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September 22, 2002


8:51 am - Ginny890

The Hex Pranksters is needing someone to make a page for them. I talked to Fred to last night and he will be gone for another week. We are needing someone that can make a page for us. Zirius (YouKnowWho), Darkshady and myself will be picking the winner. I still need to talk over with them about a prize and what it should be. I will post that at a later date. Thanx, Sam


8:31 am - laszlo

John why dont ya add another company called "Weasleys Wizard Wheezers" I can see that going up high in the stock market ;)

One Million Galleon Contest For Ravenclaws!

6:44 am - Lucky 13

In the common room there is a contest for a sweet million , if you havent entered i suggest you do , its been stuck to the top so you can find it easily now :-)


4:24 am - Hoojx

Suggestion for the classes :

Teacher(s) can post up a lesson every week/2 weeks/a month depends on the homework/status of the classes.

Note : Please increase the lesson number to make the lesson unique (in order for the system to work) 0 = no lesson. 1 = 1st lesson. 2 = 2nd lesson and so forth.

Points earned are saved in the database so don't worry about not getting the points. We've something to sort out first before posting the score to the housepoint board.


September 21, 2002


4:11 pm - Hoojx

Most of the teachers have been choosen. Teachers are now able to update their classes.

Some basic instructions about the class editor.

TitleThis is the title of the class. Default set.
DescriptionDescription will be shown on the classes page under the title.
HeaderWhere teachers post their classes.
Homework EntryThe HTML input tags to allow student to submit their homeworks. More instructions will be posted later on this.
FooterSame as header, but at the bottom.
LessonThe number of the lesson. Integer only. Increase by one when a new class is conducted so students are allowed to submit their homeworks.
TeacherAllow to edit the class and mark the homeworks.
AssistantsAllow to mark the homeworks.
Grading GuideReference for the other teachers/assistants to mark homeworks.
Item requireItems required to take the class. Use itemid, seperate with commas for more items.
Item to be usedItems required to 'spend' for the class. Use itemid, seperate with commas for more items.

BOOK 5!!!!

2:51 pm - laszlo


Item Quest

9:51 am - darkshady

A man who goes by the name of "The Item Master" has entered Hogwarts this morning and has set up a stand in the games section. Perhaps you would like to play his game?

September 20, 2002

set back

11:33 pm - Alan Gray

Gray Enterprises offices will be coming out later becuase My computer crashed and george did not have a back up. we are aslo trying to make it palm pilot compatible and cell phone wirless internet compatible. we will keep you posted. alan gray

Lost your Pin ?

10:48 pm - John

Have you forgotten your pin number for gringotts? Well we told you to write it down!!! Didn't we tell you? lol well if you did forget it, then do the following:

Send an owl to user: lostpin
say anything, it will soon be replied with your pin code!

There you go! Thanks!


9:55 pm - John

When I stock goes down, dont sell! It could rise up again!! And when you a stock is high doing well it could go downnnnnn. These are things you have to worry about in the stock exchange. Companies can face hard times. :)


9:52 pm - John

Crombie Clothing Company has been added!!!! What does the word crombie relate to? hmmm :P

I expect this company to do real well!

Book 5

11:21 am - laszlo

Ha! This must be the day for breaking news! A recent JKR interview reveals that Book 5 could be coming out fairly soon, acording to the author herself. Read some of the interview below: ...Lizo: There have been quite a few rumours about when book five will be out - when do you think it'll be ready? JK: There's a lot of book done - that's all I want to say because if I give a date and then I pass it everyone will be upset. I will say that I have a beginning, a middle and an end - you could read it all the way through and I know a lot of Harry Potter fans will say just give it to us but I'm perfectionist and I want a bit more time to tweak. I really am getting there and I have to laugh when I read the bits about writers block because I don't think I've ever been blocked in my life! I'm loving the writing and now the revising and I'm getting on really well. Lizo: You can't tell us whether that will be weeks or month? JK: I'd rather not say just in case I have a bus accident and things get knocked off track! It won't be too long - that's all I'll say! Lizo: Is there anything that you can tell us about book five? Any new characters? JK: Well, we've obviously got a new Defence Against The Dark Arts teacher because Professor Moody wouldn't want the job again having been locked in a trunk for a year! It's a woman this time. You may see a little more of Mundungus and there's a new sorting hat song. Lizo: Is the book going to be as long as book four was? JK: Yes, it is looking that way - it's already passed Azkaban, so I think yes, we are looking at Goblet of Fire length. ... Lizo: Finally, what's your message to children who've been waiting for the next book for a two and half years? JK: It's coming and it's a lot nearer than you'd think if you read some newspapers - just trust me. WOOOHOOOOO!!!!


