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August 31, 2002


2:35 pm - Hoojx

This script was uploaded on 14 Auguest (before the crashed). Just wish to let you know.

News Archive is fixed.

I'm still working on the Auction script and I enabled the auction option for the Chocolate Frog for testing purpose, and I didn't take the option down while I was not working on it ... and there were 28 chocolate frogs jumping around in the auction. I've put them back to the owner's inventory ;)

Sapphire : Woof Woof !


2:21 pm - Hoojx

Eww ... just view the marauders map and there are 152 members online right now ... can the server supports that much of band'weight' ? Anyway, I would still like to thanks a lot to vpod for hosting us. And to John, Corey, Hannah (I prefer to call this ;)), Sapphire, other staffs and our members for helping and supporting us all the time.

Thanks to Anton for keep messing around with the database and make someone rich suddenly :\ just kidding.

Lastly, there is a nice number (34) besides the owlpost link, I will figure out what's the secret number later on. ;)

Selamat Hari Merdeka

2:14 pm - Hoojx

Although, the national day of my country is just past for 75 minutes ... I would still like to say Happy Merdeka Day to all the Malaysian. It is still May 31 on Hogwarts Extreme ;)

I just finished watching the Forrest Gump on the TV ... and it is 1.05 am right now. I'm pretty tired right now for not being at home almost all the day. I slept at around 6.00 pm on Thursday after coming back from the college ... and until 6.00 am the next morning without having my dinner. :) Then, I went to church for a fun activity by the youth club until 5.00 pm. Then at night, I followed my family to a dinner somewhere else and went back at 10.00 pm. And the rest, watched the movie and now I'm here, ready to go to sleep now. (very tired) ;)

PS. Amazon83 etc. seems like to hear these type of thing so called weblog. And to Sammy and Coley, I've to go to sleep now ;) Talk to you later. Bye ~

Matrix Fanclub

7:12 am - Lucky 13

well the matrix fanclub is sorta dead , we lost alot of members after the crash , so if you were a member , you wish to join please vist The forum (https://hex.vpod.co.uk/forum/forum.phtml?f=3066) Thanks Later days , Sam

August 30, 2002


9:39 pm - laszlo

Buy stocks now in the ministry of magic, cos by the looks of it, its gonna shoot up ;)

for Hex Pranksters

2:43 pm - Ginny890

I would like for all the Pranksters to go to this site. Sign up with your hex name or owl me and let me know the name you will be using. I have a list of people that are Pranksters here on hex. So anyone that joins and isn't on our list will be deleted by fred, darkshady or myself. I will be giving them the list I have. The url is https://ginweasley.hyperboards2.com/index.cgi Thanks, Sam

Hex Pranksters.

11:11 am - fred_weasley

I have added many people for the pranksters club though i havent owled that i have added you.just check if you are a member.if i have forgotten to add you.please owl me about it.The link is Hex Pranksters Please Go there and vote for your Favorite prankster ( apart for me and shady ).They will be choosen as the first Director.:D Thanx Fred

More Stock Splits

9:20 am - John

Flourish and Blotts, and Pepsi's stocks have been split for the first time in their company history! Congrats everyone!

August 29, 2002

Stock Split!

10:55 pm - John

HEX's Stock Exchange first ever stock split has been made for the company: Wal-Mart Wal-Mart at 100 Galleons per share has been splited so that everyone who owned shares in that company, have been doubled. So if you had 5 shares you now have 10. 1,000 shares you now have 2,000. And so on. This has been HEX's first ever stock split! Congrats Wal-Mart and their stock holders!

New Feature

6:38 pm - laszlo

I have made a new feature for Hex (its not official), but for the moment, it will be part of the Ministry of Magic ;), its a place where you can get all the latest harry potter news ;), the news event is called Dobby Sir.

