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January 30, 2002

Daily Prophet 1st issue....

2:21 pm - seng_han_ting

The brand new Daily Prophet(DP) is issuing its first issue to all HEX students.This issue will be reached by clicking on the DP link on the side menu.The first issue will be posted at around the time the house cup is given! Have Fun!

January 29, 2002

Frozen accounts

6:52 pm - Dobby

I'll write another signup script later and I'll unfrozen all the accounts when I have finished the script. The system will check for those accounts from a family and we'll sort all of the members (from a same family) to a same house. Notice will be given later on. Thank you.

A notice to the staffs of HEX

6:44 pm - Dobby

Please don't abuse your power, either in this virtual world or in the real world. You're one of the staff because of my expressed permission to be here. I'll immediately take down your position if you're abusing your power.

Another year ?

6:38 pm - Dobby

I notice that Han Ting posted in the forum and said that all the members are going to the 2nd year. Since HEX isn't opening yet (we're still in beta testing) do you think we should move to the second year, all or a certain members ? So ... what is your idea ? :)

Looking for items creators and staffs in creative department

6:33 pm - Dobby

We're working on the items section right now and we're looking for items creators (creative department). If you think you're good in drawing items, please email us at ideas@hpinteractive.net. Please include at least 1 example of your item and a short description on what can we do with the item. Thanks.

New Forum....

8:10 am - seng_han_ting

A new "Daily Prophet Office" private forum is lauched !Its for reporters only !!! Click Here to go to the new forum !

January 28, 2002

Yule Ball Forum!

3:27 pm - John

The Yule Ball forum has been setup because all of you have been talking about it. Please post all topics in this forum. The Yule Ball forum can be accessed at: https://hex.hpinteractive.net/forum.phtml?f=50 It can also be accessed under events.

Contact Us Page...

9:24 am - seng_han_ting

Just a short note to let you all know that the Contact Us page is up !! Click Here to view the page !! Have Fun On HEX !

January 27, 2002


10:01 pm - John

You will be expelled if you are caught doing something bad... You will be caught in fact. You can stay away from getting expelled if you behave! Getting expelled means getting your account disabled. We just had a situation that was very bad. Also, people are still registering multiple accounts to try to get into the other houses!!!! We will expell BOTH accounts right off the bat if you do this. We have a system that tells us if your creating multiple accounts to get into another house. So don't try it. Remember to behave and keep HEX a nice place. Creating multiple accounts if you have brothers and sisters is fine.

AIM Icons Added.....

9:46 am - seng_han_ting

More AIM icons have been added,courtesy of _iviorine_!! Click Here to see the whole set of icons! Have fun on HEX!!!

January 26, 2002

New AIM Icons Section.....

3:21 pm - seng_han_ting

There is a new AIM Icons section.There aren't much icons now,but new will be added by Dobby soon! Please click on the AIM Icons link to see all of the icons! The About Us is updated!! Classes are back up!!

Darkmark's Fan Choice Awards

2:23 pm - Dobby

Hogwarts Extreme (HEX) is nominated in the Darkmark's Fan Choice Awards (DMFCA). You can go to that page by clicking on the button below the links on the left. We recommended you to visit all the sites in each categories first before placing your vote. Thank you and have fun !

Students Expelled..

9:10 am - seng_han_ting

I have expelled some Hufflepuffs who break into the Slytherin common rooms!!!! If you know anyone who break into other common rooms,please send me an owl. This also serves as a warning to all other students!! The common rooms passwords has been changed too..


5:29 am - Mad Eye

Everyone please visit my site it is very good not yet completed but good it is https://tgw.hpinteractive.net

January 25, 2002

Daily Prophet Reporters.....

11:33 am - seng_han_ting

The Daily Prophet reporters are finalised.Please click on the Daily Prophet Link to see them. Sorry,to those who are not selected.Fret not!Elliath is starting his own paper and you could become HIS reporters.All reporters please owlpost me your reports by the end of Jan 29. Daily Prophet Paper

January 23, 2002

Giving Wrong/Unfair Points

10:34 pm - John

Just today teachers have been giving unfair points. They have been giving a ton of points to their fellow house mates, and few to other houses. We know this has been happening and it is very unfair. If you are caught doing this you will loose your job as a teacher and get a lot of points taken away from your house. This is very unfair and we don't want ANY of this happening. By the way I would loose the hard homework in Asronomny. This is also unfair giving hard homework to the Gryffindor and Hufflepuff houses and easy to Slytherin and Ravenclaq. Very unfair. This is also very fishy since both of the teachers on the Slytherins house!

January 22, 2002


10:33 pm - John

I have found a house cheating. I have taken a total points 65 from Slytherin. Everyone knows you give reasons of why you give points. A person gave himself 45 points, and then 20 points to someone else for NO reason. You have to post reasons or they will get taken! I have seen in this case that its probably cheating. I'm very disapointed. They will also get 20 points taken, for cheating in the first place.

January 21, 2002

Daily Prophet....

9:04 am - seng_han_ting

I will be starting a Daily Prophet . Please click on the link at the Great Hall for more info . Daily Prophet Thread


2:57 am - John

Even after my post, some people have made multiple accounts to try to get into a different house. Your accounts will be frozen or deleted if you do this. Its ok if you have brothers or sisters on your computer, you could create multiple accounts that way. But not just to get into other houses!


2:02 am - Mad Eye

Everyone PLZ dont send in any more homework it will nto be graded the class is closed for Spring Cleaning

January 20, 2002

Multiple Accounts

8:45 pm - John

Recently, people are making multiple accounts just to try to get into gryffindor. Well its not going to work, we will sort you into your orginal picked house. We will know if your creating a multple account, or if its just your sister/brother creating one so he can have fun on HEX. Gryffindor may not be your house, thats why we may not sort you into that. Begging to be in houses won't help either. Sorry.

HEX is Introduced as #1 to the Darkmark.com Network!

4:41 pm - the_wizhp

As you may have noticed, Dobby has uploaded a new banner under the top header that directs to Darkmark.com (our HP website) and DM has proudly done the same on their site - directing to HEX! Be sure to use this new and comprehendable feature to navigate easily back and forth from your two favourite sites, DarkMark and Hogwarts Extreme.

To all of the New Students...

9:07 am - sHaZu

Just wanted to tell you "new" guys and gals to look at the FAQ page if you have any questions. If you have more questions post them or Owl us =).

Updated House Points...

12:49 am - seng_han_ting

The house points stands at this: 1)Gryffindor : 2793 2)Hufflepuff : 2589 3)Ravenclaw ( My House ) : 2433 4)Slytherin: 2427 Go Ravenclaws . You can do it . Good luck to the other houses too .

January 19, 2002

Every Flavor Beans

4:42 pm - Dobby

"Sorry ! ;) for disturbing you ... please take a minute to give your comment on 'How are we going to eat the 'Every Flavor Beans' on Hogwarts Extreme'" Did you get this message ? I hope so :) We're looking for your comments and suggestions about the topic. So, click here if you want to give your nice comments ! Have fun !


7:21 am - seng_han_ting

Passwords has been changed to suit your house !! Remember to put the space between the words ! Have Fun !!

For now...

2:16 am - John

For now it says the the Nurse, ( Winky ) and the Librarian ( GinnyWeasley73 ) are prefects. They are not prefects, but for now they are so that they can moderate the board. Dobby is making a script that will change that, soon. Just for your information. Thanks! :)

January 18, 2002

Nurses and Librarians Are Finalised...

9:25 am - seng_han_ting

After 3 hours long of talking between me and Headmaster Dobby[heheh],we had decided on the OFFICIAL nurse and librarian. Librarian=GinnyWeasley73 Nurse =Winky Please do your job well!!!Have Fun!!! [Note:The hospital had been renamed the "Hospital Wing" and Quidditch had been renamed "Quidditch Pitch"]

Owl Posts v1.1

9:09 am - Dobby

Owlposts system updated with a feature to save all your owlposts to your computer. Have fun !

Your Ideas and Contributions

4:13 am - the_wizhp

We want to hearfrom all of you! After all, Hagrid's Hut isn't there for nothing! Thanks to all who have contributed items and ideas as to what you want to see on HEX in the future. We're all impatiently awaiting the official opening of HEX as I'm sure you are all too. And if you don't know how else to help, feel free to refer your friends to HEX and pass on the address!

January 17, 2002

The Chat is open!!

12:47 pm - Nicolair

Remember to be in the new chat on HEX! It is in the manu - under HOME! Enjoy!

Games are up !

12:44 pm - Dobby

All the 4 games are uploaded. Have fun !

Shrieking Shack Top 50 List

5:21 am - Dobby

I joined the Shrieking Shack Top 50 List 12 hours ago and found that HEX is on rand 2 right now. I don't know that HEX get that much hits ... and of course ... use a lot of bandwidth too ! I'm still checking the bandwidth stats everyday and see how's it going on ...

January 16, 2002


7:15 pm - Dobby

Thanks to the webmaster of HPInteractive.net, Scotty, (HEX : HPI) for hosting us !

HEX is on A NEW SERVER!!!!!!!

11:28 am - seng_han_ting

HEX is now on hpinteractive.net's server.It is also faster than our previous server[https://the.lionking.org/hee..hee.] The About US page is updated,4 NEW buttons chatroom are created!!Feel free to link to us,the best Harry Potter RPG on the net!!!

January 15, 2002


5:04 am - Dobby

Some settings were added. Click here to view the page. More settings will be avaiiable soon ! Have fun !

FAQ updated.

5:01 am - Dobby

FAQ has been updated with info to put images, links etc. in your post.

Signature added

5:01 am - Dobby

Signature option has been added in the forum. To edit your signature, go to 'Edit your profile' and 'Settings'. Have fun.

January 14, 2002

To all Students And Teachers...

7:46 am - seng_han_ting

To Teachers:Please delete those extra homework WITHOUT giving points[soccerdude,take note] To Students:Please DO NOT purposely post EXTRA homework.If you accidentally post extra homework,PLEASE owl your teacher and notify him/her about it.If i found out extra points given,I will delete all points for that particular homework. P.S:Sorry for the harshness,I am just doing my part as a teacher/staff.[whatever u want to call me..]Anyone unhappy with that,please owl post me.

January 13, 2002

Another new game added

5:39 pm - Dobby

Game - Keeper is up. Have fun !


11:09 am - Dobby

Witch @ Hogwarts is up. We have to reset the highscores for 'Catch the Snitch' for some reasons. Sorry about that. Have fun !


5:19 am - sHaZu

Whoa!! Once agian i have done it.. i have sorted every new student! Whoo HOO!! Enjoy your new houses

January 12, 2002

Teacher Calling

12:24 pm - Nicolair

Where is all the teachers? Come to you classroom and update the class!! Or we will find other teachers for you class! <(=_-)> (Just in case - heh)


2:49 am - Mad Eye

These are the points as of now! 1. Gryffindor: 2057 2. Hufflepuff: 1880 3. Slytherin: 1580 4. Ravenclaw *my house* 1525 COME ON RAVENCLAW DO YOUR HOMEWORK AND WAY TO GO GRYFFINDOR LETS KEEP THE COMPETETION GOING

January 11, 2002

Updated House Points...

7:59 am - seng_han_ting

After the editing and deleting the house points stands at: 1)Gryffindor:2040 2)Hufflepuff:1846 3)Slytherin:1553 4)Ravenclaw[My house]:1514 Come On Ravenclaws!!! Note:Sorry to all Slytherins.I have just deleted a cool 100 points because neobesis had given you guys 100 points when he himself stated that all teachers can only give 1-20 points SORRY GUYS!! By the way,the NEW FAQ is up.Go check it out guys.

Deleting House Points...

7:52 am - seng_han_ting

Whew.I have done deleting some unwanted house points.[-5 extra points etc.]That took me a long 10 minutes. In addition I had also delete the "teacher's wages" as Headmaster Dobby and me had reached a decision that it is unfair for Ravenclaw,who has only 3 teachers.Slytherin had 6 teachers and easily got the most wages/points. Hope ya all will understand!Have fun on HEX!!!!


12:32 am - sHaZu

Whew!! Im finnaly done sorting =). That took LONG!!!! hehehe i hope yall enjoy your houses.

January 10, 2002


7:30 pm - Mad Eye

HOUSE POINTS ARE AS ANNOUNCED 1. Gryffindor: 1971 2. Hufflepuff: 1842 3. Slytherin: 1692 4. Ravenclaw: 1461 COME ON RAVENCLAWS U CAN CATCH UP


5:32 pm - Mad Eye

Hi my name is Matt and Im also a new member hopefully u will see alot of me also i am The Charms teacher some of the classes are Updated so Please do your Homework assignments

- New Staff Member -

7:46 am - seng_han_ting

Hi I am the new HEX staff member. Remember to do your homework,guys![and gals,hehe] By the way,the duration for Catch The Snitch has been shorten from 10 minutes to 3 minutes.Have fun playing those games!!!

January 9, 2002


2:55 pm - