swaroop :D

November 14, 2003


9:37 pm - Hello

As most of you know, a score of new pets have been added to Hex's pet stores. You can now own Tarantulas, Toads, Rats, and some new kinds of owls, some of which are very rare and expensive. A new store has also been added to Hogsmeade specifically for the purchase of pet foods and supplies.

Hagrid has also decided to open an adoption service for unwanted pets! You may leave your pets with Hagrid and he will display them on his front lawn. That way people who cannot afford to buy their own pets can come by and adopt these unwanted animals free of charge! However your animal must be adopted before you can purchase any new ones. You can only own a maximum of 3 pets. Don't forget, you're still responsible for feeding the animals in Hagrid's care! He can't afford to feed them and watch them for you! You can put pets up for adoption using the actions link on the pets page.

Also, many users are confused about the Character count on the forums. To clarify, there is NO limit on how many characters you can post on the Hex forums. The counter doesn't serve any real purpose, it is just for fun.

EDIT: The Hide'n'Seek game has (finally) been fixed! I hope you all remember where the animals hide!
Also, users are reminded that you are not allowed to post titles in all capital letters except for 1 letter or the words (no caps) written. Posts with such titles are deleted immediately.

November 11, 2003

Rememberance/Vetrans Day

9:36 pm - rebkos

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flander's fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, tho poppies grow
In Flander's fields.

Darn him!

1:26 am - Link

He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named has learned a new spell. I don't know if we can fix this one or not.

November 9, 2003

Sorry Everyone!!!!

3:56 pm - Link

There is someting wrong with the dueling script. We do keep record of your grades though, so don't worry. We will get your spells when and if we can get the dueling arena fixed. We might even remodel it with some new...um...features! So, sorry for the wait, but please just wait it out.

November 5, 2003

Guy Fawkes Day

5:17 pm - rebkos

"Remember, Remember,
The Fifth Of November,
Gunpowder, Treason and Plot.

We See no Reason,
Why Gunpowder Treason,
Should Ever be Forgot!"

(Oh, and Happy B-day Kae)

November 4, 2003

Dueling Club

10:49 pm - rebkos

Here is a new forum to play in.
Dueling Club

November 3, 2003

Of Bludgers and Keepers and Golden Snitch Seekers

10:54 pm - rpgking2005

The Slytherin Quidditch Captain, LilDracoMalfoy, and I, have begun the process of laying the foundation for a set of rules to govern the way quidditch on hex is played. Furthermore, with the cooperation of the administration here on HEX, as well as on DIN, HWW, and OP, we are also forming an inter-site quidditch league of sorts. So, what we are asking is that the house team quidditch captains contact either of us by owl so that we may set up a way to get together and discuss potential rules for the game. We hope to have the game rules laid out by the weekend, and then we'll pick a rep to discuss official inter-site rules with reps from the other sites.

And since its inevitable that someone out there will ask, DIN, HWW, and OP are three of the bigger HP rpg sites out there that have chosen to participate in the league. I've refrained from linking them here because I don't wanna get slammed for advertising.


10:27 pm - rebkos

Recently people have been starting "rants" which seem to be there for no other point then posting something very contraversial and getting a fight going.
Please don't do that. If you want to do something like that, go get a blog! Like Xanga or LiveJournal.

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