The url to access it is https://hex.vpod.net/~ministryofmagic/hpnews/index.php

Some Harry Potter news for fans

10:51 am - laszlo

VETERAN actor Richard Harrish may have to be dropped out from the third Harry Potter Movie amind for his health. The Irish screen legend, 71, was admitted to a London hospital last week, reportedly suffering from pneumonis. He completed filming of the second installment of the fantasy epic, Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, although a double was needed for some scenes when he began to feel unwell. Warner Brothers bosses will decided next month if he is fit enough to star in the third movie, The Prisoner Of Azkaban, which begins shooting in January next year. Richard - As famous for his hell-raising as he is for his many starring roles - plays Professor Albus Dumbledore, head of Harry's School Hogwarts. He was signed up to appear in all secen films bases on JK Rowling's bestselling books. If he is too ill to carry on, the favourite to take his place is Virtual unknown Harry Robinson. The 72-year-old is the spitting-image of Harris and has appeared as his double in previous two movies. A source on the set said : 'The producers are not confident Richard will be well enough and have told Harry there's an 80 per cent chance of him getting the part.' "He's already been told to start practising Dumbledore's distinctive deep voice." Harry also appeared as a talking mirror in the first film, The Philosopher's Stone. Last night he said : "I'd love the role but I can't talk about it." A spokeman for Richard Said : "He is still in hospital with a chest infection. "It's too early to talk about Harry Potter"

Harry Potter Soundtrack

8:07 am - Hoojx

A link to the Harry Potter Soundtrack has been added to the top navigation bar. Have fun listening while playing here.

Wizard Cards

6:42 am - Hoojx

You might get these wizard cards inside the box of chocolate frog from now. :)


6:19 am - fred_weasley

sorry all I was busy all week doing (Dumb) Chemistry assignments.well I have done it and I am free again ^_^.The stock market looks great.Does it work the real way? i.e does the price increase if more shares are baught ?i baught 5 shares of PEPSI.lets see what happens :/ -=Fred

Class Editor

4:15 am - Hoojx

Some basic instructions about the class editor.

TitleThis is the title of the class. Default set.
DescriptionDescription will be shown on the classes page under the title.
HeaderWhere teachers post their classes.
Homework EntryThe HTML input tags to allow student to submit their homeworks. More instructions will be posted later on this.
FooterSame as header, but at the bottom.
LessonThe number of the lesson. Integer only. Increase by one when a new class is conducted so students are allowed to submit their homeworks.
TeacherAllow to edit the class and mark the homeworks.
AssistantsAllow to mark the homeworks.
Grading GuideReference for the other teachers/assistants to mark homeworks.
Item requireItems required to take the class. Use itemid, seperate with commas for more items.
Item to be usedItems required to 'spend' for the class. Use itemid, seperate with commas for more items.


4:08 am - Hoojx

To all the teachers (and John as well)

Classes are starting soon. All the teachers are required to have some general knowledge on HTML tags (Form), able to write English with minimum spelling and grammar errors, know better than me (that's pretty easy) about Harry Potter and related stuffs, and are able to conduct their classes greatly.

Our staffs reserve the right to edit/delete/move anything related to the classes. This included changing the teacher, assistants, etc. Teachers will be paid by using our automated payment system.


August 28, 2002

a tip

10:34 pm - laszlo

heres a tip to all share holders (all those who bought stock) if you buy shares in the ministry of magic, it will rise, so the more shares which are bought the more the price rises and the more ???? you get :D:D:D:D (ps dont buy stock in vpod, cos there is a definate it will go down)

Grey Enterprises! back and better then ever!

10:17 pm - Alan Gray

Grey Enterprises will be company that i am ceo of. WE will be making flash programs for you to watch! only this time with grey enterprises we will have workers and a whole crew helping to make shows so they can get to you as quicley as possible! we will be bringing back hex news!(and this time well will update hex news every two weeks as promised!) We will be launching with the premiere of the sirus black t.v. show and virtual guide! which should come out in 3-4 weeks becuase i am trying to make it really good. I will soon ahve a job application form for you all to fill out if you want a job. here are afew things grey enterprises will be bringing you soon! 1st) The sirus black t.v. show. 2nd) Hex News (updated frequentley) 3rd) a new game for everyone on hex to play. 4th) a whole bunch of other t.v. shows! *there will be alot of t.v. shows once we get going! George Gray has also told me he will be coming back to help me make grey enterprises! A few jobs that we will need first include: -secretary -a few charachter animators -someone who is good with scripts! * we will be putting an application up soon! also there will be wasy more jobs later on! *also there is a project called virtual guide we are working on that *might come out soon. (it is in discussion!)

Re: Ravenclaw HoH

10:08 pm - Blondgrl1122

that was a pretty lame thing to say "vote for me" ...just thought id let anyone know that


9:59 pm - Blondgrl1122

Im adding my word into this! PEPSI will be much better so you should definitly buy it! Coke will plummit. Im sure of it o ya..buy BURGER KING!

HEX Big Brother

8:18 pm - laszlo

Im bringing back hex big brother, but this time, a lot better..