10:56 am - laszlo

ok, i got it wrong john :P here is the right explination for it :P Buy stocks in the ministry of magic, because if you buy stocks in the ministry, the price of the stocks will rise, and that means a lot more dosh for you.. hehe

September 19, 2002


9:58 pm - John

thats not all of the way it works laszlo. (the stocks) lol


6:11 pm - John

Sorry I have been absent from HEX this week. I've been busy with other personal stuff. The teachers will be decided ASAP!!!

September 18, 2002


3:09 pm - laszlo

The Basilik is coming soon.. beware MUDBLOODS.. I Control the Balsilik..

September 17, 2002


6:33 pm - laszlo

for some reason, we have a missing minister of magic now

September 15, 2002

Can't laugh ?

2:24 am - Hoojx

Someone cast a spell and add a weird rule into the school rule recently :

'Those who laugh out loud will be punished, they'll lost one HP'

We've removed that rule added by an unknown people. We've informed the ministry of magic to investigate on this prank.

House Elves

2:14 am - Hoojx

There are something wrong with the house elves in the last few hours. They're giving a lot of foods to the students, range from 50 to 100 foods. We've removed the spell from the elves.

This event is still being investigated.

September 14, 2002

oh man

7:37 pm - laszlo

oh man.. ok, please dont send me any owls from now on about news posting on the main page, sending you to azkaban and sorting you into a house, due to they were my only features which i got, and then i got them all took away from me for a reason, which i dont know about.. but oh well, this is just a site, and all is not lost, cos i have my friends.. but i still have the misc updates to post on :), so ill post all my latest news here from now on :) Your Sincerely Laszlo

September 13, 2002

Just a thought....

1:34 pm - Ginny890

I asked once before that people need to stop using caps to post. It is very annoying and concidered to be rude by many people. It even say on the thing you make your post... "- No BIG caps for all the words. (You'll be punished in some way that you don't know ;))" Also don't do it all in caps and then put one letter in lower case. I will warn you once. After that it will be deleted. Also about the %%username%%* thing. If you don't like it do NOT use it. Thanks, Sam

September 12, 2002


3:48 pm - Hoojx

Some crackers have been spotted in the diagon alley ... please be careful


10:02 am - laszlo

buy stocks in the mom.. cause the more that buy stocks in the mom, the more the price will rise.. get it :D:D:D

September 11, 2002


7:38 pm - John

As I said, most of HEX will be disabled in honor of the families and victims of September 11th. HEX will be back to normal tomorrow. So the great hall will not be opened til tomorrow. Some stuff in the sept 11 store will become rare. :)

Problem Sorted

2:14 pm - laszlo

Hey all, im back.. you can now owl me here :).. it was my stupid computer playing up as usual.. oh well..

Happy Mourning


10:59 am - laszlo

Due to problems on laszlo's computer, laszlo cannot get into hex.. this is a friend of laszlo's on his account on another computer.. please if you have any questions, then send them to his sisters account where he is and the username is Chris... ps. john plz open the great hall

September 11th

8:55 am - John

Today is the 1st aniversary.... We remember everything quite well. My heart goes to the families who are suffering the most today of their lost loved ones.

The store has been fixed, as the forum has been fixed also, sorry about that! Everyone have a great day, and be careful!!!!!

Inventory has also, been enabled.

September 10, 2002


11:17 pm - John

Buying is now back up!! Thank you for your patience!


10:35 pm - John

The sept. 11 error is fixed. Sorry about that!

September 11th

10:30 pm - mrperator

As you all know, September 11th is coming up. As an appreciation to the victims, I am holding a contest devoted to 9/11. Click here. The winner recieves 1000 galleons.

