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January 31, 2003

MoM Contest

9:08 pm - darkshady

The Ministry of Magic is hosting a contest. The entry is a design/template for the new official news paper of the MoM, The Ministry Times. The prize, now 5,000,000 Galleons, is enough to keep you in the upperclass on HEX. Just submit your entries through through contact page on the MoM or by owling any of the "MoM Admins". There is no deadline, but the winner will be announced. Thank you and have fun.

January 29, 2003


5:29 pm - Hoojx

You're allowed to have a maximum of 3 pets, please choose wisely ! Remember to take care of your pets so they wouldn't fly or run away.

Other animals are coming soon !

New Store !

5:27 pm - Hoojx

Eeylops Owl Emporium is now opening ! You can buy different kind of owls there. More owls will be added soon !

Have fun !

Snowy Owl

2:41 pm - Hoojx

A snowy owl is staring at you !

Silver Wizard Card - Glenda Chittock

2:40 pm - Hoojx

Silver Wizard Card - Glenda Chittock has been released.

January 28, 2003

New Poll

3:05 pm - Hoojx

A new poll has been put up. The last poll result is :

Is Hoojx a sleeping giant ?

Yes!469 votes24.8 %
No!229 votes 12.1 %
Is he awake304 votes16.1 %
Is that what you call that?888 votes47.0 %

Total : 1890 votes

Weee ... bad Corey !

January 25, 2003


3:55 am - John

Please note that tickets you send in will be answered within 1 week. We get so many tickets and it is hard for us to answer all of them so fast. Also if we get a huge amount of tickets, the tickets submitting section will be closed until we get less tickets.

Thanks for your patience!


12:54 am - darkshady

Sorting will be up soon. We may be making a new way of doing it so it may take a few days. Please do not owl or post about it. Thank you.

January 20, 2003

Casting Spell

4:13 pm - Hoojx

The time limit for the game has been removed at the moment. You can now get your spells as much as you want !

Another new game !

2:50 pm - Hoojx

You can now create some nasty spells and 'send' it to your friends or enemies !

Have fun casting !

New Game

9:57 am - Hoojx

A new game has been added to the games section - Every Flavors Beans. How much beans can you collect in this game ?

January 19, 2003

First Poll Result

4:57 pm - Hoojx

Question : Do you think Corey is a cute little bunny ?

Yes !876 votes34.2 %
No !390 votes 15.2 %
Sure !476 votes18.6 %
Hmm ... !818 votes32.0 %

Total : 2560 votes

January 18, 2003

First Silver Wizard Card

8:59 pm - Hoojx

The first silver wizard card is available now. Have fun !

News Section for Class

1:15 pm - Hoojx

Teachers are now able to post news regarding their classes in the staff room. The news section is allocated under the class section.

Thanks and have fun !


8:21 am - Hoojx

Owl search for items is back up.
Sorting will be back soon.

I'll not be on this site much at the moment because I'm busy with my study. I'm the project leader in the programming project and we need to finish the design stage in 2 weeks. I'm going to reply most of my 200+ owls right now.


January 17, 2003


3:27 am - John

You will be able to have the option to advance to a second year in March or so. But the only way you can do this is:

- Have a lot of points
- Pass your exams
- Overall good history
(in forums, owls, how you deal with others)


Delay on Tickets...

1:54 am - John

Sorry for the delay on tickets, please be patient. We could not answer tickets for a day and a half due to an error, which made the tickets pile up. You will be able to submit more tickets soon. We have to get all of the ones we have now replied to first. :P


January 16, 2003

Forum Points

11:31 pm - darkshady

There is a new system of rewarding good users and punishing bad users, it's called Forum Points.

The admins can give/take points from people depending on the way they act. Helping people will reward you with points. Swearing, flaming, etc... will lose you points.

You can view your points by going to your Profile. DO NOT ask admins to give you points, your more likely to loose points for that.

January 15, 2003


11:06 pm - John

Heres a follow up to rebkos post!.... an article featured on MSN.com's main page!


All of us have finally waited long enough! *remembers waiting till midnight at barnes and noble for book 4*

Just thought I'd show you that. :)

Library - Restricted Section

8:28 pm - Hoojx

Only teachers and staffs are allowed to go in to that section at the moment.


Order of the Phoenix !

7:26 pm - rebkos

The new Harry Potter Book 5 is officially coming out on June 21 !

JK Rowling has worked hard for two-and-a-half years to write book five, The Order of the Phoenix.