You will have to commit yourself to it, and with a lot stricter rules.. hehe

i will put a form up soon, for you to apply, but the forum will be in the food court, not the great hall :D

Sirus Black the t.v. Show!

8:18 pm - Alan Gray

i am currrently at work on the new sirus black T.v. show! i found that i had a saved copy of it on my computer, and i thought it got deleted when hex crashed! the trailer should be out next week and the acctual show 2 weeks after that! please not that this is a very difficult show to make becuase i am making very detailed animations(down to the buttons on his jacket!)so it will not be updated weekley, most likeey every 3-4 weeks! a few screen shots may be out by firday! i hope you all enjoy! this will be a production of gray enterprises!


7:36 pm - laszlo

Ahem John, i didnt say i was a worker in pepsi, i said i got it from a inside source, its called playing the market.. hehe


7:32 pm - John

yeah right chris! lol you\'ve never been a part of my company. lol. BUY PEPSI! lol

Stock Exchange

7:29 pm - John

The stock exchange has been fixed!!! And re-done! Thanks to hoojx! Thank You hoo!!!

buy buy buy

7:08 pm - laszlo

buy ministry stock while its cheap, cos there will be a definate rise ;) AND COKE, definatly buy stocks in coke, the best soft drink ever :D:D:D:D:D dont buy in pepsi, cos ive been told by a worker by pepsi, that the price will go down for definate.. hehe

Stock Exchange

12:10 pm - laszlo

you can still access the stock exchange forum.. you can talk there about all the latest happenings etc etc.. the url to the forum is https://hex.vpod.co.uk/forum/forum.phtml?f=800


10:58 am - laszlo

Dear Admins (mainly john), me and another member of the old staff (teaching) have made a post in the staff room (forum 11), please could you plz read our, not like complaints (i forgot the word), thank you

Teaching Signup..

9:11 am - John

After getting over 150 applications, the teaching sign up has been disabled. It will be a week or so before we can choose all of the teachers so be patient. ;) Thanks to all that applied!

August 27, 2002


11:01 pm - John

All companies will be disabled until we get the sell feature fixed. You can still buy shares though. ;) The problem should be fixed soon!!! Thank You for your cooperation!


10:55 pm - John

Hoojx or Darkshady, please check your owls! Thanks!


Unfortunately, people have started to cheat on the stock exchange because of a glich in the script. Selling will be disabled until we fix this. Selling should be back up anytime.

Thank You.

Please Note that all selling/buying transactions ARE recorded, so if you cheat we will find out!


10:52 pm - John

Unfortunately, people have started to cheat on the stock exchange because of a glich in the script. Selling will be disabled until we fix this. Selling should be back up anytime. Thank You. Please Note that all selling/buying transactions ARE recorded, so if you cheat we will find out!


10:15 pm - John

Buy pepsi stock while its cheap!! :P :P :P


9:26 pm - laszlo

the ministry of magic stock is going down, woah, dont forget though people, the more people buy the stocks in the mom the more in the price it rise's, so you know what that means.. it means more $$$$$ (GGGGGG) for you ;) So dont forget to invest in the ministry of magic, while its cheap, because we can rise in price for definate to get you more GGGGGGGG ($$$$$$$) or (?????????) please enjoy Laszlo - Stock Worker AND also please buy stock in cola cola inc, while its cheap ;)


8:29 pm - John

The teacher application form has been fixed. Sorry!

Teacher Sign Up!

8:17 pm - John

Teacher sign up for 1st year teaching is now available here!!
Applications will be excepted for a week or so, you can only submit 1 application so be careful when you submit yours. You will be notified on the classes page or via owl if you got the teaching spot or not. Have Fun!


7:37 pm - rebkos

After yesterdays rally alot of the stocks are doing quite well, but some have gone down! Remeber, don't invest more then you can afford to lose, and if a stock is dropping the worse thing you can do is sell more, if anything you should buy more, since its going to bounce! (or you'll lose everything and there'll be a beggers club on hex and even your owl post will stop working because the owls think you smell bad...)


6:32 pm - John

Over 20,000 shares have been bought in the company: Madam Malkins Robes For All Occasions, its doing exceptionally well!

Event by Silly Laszlo

11:59 am - Hoojx

Note that I'm not involved in the event below. ;) Thank you.

Thank you

11:38 am - laszlo

Ok, has hoojx said the old man is gone, but I still want my money back.. hehe

so, what I have done is added a event of my own in the tri-wizard tournament for a laugh, so please dont take it offensive, here is the event I added to the tri-wizard tournament forum

My Event :: The Old Man Was Brutally Murdered By Laszlo, Rons_Biggest_Fan, Hoojx, Sapphire_Frenzy and Astra Black.. hehe

(ps hoojx is involved because he gave me permission to kill him)

The Old Man

10:27 am - Hoojx

The old man went away. Below is a message left by the old man : To all students, congratulations if you've found your way to meet me. I hope you can have fun with those wizard cards that I've given you. And I would also like to thank laszlo for giving me 8000 galleons for my next trip to another wizard school. Hope I can meet you all in the future.

New Company

9:13 am - John

There is a new company called, Madam Malkins Robes For All Occasions!!! Have Fun!


8:56 am - John

Perhaps when the MoM gets their site up the stock might go.. cha ching.


4:11 am - laszlo

please may I remind everyone that I am NOT a administrator on hex thank you

August 26, 2002

Tri-Wizard Tournament

10:22 pm - laszlo

There is also another way to earn money on hex, but this way is different, and that is taking part in hex's tri-wizard tournament, you can put your name down for the first one, then we will pick our 4 contestants (yes, four because 1 for each house). you can put your name down here

also i would like to start that the prize money for the 1st tournament is 20,000 Galleons ;)

thank you


New Manual

10:10 pm - laszlo

I am currently creating a new manual, by request of john, to help you understand stock, and how things work and how to buy stock etc etc so its a lot easier for you, i currently have a example up you can view it here please post your comments in the Stock Exchange main forum, to tell me if you find it easy to understand or not thank you laszlo


7:52 pm - John

Well so far for the Stock Exchange's first day, we are doing extremely well! Thanks students! And continue to buy as the stock will start shooting up... Remember stock can go down to, so be careful!


6:58 pm - John

The portfolio problem has been fixed! ;) You can now sell your shares right! :)

More Wizard Cards

4:27 pm - Hoojx

The (stupid?) old man will leave the Hogwarts ground after 18 hours. He sent me an owl saying that he only have 4 wizard cards on the house creators (which he wants to keep them) He'll now give 1 wizard card (either Harry Potter or Bertie Bott) to those who want to meet him before he leave.

Note : those who has completed the first quest can meet him again for another card. This is the 2nd quest. Good luck !


1:00 pm - Hoojx

To the staffs,

I'm currently re-structed the global scripts. (functions.phtml etc.) Please don't add too much stuffs to those scripts at the moment. Also, try to avoid using db_*() for future scripts.

Thanks. ;)

New Addition!

8:56 am - John

Hey Students, Well the big project is finally done and ready to open! The new addition to HEX is.... A stock exchange! You can now buy shares from companies! This is a great way to make money on HEX. HEX's stock exchange will operate almost exactly like the New York Stock Exchange. HEX's stock exhcnage will be closed on weekends but open all the time on week days. If you don't understand how the stock exchange works, this is how: You buy so many shares in a company at the company's value. So if the companies price per share is 5 galleons, and I bought 5 shares, my total when bought is 25 galleons. (5 shares X 5 galleons) If the company's 5 galleons move up to 6 galleons you earn 1 galleon per share. Instead of having 25 galleons, you now have 30! But unfortunately, the stock can also go down. So if it went down to 4 galleons from 5 galleons per share, you will now have 20 galleons instead of 25. You can sell your shares at any time. So if you just made 5 galleons and want to sell it since you will have more money, you can! You can buy from any of the listed companies. Make sure you have enough money though. ;) Loads of more tips are on the stock page.
Visit the stock exchange main page by clicking here:
If you have any questions email me at: stock@(nospam).net Have Fun!

I'm in Hufflepuff ?

5:28 am - Hoojx

From : Hannah
Received : Aug 25, 23:37
Welcome to your New Home!!!!!

Welcome to your new home on Hogwarts Extreme. Please remember that all houses on HEX are euqual and are all very good! Please do not ask us to change your house. What house you are put in, you stay in.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I was so tired of all of you putting yourself in gryffindor like it is the best house. but on hex it is the most boring so i thought there should be some change and it would be a good joke so laugh while you read this.

Have fun! (as you ALWAYS say)

Hey, I'm in the college right now. I got the above owl from Hannah and I was sooo confused until I read a thread in the great hall by laszlo. :-

To : Hannah

I'm fine with any house :P ... but I'll give you a nice present later on for sneaking into the restriction area and change the information using your magic without permission from the ministry.

August 25, 2002


11:22 pm - John

Today the Hogwarts Extreme stock exchange officially opens!!! Start buying stock, as the company could do extremely well or bad. The stock exchange is a great way to make money. If you have any questions, email me at: stock@(nospam).net Once again, Welcome!

Wizard Card Collectors Club

10:36 pm - laszlo

Now open, sapphire_frenzy has added a forum for it, and me and sapp are going to run it :).. please visit our forum and enjoy yourselfs collecting those cards :)

visit our forum here

thank you


Wizard Card Collectors Club

7:49 pm - laszlo

Now open, sapphire_frenzy has added a forum for it, and me and sapp are going to run it :).. please visit our forum and enjoy yourselfs collecting those cards :) visit our forum here thank you laszlo

Wizard Cards

9:54 am - Hoojx

Someone (not me !) in Hogwarts is giving these wizard cards to the students. You're only allowed to choose one of the cards. (Godric Gryffindor, Salazar Slytherin, Helga Hufflepuff or Rowena Ravenclaw) That person will leave our school 48 hours later. (according to that person) So start hunting for that person now ! ;)

Note : You don't have to owl/post somebody to get the card. You've to do it yourself to get the card.

Chocolate Frog

6:37 am - Hoojx

I'm not going to eat these type of food ...

Second Year

5:51 am - Hoojx

Since we don't have any database about that info, we'll go through the 1st term very fast (shorter than usual) then we'll move those who're qualified to the second year. No 2nd year classes will be started at the moment. Thanks.

Wizard Cards

5:24 am - Hoojx

I've just noticed that there are some students carrying these wizard cards back from the Diagon Alley.
Wonder where they buy those from ?

Clubs and Daily Prophet

5:18 am - Hoojx

All the clubs and daily prophet sections have been uploaded. For the clubs section, there are some clubs which the founder are not longer playing here anymore. We'll sort that out and close those clubs at a later date.


5:16 am - Hoojx

You may probably notice that there are some items missing (no image) on this site. If you have those images or you're the creator of the images, please send those images to general@hex.vpod.co.uk so we can upload them again. Thanks.


5:13 am - Hoojx

The classes registration has been put up again. All members are required to submit the form before 14 September. Thanks and have fun !


5:03 am - Hoojx

Hi, finally, I've some time to post again. I've been really busy lately with college stuffs (started 2nd semester 2 weeks ago) and a lot of assignments coming along and of course the bad and rare event - hard disk crashed.

I would like to thank those who always support us and sorry for the inconvenient caused lately. I hope that you can still enjoy yourself here (sorry about all the money and things :-\). Our host has promissed us that they will make sure the backup script runs every week. I've also created a backup script that will backup all the files and databases twice a week to another server. (in case the-should-not-happened-event happens again)

That's all for now. I'll post some news later. Have fun ! ;)

August 24, 2002

Happy Birthday

6:59 pm - laszlo

Id like to say two happy birthdays.. 1 late one and one today Happy Birthday to hex and Happy Birthday to Rupert Grint (plays ron weasley in harry potter and the philosophers stone) he's 14 today :)

Ive just looked

11:18 am - laszlo

Ive just looked under classes, and i believe a admin has brought registration back :).. thank you admins :) Chris

August 23, 2002

Project Virtual Guide

10:49 pm - Alan Gray

I have returned to hex and i changed my name from alan grey to alan gray. also i am working on a big project (it is official, John has seen bits and pieces and it is official!) that will be very cool and hopefully make things alot easier and it should be helpful. it will be called poject virtual guide and you will need a few downloaded things for it to work, but i will tell you those and more info later. thanx alan gray

Birthday Cakes!

6:48 pm - John

Limited HEX Birthday Cakes have been added to The Leaky Cauldron!! Buy them now!

(user Justin McDaniel made these cakes)

Happy Birthday HEX!

5:39 pm - John

1 year ago HEX was created! Happy Birthday HEX! :) :) :)

The main HEX banner was edited by
Justin McDaniel

August 22, 2002


7:01 pm - Ginny890

You are to post about your shop only in the shop center. If you post anywhere else on Hex about your shop it will be deleted.

A couple of things

12:41 pm - laszlo

1. Welcome back to hex 2. The big thing is in less than 9 hours 3. Hidden Beauxbatons and rp-world.com is down due to problems which i am working on asap.. thank you and please enjoy yourselfs Laszlo


12:23 pm - mrperator

Just like John wrote, a lot of people or saying that they don't know how to get money. More ways will be up soon, like John said, but for now, below are some of the ways you can earn money.

- Wizard Money
- Intrest in Bank
- Some of the Games
- Your Store
- Donations
- Random Events (Owls)

Also, for your avatar, we have had complaints that people's avatar's are huge! Please keep your avatar a reasonable size

August 21, 2002


10:32 pm - John

A lot of you have been saying: I'm broke, what do I do!? There isn't much to do now, but pretty soon there will be a lot more ways to make money. Very cool ways too. ;)

Note: The food court forum has been opened. :)


7:01 pm - John

Whenever HEX is down or anything like that you can find the latest updates by emailing help@(nospam).net Say anything to it and it will then email you back telling HEX's current status.

New Forum

6:18 pm - John

The entrance hall has been added to make HEX less crowded. Please use this forum too ;). Also more forums are going to be added to make HEX less crowded.

A few things.....

1:47 pm - Ginny890

First I would like to say welcome back Fred! Second, A lot of you are playing truth or dare again. I do not have a problem with it as I play it as well. But lets try to keep the "will you make out with me?" post off of hex. I have also sent John an owl about this. Also the thread will be deleted as soon as it is seen.

Hi all.

9:44 am - fred_weasley

i got the same account :P though i still need to get my support links back.i just owled john about it.anyways Welcome back ( i know you have been welcomed enought times. )If you were a member of hex pranksters and you arent now plz owl me though i think gin would have done everything right.i need to know a list of pranksters.plz owl me them Ginny. Thx Fred

August 20, 2002


7:08 pm - John

You may now have personal notes just to remind you of things to do or anything you'd like! These notes can only be viewed by you, no one else, you can edit your personal notes in profile.


1:33 pm - Ginny890

Please contact me I have some news for you. I have some news for all of you.

August 19, 2002

The Dispute Court Openings

5:04 pm - Eternal Lord

Judges: -None Lawyers: -1 Sub Lawyer Spots Baliffs: To Get A Regular Baliff Spot Please Owl One of The Following Judges - Gilderoy Lockhart, Matthew or Autter11. There are Also Two Sub Spots Open.

August 18, 2002

Please stop owling me.....

1:18 am - Ginny890

about being a baliff for me. I am really busy doing things for Hex Pranksters at this time and I am trying to get that all done. So again only owl me if you was a Pranksters. And right now I am not taking new members for Hex Pranksters. I want to get all the old members and if there is more openings I will post to get more people. Thanks, Samantha

August 17, 2002


5:19 pm - Mad Eye

Well, Everyone hex is getting back on its feet ASAP! But not to worry as soon as u apply to be sorted one of us will sort you! We are sorting ppl all the time trying to get back to normal (as much as we can get normal) lol anyways keep checking for updates All the time!

The Dispute Court

12:39 pm - Eternal Lord

The Dispute Court Website is Finally Up!!! Go HERE To See It. Just So You Know The Newsposter Is NOT Up Yet


12:09 pm - mrperator

Compaining is NOT tolerated. Complaining about losing money, posts, items, the admins, etc. Hex's server crashed and the Hard Disc had to be replaced. It affected a few sites, and unfortunatley Hex was one of them. Hex didnt have a backup, so they had to start over. Complaining will result in punishment. Everything will be back up ASAP. Just be lucky hex decided to come back ;)

More News

2:44 am - John

Please listen carefully....

-Your house cannot be changed, so please do not ask us! This has always been the rule. We can't help if you are sorted into a different house than your old account, we just have no records.

- A lot of pages have not been working, yes, we know. We are fixing this ASAP

-Promoting to second years is being planned again, more info on that soon.

Remember, email all questions to:

Please do not complain as we already have a handful of things to deal with.

Thank You.

August 16, 2002

The Ministry Of Magic

9:22 pm - Eternal Lord

I was wrong about GodricG. He is a exelent Minister. He was starting over because half the heads and workers were doing nothing at all. For now on people will nominate and vote on workers. For example, I'm the head of a department, if one of my workers nominates someone to be in and 5 other people vote yes they can be in. Also, if your unactive for a week without notice you are at risk of being sacked. Again i am very sorry for jumping to conclusions and if elections do from from this my vote goes to GodricG :).