Plenty of new wands...

8:11 pm - darkshady

It seems that there have been enough new wands invented to open up Ollivanders! Why not go and get a new wand?! I am also adding owlpost to the list of things you CAN use tomorrow.

September 9, 2002

Sept. 11

10:10 pm - John

On September 11th, here is what will happen:

All of HEX will be disabled except for 1 forum and the September 11th store. The forum will be to talk about the tragidy, and such.

If you disagree, you may leave as HEX will be back to normal the next day. One time, we took a poll and we found out more americans were on here than anyone else, this is why we will be doing this.

Thank You.

More Teaching

9:47 pm - John

Please go the teaching status page again if you got past round 2 to verify to us that you know you have gotten past round 2. There will be a link you click that will verify you. Thank You!

Teaching Status


9:33 pm - John

Teaching status has been updated!!! Only 1 more round to go! If you made it past round 1, please check:


To see if you got past round 2.

Thank you to all who applied and for those still in the game, GOOD LUCK!

Stop it please

8:46 pm - laszlo

Ok, stop it please.. its about classes, i am getting owls from here, there and everywhere about classes.. so here is what im gonna say..

1. If you use your noggin and think about it, registration for classes go down on the 14th septemeber (according to Hoojx and John), so it might mean classes start on the 14th or 15th.

2. Because im a teacher, it doesnt mean i dont know how you become one, or when classes will be up, sorry.

3. If i get any more owls about classes which arent important ill delete them AND if i get any owls, like i did 2 minutes ago with swearing words in, then I will report you to a administrator..

P.s these following people are not admins on hex ::

Everyone except for Hoojx, John, Hannah, GoldenLugia (Still missing), Darkshady, Sapphire_Frenzy and Fred_Weasley (i think, im sorry fred if i got it wrong).. No one else is a admin.

Im sorry if im a bit harsh in this post, but good day to you all ;)

Stock Exchange Problems

8:16 pm - John

Buying will be back up ASAP!!!! Please be patient.

Azkaban forum

12:29 am - Hannah

I have taken down the Azkaban forum because certain people have been abusing its purpose. This forum may be down permanently.

September 8, 2002


10:54 pm - John

Some forum threads were accidentally deleted due to an accident with trying to clean out the thread table. Sorry for any inconvienance.

Donating to HEX

10:38 pm - John

If you think you are going to donate to HEX or pay for the extra service, then
Please Go Here

You may donate however much you want. By submitting this form, you will not be paying/signing up for the service at this time this is just to give us an idea of how many people are signing up for the extra service/and or donating.

The main way people will pay/donate will be via pay pal.

Thank You

Note: teaching applications will be continued to be looked over tomorrow (monday).


7:04 pm - Blondgrl1122

according to chris burgerking isnt worth it BUT i have 3 shares in ministry of magic for about a week now and Not once have they gone up, but yet burger king has! Doesnt that tell you something about chris' judgement! BUY PEPSI, KFC, and BURGER KING!

8 hours

5:32 pm - laszlo

8 hours to go until stock market re-opens again for its 5 day work.. remember buy stocks in the following :: Ministry of Magic Coke Wal-Mart Dont buy stocks in :: Pepsi Burger King Vpod thats all the advice for now :)


3:27 pm - Hoojx

Some trickly sticks have been seen around Hogwarts lately ...

Price Limit

3:25 pm - Hoojx

The price limit has been increased to 1000 galleons so you're able to sell items in your store up to 1000 galleons. All items with price ranging from 500 galleons to 999 galleons have been set to 1000 galleons.


10:29 am - laszlo

ok, im in a very hyper mood today, and id thought id just post and set a little competition.. the competition is for a 1000G prize.. all you have to do is nothing, we will watch you for a couple of days through the forums and then i will announce the winner :)

Also a note for chantal ~ Round, Round Baby, Round, Round, spend the night with me, I dont need no man, get my kicks for free.. hehe


12:45 am - Blondgrl1122

Goes searching for that cardboard box that is calling her name..lol jk! Make sure you buy Burger King Stocks, yummy!

