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October 31, 2003

Trick or Treating!

11:30 pm - Hello

It seems Zonkos has stocked up on some trick-or-treating sacks. The man at the counter told me that kids can ask other people for some candy with them. He said to make sure you're polite when you ask though! People don't have to give you candy you know...

Also, I heard some people give out fruit....:\

Here are the other house's layouts.

6:07 pm - rebkos

(Click for bigger image)

And the winner is.....

5:46 pm - rebkos

Drum roll please :D
Dadadadadadadadadadadadadda CHINK!

By an almost unanmouse vote by the Admins (almost in the sense that the 4 who voted agreed).

The winner is...


Maybe I should tell you the prize first...


All member's of the house that wins will receive this:
For those of you who don't know what it is, it is a Prophecy like in HP5.

Now... must admit that we knew all along who was going to win the contest, because that Prophecy foresaw who was going to win...


With out too much further ado...

The winning house is...
Gryffindor :D

(You guys will get the item just as soon as I figure out how to give it to all of you.)

October 29, 2003

The envelope please!

8:10 pm - rebkos

*Gets handed a greenish envelope.*

After much discussion the Admins (or atleast most of the admins, not all of them were on to vote) have chosen the winners of the decorating contest!

*Waves envelope around* in this envelope is the name of the house that will win :D

In that winning house, all members of that house will recieve a special new... wait... I haven't made the item yet... guess I can't annouce the winners... *walks off the stage holding the un-opened envelope.*

**Edit: Reb, you are just plain evil. lol. ~Josh (Hello)

October 25, 2003


5:40 pm - rebkos

One year ago today, the renowned actor Richard Harris passed away. We most know Richard Harris in his role as Albus Dumbledore in the first 2 Harry Potter movies.
May he rest in peace.

October 24, 2003

New Current Standings Of Decorating Contest

5:55 pm - rebkos

This will be the last standings list until the offical winners are annouced. Please have all decorations up by the 26th when final judging will begin. This weekend is your last chance to finish up :D

Holding in first place...
In Second place...
In Third place...
And in Fourth place...

Happy Deepawali !

7:20 am - Swaroop

A very Happy Deepawali to all the Indians on HEX !

Have fun time with lights and crackers ;)

On Behalf of HEX Staff,
Swaroop :D

October 23, 2003

2 New Forums :D

11:17 pm - rebkos

By popular demand... there are now 2 new forums for everyone.

Girls Bathroom
Boys Bathroom

Enjoy :D

Arguing With Teachers

1:33 am - rpgking2005

Students are asked to please stop arguing with teachers over grades, and threatening to report them to administrators. If the teacher feels that you got the grade you deserved, and its on an essay, its the teacher / assistants decision, and arguing, especially being incredibly unreasonable and rude, is not the way to go about it, and it needs to stop. Teachers have enough to do, they don't need to deal with rude students. Thank you.

October 20, 2003


5:13 pm - rebkos

In a common room that shall remain unnamed... I found a thread where the Halloween graphics of another house were posted and being discussed.
Perhaps that was no clear in the beginning... however it should be very clear now.

Any house caught doing that again might be disqualified (if it is just one person and the staff deletes then that's fine... but in this case the staff was joining in the conversation about it instead of deleting it, UNACCEPTABLE!)

October 17, 2003

More Extra Motivation To Decorate :D

5:11 pm - rebkos

All members of the house will receive a special new, unreleased, rare item. The item will not be available any other place (never in site stores, never given out for any other reason) just for the winning house's users to do with as they please (sell, trade, llama, w/e) :D

October 13, 2003

Current Standings Of The Halloween Contest

6:50 pm - rebkos

I've been monitoring the Common Rooms all this month, and here are the current standings (note this isn't the final score, anyone could still win).

In first place:
In Second:
In Third:
And in forth place:

This is being judged on how many decorations you've already put up, and how much user interaction I've been seeing. Keep decorating :D

(Note: All/Most deocrations should be up by the 26th)

October 11, 2003

Anniversary Of The Bali Bombing

2:06 am - rebkos

Sunday (October 12), is the one year Anniversary of the bombing in Bali that killed over 190 people.
A Indonesian flag will remain on the site at half staff till after the annivesary. A rememberance forum is also going to be set up.

(Note to all those who have a problem with a memorial: Anyone caught posting nasty things about "Who cares? So what if 190 people died, big deal!" Will be placed in azkaban for 4 days. Anyone then caught getting on an alternate screen name to get back on Hex will be expelled. Please do not try to turn a nice memorial into something it shouldn't be.)

October 8, 2003

The Quibbler and WW :: Change of Plans

4:12 pm - Swaroop

Many have accused us of snatching the opportunity to start Quibbler and WW.
So, we have decided to cancel all plans from our side and allow others to go for it. We would also love to have some friendly competetion
The graphics designers chosen can wish to help the Dp or leave us. Applications for the Quibbler & WW will be closed and sent to officially appointed people. Applications for The DP will be freshly opened.
More news about the DP will come up soon.
Thanks for all the co-operation and support,
Swaroop Hegde
Head Of The Daily Prophet

Note about teachers

12:38 am - rpgking2005

Yes, I know that new teachers cannot get into the staff room. It will be sorted out in time, so please refrain from owling me about it. Also, the class edit link has been taken down from the staff room for the time being. Teachers be patient. Thanks.

October 5, 2003

Teacher Selections -- Finally

12:51 am - rpgking2005

At long last, the teacher selection is finally over. I am extremely sorry for the incredibly long wait. I know you guys are anxious to get to doing classes, but with real school, it was just really hard for all of us to get online. But, without further adeiu, your new teachers for this term are:

1st Year - Sarah74656

1st Year - Demon

1st - Deanius
3rd - Glitter_Parvati

History of Magic
1st - AmeliaCharlotte
2nd - Moon121
3rd - rpgking2005

Flying Lessons
2nd - Heir_of_Ravenclaw
3rd - WinniePotter

3rd Year - San4dy9

Ancient Runes
2nd Year - Celest
3rd Year - Tom_Felton

Magic in Muggle Literature
1st Year - SamiJo
2nd Year - Arabella Figg

Dueling Class
1st Year - water_puzzle

History of Hogwarts
1st Year - rAvEnLiOn
2nd Year - Matthew

1st Year - Sportyforever
2nd Year - MeL_pOtTeR

Muggle Studies
2nd Year - ronlover143

2nd Year - Lily_Miyahra_Rhyding
3rd Year - The_Charity_Society

1st Year - Pheonix11
3rd Year - Naryu

Defense Against The Dark Arts
1st Year - Wyrn
3rd Year - rebkos

Please, all teachers, check to make sure that I spelled your name right when I added you in the db and that you can in fact edit your class. Owl me to let me know that its right, or if it needs to be changed. Thanks again everyone.

October 3, 2003

AIDS Walk Washington DC!

4:19 pm - Link

Hello everyone again! I recently got involved in the AIDS Walk to occur in DC tomorrow. Here is my purpose for posting.

I am going to post a link below that will lead to my site in the Walk. If you can donate any money or ask your parents and encourage them to ask their friends, it would be great. You are helping MANY individuals around the world.

So, please....every cent helps! But remember, I am not asking you to post personal info, just to talk about it with your friends, family, and etc.

My AIDS Walk Washington DC Page

The address:

October 1, 2003

Common Room Decoration Contest!!

5:31 pm - rebkos

I would like to officialy annouce the Common Room Decoration Contest!!!

Here's the deal: The house with the best decorated (for Halloween) common room will win the site banner for the next month (November). Aka. a banner that says ">Insert House Here< rocks! Here is their coat of arms!" as the Hex banner for the next month.

The Rules
1. You can put just about anything up.
2. If people from one house are caught getting on other peoples accounts to steal ideas from the other house that person will find themselves in Azkaban for a full month.
3. You have to decorate 3 of the forums. The main common room, the boys dorm, and the girls dorm.
4. You can put as many decorations as you want, but if you have to scroll down for 5 minutes to get to the forum you probably won't win.
5. Common room staff should not just be decorating with out user suggestions.

Scoring System
1. (25 Points) Creativity
2. (25 Points) Keeping with theme (and Harry Potter)
3. (50 Points) User participation.

Happy Haunting :D

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