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October 31, 2002

Happy Halloween !

1:20 pm - John

Happy Halloween Everyone ! Hope you get lots of candy have fun!

October 30, 2002


1:01 am - John

A lot of you have been questioning us about sorting.. Sorting will be up very soon! Please be patient! This also goes for other sections such as inventory, stock, games, etc. They will be back very soon!


October 28, 2002


11:59 pm - John

If you have any HEX friends that haven't come back to HEX yet and they still want to, please get them to re-activate their count by logging in. Pretty soon we will delete any unverified accounts so we can have more room for new users. ;)


October 27, 2002

Time Zones!

9:16 pm - John

You may now have your own personal time zone here at HEX!!! Just select if in your profile under preferences...

I do know that -6 hours is Central Time, -5 is Eastern, -7 is Mountain, -8 is pacific.


8:10 pm - darkshady

The stores are now back up. You can edit your store, withdrawl money from it, and take edit your supplies. Right now you cannot add any items to your store and such shops as Ollivanders, Leaky Cauldron, etc... are not up.

Sign Up

9:31 am - Hoojx

The sign up page has been put up so new visitors are able to sign up here at Hogwarts Extreme.

However, we wouldn't able to sort un-sorted students until the sorting script is done.


October 26, 2002

Wizard Money

10:36 pm - John

Wizard Money is back!!! Its increased from 2 galleons to 5!!! Also at random times/days you might be able to collect quite a bit more. ;)
That includes holidays too!

Have Fun!

Richard Harris has died

2:12 pm - John

Sadly, Richard Harris, the actor playing Dumbledore in the Harry Potter film has died, at a London hospital of Cancer earlier this evening. He was 72 years old.

We greatly apperciated him in what a great guy he was.

We will miss you and always remember you.

October 25, 2002

Welcome Back!

7:13 pm - John

Welcome back everyone! Please be patient while we try to get everything back up! Thanks!

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