September 7, 2002

Another Trading Week Over

5:49 pm - rebkos

And the trading week ends once more! Congrates to those who made a profit, and..... well there are some nice carboard boxes under the freeway for the rest you..

Some Things...

12:58 pm - mrperator

Well, sorry I haven't posted for a while, just wanna post some Ministry news and answer some questions. First of all, there are many posts in all the forums saying "I'm New HELP!!!" or "How do u get money". Well, I'm thinking of opening a help site that has tips, tricks, and more. If you are interested in helping in this project, please owl me. Also, on a note to change the size of ur avatar add this tag after the url, width=50 . Some ministry of magic news... I am retiring from Law and Enforcement so please owl all questions to Kakarow, the new head.


8:16 am - laszlo

As you know we are hunting for goldenlugia.. The ministry will pay 1000G for the person to be found and returned to hogwarts Enjoy

About Us

7:52 am - Hoojx

We've just updated the about us page. :)

Wizard Cards

4:41 am - Hoojx

You're now able to get these wizard cards :) The percentage you'll get a wizard card inside the box of chocolate frog has been increased from 50% to 75%.

Auction is back !

3:43 am - Hoojx

The auction section is back now :) I've been working on it on and off for the past several days (because of school)

Just inform us if you found any bug ;) Thanks.

September 6, 2002

HEX Troubles..

9:25 am - John

If some of you are having troubles with your profile, advater and such, I reccomend you go to this page:

Made by a proud HEX user _nt_, its sure to help you. ;)


9:03 am - John

Sorry that teaching jobs are going slow, I've just been busy with my own programming the past few days. ;) A assure you I will have them chosen this weekend. Thanks and thank you for being patient!

September 5, 2002

Members online limit

2:30 pm - Hoojx

I've changed the members online limit from 100 to 130 to allow more users to get online at a same time. (and this will also cause the server to be really busy during the peak time).

We hope that our members can work together with us at the moment (logged out to let the other members to play when there are about 130 members online - you can get this in the marauders map).

Hope that by introducing the HEX supporter (in the next week or so), we're able to move this site to a better and faster server.


September 4, 2002


9:27 pm - Mad Eye

Everyone There is some good news! I have talked around befor ehti happened! Adn there are a few ideas! firstly There is a Free Based Server owned by the Founder Of this site it is called Dyna-Host and it is free like vpod and has unlimited bandwith etc! It is a great idea maybe john adn hoo shoul.d talk to matt! Because paying would probably make users lose intrest in hex since they would feel left out without "advanced Features etc" So no offesne Vpod but maybe we should help everybody and look into it! Just a thought but who am I????

your all worng!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9:14 pm - Alan Gray

pepsi! for those who think young!

Take a chill pill

8:19 pm - Hannah

First off you do not HAVE to pay for HEX. There are more options that you can get if you do, but nothing is going to be taken away if you do not pay. It will be EXACTLY the same as your account is right now. So let me reiterate, you do NOT HAVE TO PAY for hex.

I do not believe we can find another server that is free and better than vpod. You all should think realistically with this. Hex is so big and takes up so much space that I seriously believe that no one would be willing to put up with it without getting paid. I realize that it is very annoying to be booted off of hex when it already has the 100 limit, but there is nothing we can do about it now and complaining is fruitless.

Lastly, the user Iamnear is from VPod and has done a lot to keep hex up. Vpod is very gracious in hosting us and I would appreciate it if you all would stop being so ungrateful. They host us for free, give us almost all of their bandwith etc. and it would be in their best interst I believe to drop HeX so don't egg them on. Thanks


7:01 pm - laszlo

Ok, this is only temporary, because I need to see the minister of magic, to see if he accepts. But ive now added a fan section of the ministry of magic.

You can locate it here

Enjoy :)

Important - Server Issue

7:49 am - Hoojx

Our site is receiving a lot of traffic lately (using more than 6 Gigabytes of bandwidth per day with more than 5500 unique visitors per day and 250000+ hits per day) and it is not free to run such a huge website.

I've been in contact with our host that this site is consuming most of the resource on the server and making the other sites on the server to load slow especially during the peak hour (with more than 100 members online).

I've taken down the sign up page and limit only 100 members to online during the same time so that the server can run this site without being overloaded and affect the other sites on the same network.