But there's still a lot of work for a lot of people to do before it hits the shops!

Here's a run-down of what has to happen for the book to get into our hands.

  • Now the manuscript is finished, JK will work with an editor to make sure it all makes sense and to spot and take out factual errors.
  • The cover artist works with her and the editor to design and draw the cover and any other illustrations. The cover should be made early on, so it can be used for advertising as soon as possible.
  • Copy editors start working on the manuscript to take out spelling mistakes. This whole process will take a couple of months.
  • Once all this is done (probably by about March), the manuscript will be sent to the typesetters, who will make a proof, which is like a rough copy. With 255,000 words, this could take a couple of weeks.
  • The editors and copy editors will then read this proof very carefully and remove any mistakes.
  • If necessary, it will go back to the typesetters for more changes to be made, and these proofs will be checked until the final version is flawless. JK will also check the book at each stage. This part of the process will also take a couple of months.
  • When everything's ready, the final version of the book will go to the printers, along with any pictures, and will be scanned into a computer.
  • The printing presses will then roll off hundreds of thousands of copies, which all need to be ready well before the publication date.
  • The cover will be glued onto the pages, which holds the book together.
  • Finally, the finished books will be sent in good time to the bookshops, so they're ready for you on 21 June!
From CBBC Newsround

January 14, 2003

Review Books

1:39 pm - Hoojx

A simple review system has been added to the library system. You can view/add comment by clicking on 'Add/View Comment' link in the book section. More features will be added to that section.

Thanks !


1:02 pm - Hoojx

All the books in the previous library system have been put under 'Popular Books' section as default. To those teachers who've submitted articles to the library before, you can manage/change the section in the staff room.

Also, you can now add chapters to a certain book. Teachers are encouraged to submit books to use for the classes as well !

Thanks !

Fan Fictions

12:55 pm - Hoojx

Students are now allowed to submit their fan fictions to the library. Please note that all the regular rules applied.

Thanks !


12:48 pm - Hoojx

A new library system is up now. You can find all sort of informations for your homeworks and other things in this section.

There are 12 sections in the library.


Have a magical year ! Thanks !

Transfiguration Teacher - 1st Year

7:22 am - Hoojx

After reading through all the applications for hours, we've selected WitchyZ as the transfiguration teacher for the 1st year.

We welcome WitchyZ, as the transfiguration teacher for the 1st year.

January 13, 2003

Ticket System...

9:47 pm - John

Have a problem, comment, idea, or something of that sort? Have you been wondering how to contact Hogwarts Extreme? Well now there is a fast and easy way to do this, by using the Ticket System.


Transfiguration Teacher - 1st Year

6:07 pm - Hoojx

We've received about 300 applications for that position and we're choosing the teacher right now. We're really glad that many of you send in a good detailed applications but we're really sorry that we just can't choose everyone for that position. We would like to thank everybody that sent in their applications.

Good luck !

January 11, 2003

First Poll !

5:36 pm - Hoojx

Our first poll is up now ! Feel free to vote ! We'll have a new poll every week from now on. The first poll is 'Do you think that corey is a cute little bunny ?'

Thanks and have fun voting !

January 8, 2003

Transfiguration Teacher - 1st Year

5:45 pm - Hoojx

We're looking for transfiguration teacher for the 1st year. You can apply it here.



2:57 pm - Hoojx

We're currently updating all of our scripts on this site. Some of the sections might not be available at the moment. Sorry for the incovenience.


January 5, 2003

Hufflepuff HOH voting

12:34 am - Hannah

Voting for Hufflepuff Head of House has now been restarted due to certain circumstances. If you have previously cast your vote, please redo it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Have a great day!

January 3, 2003

Hits.. cool!

6:20 pm - John

I noticed it had been a month since we last looked at our counter and it shows:

It was just a little below 1 million December 3rd.... Thank you so much everyone for over 1 million hits in 1 month!

Thanks Again!

The Winners Have Been Owled

12:52 am - rebkos

The winning fics will be posted once I have confimation replies from each of them!

January 1, 2003

Account Disabling

2:50 am - rebkos

Okay people, I'm not entirely sure why the accounts are getting randomly disabled, but I think it has to do with alot of people being on.

On a happier note the winners of the Fanfiction contest have been chosen, and will be owled.
I'll post the winning stories as soon as I can, but some one changed the FTP password.. *coughHOO!cough* hehhehe

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