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November 30, 2002

Inventory Bug

12:40 am - rebkos

A bug was discovered in the inventory that was allowing people to "Clone" their items.
This is cheating.
The Logs are going to be read and everyone that we find was exploiting this bug is going to be expelled. However if you turn yourself in we might spare you.
Everyone is constantly whining about the unfairness of the site, well you have to keep it fair by not cheating.

November 28, 2002

Happy Thanksgiving!

5:45 am - John

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Watch for user darkshady in the parade!!!! There is a ball today located here!
Also, free of charge, you can collect 5 RARE Thanksgiving items of your choice, Here!

Everyone have a great day and be thankful for everything!

Hex Soda Machine

2:45 am - rebkos

Love all the sodas? Well now there is a soda machine! Check it out! (Link also in Diagon Alley)

November 27, 2002


8:09 pm - rebkos


The Rebkos Action Figure
The John Action Figure
The Hoojx Action Figure
The Corey Action Figure
The Hannah Action Figure

November 26, 2002

More Happy Auctions

9:37 pm - rebkos

First of all a Blood Pop (Only about 4 of these on HEX I believe).
And second a brand new item only one on HEX.... Dragon Hide Gloves!

November 25, 2002

More Happy Auctions

7:44 pm - rebkos

Bid Bid Bid!

Fake Sword Of Godric Gryffindor
Pepsi Six Pack

Love Potions

2:21 am - John

Yes the mass hit of Berlin love potions. She does love you, but it was an accident. Sorry!

Love Potions...

1:58 am - John

The way they work is that whoever sends it to you, you have to owl ONCE before you can owl anyone else. Then it wears off. Or if you send it whoever you send it to has to owl you only once to get it to wear off.

November 24, 2002


9:33 pm - John

Please include original messages with people, especially with me. lol. I usually forget what we are talking about due to a lot of owls I get.

Most likely classes will be back up after christmas due to we don't have much time for them until then, plus we want to start them on our new server we are moving to in January.

Also, there will be events on Thanksgiving! For example: Extra ways to get some more money, a ball, a feast, etc.


More Items!

8:21 pm - John

More items to be auctioned!

Auction 1
Auction 2
Auction 3
Auction 4

November 23, 2002

More Neato Auctions

5:09 pm - rebkos

Check 'em out!

Rare Pepsi Six Pack
Rare (fake) Sword Of Godric Gryffindor, perfect for all your plastic Basilisk killing needs!

Rare Items!

5:09 pm - John

Rare items are being auctioned!!!!!

Auction 1
Auction 2
Auction 3

Hurry! These will go fast!!!


3:02 pm - darkshady

Can you guess the mystery potion and get a reward of 15 galleons in the dungeons?

Users seem to be have flling in love with each other after drinkin from what seems to be a love potion!

I asked the potions master here at Hex and he said he knew the combination.

It seems to be something that has to do with...


5:34 am - John

Tell people to stop stealing sections of HEX and stealing HEX all together.... lol

Languages- Changed

3:39 am - John

Due to enourmus request, it will be much easier to accept language applications here on HEX. We then will know your username for sure! Just head over to here and re-apply! Even if you got accepted, you still have to re-apply. You will get re-accepted. If you have sent an email applying, ignore it, apply at that page.


Apply here!

November 22, 2002

Trading Items

8:55 pm - darkshady

MSN: hexperson@hotmail.com
Yahoo: hexhelper
AIM/AOL: hexperson1122
First of all those names are to be used to ask questions about hex, not chit chat.

More importantly, trading/auctioning/buying from the diagon alley is no longer allowed!

If you want to buy something from someone use the stores. If you wish to auction an item use the auctions. I will work on a trading place so you can trade your items and money FAIRLY.

Any items you loose from trying to trade or by with the give money to a user function cannot be returned.

November 21, 2002


2:50 am - John

If any of you were on at 12 AM central time at Nov. 20 2002, you probably noticed the hacking spree a user had. This user has been taken care of, and his IP has been reported to the police, where they will then track him down. Hacking is illegial and is a serious crime! We track your personal identification number on Hogwarts Extreme, and every user has an IP. If you are caught breaking the law, we will report your IP to the police.

The hacker did not get into the database, but just the forum editing script. None of your information was exposed to him. He only had the power to edit the forums.
This error we had has been tracked and fixed.

Thank You.

November 20, 2002


1:56 am - John

Questions? Instant Message a HEX admin or helper to get your answer!

MSN: hexperson@hotmail.com
Yahoo: hexhelper
AIM/AOL: hexperson1122



1:50 am - John

Stores will no longer be used to store stuff. Please use your inventory for this! You will have the option to buy a bigger inventory very soon! Items over 500 galleons have been set to 0, please remove this from your store.



1:02 am - John

Sorry for the delay on reply to emails for languages. You can still apply! Please do not apply more than once as it can get confusing. Applying will be closed this weekend and the language pages will be setup this weekend too.


November 19, 2002

New Admin

10:03 pm - John

Hey! I'd like to welcome Rebecca to the staff! User: rebkos... She has been a great help to the site, and is worthy enough to be aprt of the HEX team. Welcome Rebkos!

Remember, we only choose admins, if you ask we will always say no.


9:00 pm - darkshady

The peeves that steals your money IS not a user! It is just a random event and the user 'peeves poltergiest' has nothing to do with it!

November 17, 2002


4:25 am - John

Any questions on HEX or problems? Just instant message hexperson1122 on AOL/AIM and if someone is on, they will help you!

November 16, 2002


5:59 am - John

All language emails submitted have been replied. If you didnt provide your HEX username then I replied asking for it, just reply and tell me it, please. You can still apply for a position at: language@hex.vpod.net



2:28 am - John

Owlposts have been cleaned out, recent ones have not been deleted, but mainly ones from august and early to mid september. This was around 100,000 posts, and with those deleted, HEX will run faster. ;) Just remember that owls from late septemebr to today are fine and weren't deleted!


1:37 am - John

Sorry for the delay on replies for the languages, I was going to do them wednesday and thursday but we were down. I will try to get them all replied to and done tonight. btw it says im posting this on nov. 16 but its actually the 15th at 7:38 PM... Thanks for your patience!


1:34 am - John

Sorry for the downtime! We are back! Also the second harry potter movie has been released today! I just saw it and its pretty sweet! Go see it! Its a great movie.

November 15, 2002


10:15 pm - John


November 12, 2002


3:06 am - John

If you would like to help with a language (the page, answering questions and such) please email: language@hex.vpod.net You have to speak this language 100% correct, and be able to speak english too, or at least be able to speak the language fluently.

Again, that email is: language@hex.vpod.net


Sign Up

12:53 am - John

Sign up has been re-enabled momentarily for a few days. It will come down soon! Sign up quick!

New Languages!

12:44 am - John

New Languages have been added to the languages page! Go check them out! Also, language info pages will be up soon, edited by 100% speaking people of that language. The page will contain the basics, like how to say hello, and what you need to know. Also a form will be put up momentarily so you can ask questions to speakers of the language.


November 9, 2002


12:47 am - darkshady

It is finally done. All users who have recently signed up should see a link to the sorting hat. You can enter your description there and within a few days you will be sorted.

Hope you all get in the houses you want!

November 8, 2002


10:11 pm - John

We have many non-english speakers and some that can barley speak it at all, so we're going to help! The languages section has been added. It contains forums all of 1 language. We have a variety of languages listed that have their very own forums. With these forums, people who can't speak english well can talk to someone else in these forums that speaks their language and then they can get help.

Also, if you are trying to learn a second language and you need help, just go to the language's forum that you need help with and ask away!

If you want a language added to the list, or you speak the language of the forum and you want to help out, or any other questions about this, just email:

We hope that this will help everyone around HEX.


Language Page


9:15 pm - John

HEX exprienced some downtime today, sorry about that! We are now back up and fully working! You probably wouldnt of noticed anyway if you were at school. ;)


12:39 am - darkshady

Ollivanders has reopened. The Apothecary has also ordered some new potions.

Make sure you check out Ollivanders and the Apothecarys prices!

November 7, 2002

Asking for money

11:56 pm - darkshady

DO NOT beg people for money. All posts where you ask for money will be deleted. I heard a couple of gnomes say they like to steal money especially from people who ask for money. Don't let the gnomes catching you asking for money!

Also advertising your store is not allowed in forums other than the Diagon Alley forum.

November 6, 2002

Just fyi

11:21 pm - John

You will not, I reapet, not become inactive after you have logged in on your account. Once you have logged in, you will always be active and never deleted.

Also, please stop owling about sorting, sorting will be up most likley this weekend.


Harry Potter Movie Tickets

2:27 am - John

In case you didn't know, I know for sure that AMC Theaters are now selling tickets at most theaters of theirs. Just point your browser to: www.movietickets.com

They will stop selling them soon, so buy quick!

Inactive Users

2:25 am - John

Please be sure to owl me or logon to your account, to verify that you are still on HEX! Inactive users will be deleted this weekend.

The way you verify your account is by logging in. That is all you have to do! Or if your friend is unable to, just owl post me or another admin and tell us the problem and we will fix it for you!

Thanks Everyone

My Owls

2:22 am - John

If I haven't replied to your owl yet, please re-send it. Thanks!

November 3, 2002


12:29 am - John

Inventory should be fully working. Every action.... Also multiple throwing away is working too. In this feature, you can check the box to the right of the item you want to throw that item away. You can check as many boxes as you'd like. Meaning you can throw away as many items as you'd like at one time. This makes it a lot easier to clean out your inventory by doing it all at one time, rather page by page. You can access this feature here.

Also sorting will be back soon.

Have Fun!

November 2, 2002


6:46 am - John

In your inventory you may now insert items into your store and throw away items!!! Donating items, and giving items to people, will come later today. (November 2nd)

Remember, if you want to get an item out of your store, just set the stock to 0.


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