We need to solve this problem as soon as possible so that we can keep on running this site. Please read this thread for more information. You can give us your suggestion there. Thanks for supporting us.

September 3, 2002


10:55 pm - John

Please stop owl posting us about clubs. You currently cannot make a club but will be able to soon. Thanks!

Stock Exchange Update (once again)

9:18 pm - John

The system has been updated. Stocks will start moving again. Thank You.

Stock Exchange Update

8:45 pm - John

All companies value have been set to: 66 Galleons. This has been done due to an error in the system and stocks going way too high. I assure you stock value will rise and slope down again! We just need to make a new system. Thank You!


5:10 am - Hoojx

Can all the staffs go to the staff room and give your opinions on the post 'point'. Thanks.

September 2, 2002

Signature Update

11:11 pm - John

The signature option has been updated. Now instead of the limit being 256 characters, it has now moved up to 800. Also if you were having a problem with your signature getting all pushed together, that wont happen anymore. Thanks!

Teaching Status

11:04 pm - John

As I look over the teaching applications, I have decided that I can't just do them all at once! Therefore, I will do the applications by rounds. We will probably have 3 rounds. Round 1 has been completed. Please look at the teaching status page if you applied.

Teaching Status


10:49 pm - John

Rebkos Items Industries stock has been split. Congrats!

Updated Gringotts

7:46 pm - John

To make your gringotts account more secure, you now have to enter a pin code to view/edit your gringotts account. If someone gets into your account, they wont be able to take your money because they wont know your pin! Please set a pin for your gringotts account ASAP! Thank You!

A Message from ginny890

3:01 pm - laszlo

This is a message from Ginny890 ::

"Someone please send me to azkaban for an hour"

I wont send her, neither will darkshady.. SO who will send her

thats rude!

1:36 pm - Blondgrl1122

Wheres Wendys?? i might have to have a talk with John or uh..someone!

Just Noticied

1:12 pm - laszlo

Ive just noticed that Mcdonalds and Pizza Hut have been added ;)

*Ka Ching*

1:02 pm - laszlo

as john says *Ka Ching*, buy stocks, the easy way to earn money ;)

buy, buy and buy

10:07 am - laszlo

buy stocks in the mom.. lol

Passing the title

9:37 am - laszlo

I am passing my title as the biggest news poster on the main page to Hoojx.. lol.. He is posting a lot more than me.. hehe


2:14 am - rebkos

*ringing the stock bell* GO BUY! GO SELL! WOO!


1:01 am - John

The stock exchange is opened for another week.


12:50 am - John

For everyones information, the stock exchange is closed on weekends. Thats why the stock doesn't move and you can't buy/sell. This is to make the stock exchange more realistic and it makes it easier for admins because we might have to be away on the weekends and if something happens we might not be there. So thats why its closed on weekends. The stock exchange will open in 10 minutes. As it will be monday HEX time.

September 1, 2002

I agree

8:39 pm - laszlo

I agree with you Blondgrl1122 :)


7:57 pm - Mad Eye

Everyone i'm Sorry but if the immature person known as Gilderoy Lockhart Keeps Pouting Abotu me gettign the charms job before him I will be forced to leave HEx. Me and laszlo have worked our butts off and have never done anything wrong! It is a bunch of bulloni that we be accused like this just cuz we got a job and they didn't! We can't Help it but if they keep arguing i will be foreced to leave hex and i think laszlo said he was too!


2:47 pm - Blondgrl1122

I really think that the stocks should be open on the weekends...so unfair! lol Anyone agree?

Board Of Directors.

9:57 am - fred_weasley

Alright.I have a real problem now.3 people got eqaul votes for the board of directors for the hex pranksters.They are Ginny890 , Laszlo and Hoojx ( wonder how he does it without even posting once :D ).So what do i do ? after asking any people ( on msn and AIM ).I came up with a really simple solution.All the 3 would become a Director of the board. Congratulations for all the 3 of you.Two more directors will be taken.I dont think an election has to be done for that too:D those 2 Directors are none other than John and Corey( Darkshady ) anyways they would win even if an Election was kept. Thank you Fred

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