6:58 pm - John

Yes this is a problem that you get sorted into a different house, but this is what we have to do to since HEX crashed. I'm very sorry but its what we have to do.

Please email all questions to:

This helps us manage answering questions easier.



5:58 pm - laszlo

Please visit the Ministry of Magic forum, to find out the latest Ministry News. The forum number is 2000



(ps welcome back to hex, and admins ur doing a great job :))

Sign Up

4:17 pm - Hoojx

1. Sign Up
2. Check your mail to get your password
3. Login


3:34 pm - Hoojx

To the users :
John, Goldenlugia, Darkshady, Xellos, Fred_weasley, Sapphire_frenzy, cellie, shazu, lucky 13, mad eye, voldemort, laszlo, the_wizhp, herm_own_ninny,scotty, theboytoo, ginny890 and mrperator, please send an email to general@hex.vpod.co.uk for information to sign up with your username if you haven't done so. Thanks.

Looking for HEX Pranksters......

10:40 am - Ginny890

As of a result of hex crashing I am now in search of all the hex prankster. Please if you could send me and owl or email me at Ginny_Weasley@juno.com I don't think fred_weasley has his account back just yet. Or if he is changing his user name. I need to know a few things from you. If you was in prankster do you still want to be in. Also when you owl me let me know if your name is new or it is still the same. I have a long list on my computer. Thanks and please know that it may be a few weeks before we can get things set up. I may go make a temp forum page for us to post at. I will owl everyone that contacts me with saying they still want in and their old/new user names the link. Thanks, Samantha


8:21 am - Kalyster

Go here : https://hex.vpod.co.uk/sorting.phtml You will be sorted in the same house. Kalyster Leader of the Dark Forces

George and i are leaving hex...

12:46 am - Alan Grey

For a few personal reasons we will be leaving hex, we will not continue any current projects, we are just going to shut them down because they were destroyed when the server crashed. we wish you all fare well and maybe sometime we will come back but for now we are leaving. good bye to all of our hog friends. your friends, Alan Grey & George Gray p.s. ALL of Grey enterprise's projects and information was destroyed when the server crashed, and it would be to hard to repair the entire quidditch stadium and the new t.v. shows.

I would like to say.....

12:04 am - Ginny890

Frist off to the Admin. I think you are doing a great job on getting this site back up. Take your time and don't rush yourselves. I am sure everyone will understand. Second off I would like to tell everyone welcome back!!! Also please don't keep asking the admin the same questions over and over. They are really busy at this time. Let them get the site back up and then start asking questions. Lets just enjoy the parts of HEX that are up. One last thing for Peeves and Silver Wolf: The Insane Trio of HEX is back up again, searching for new insane members to aid us in of our quest for... guess what!!... INSANITY!!! The new leaders are Peeves Poltergiest and Silver Wolf, do NOT owl us for joining, cause we're racking the boards to see which people deserve to join more, thx for reading this incesant ramble, if anyone does stand out above the crowed we will owl them personaily thnx, Peeves and Silver Wolf Once again I would like to thank the admin for doing a wonderful job. Everyone should tell them thanks. Thank you, Samantha

August 15, 2002

A Big Mess

10:15 pm - John

Hello Everyone,

Not to long ago our server crashed. All files were suppost to backed up, but didn't, which of course is a big problem. I think I have a backup of the users when we switched from hpinteractive to vpod but I am not sure. We are still not fully sure on what we're doing. Thank you, and more updates to come.

Please hold all HEX related questions as we figure all of this out. Thank You.
Note: All accounts and DB stuff have been lost, you may re-register soon. Thanks

I am back from camp!

10:02 pm - Alan Grey

i wanted you all to know i am back and that if you sent me an owl before hex crashed to re- send it. thanks alan

Hello !!

5:21 am - Kalyster

Welcome back everybody !! Don't forget to congratulate the admins for this great site ! Hex crashed. You have to create a new account. The sorting hat doesn't work yet, but you'll be sorted as soon as the admins fix the script. We are sorry but only the Great Hall is up for the moment (but there's tons of people !!). If you want your sig back, go to your profile, preferences and enable. You can't get rid of the 'you suddenly feel stronger!' ! That's all for the bad news. But the good one is : HEX is back ! *Happy dance* If you have any question, owl me or any HEX user you know. The admins are very busy with the site ! Thank you ! Kalyster Leader of the Dark Forces

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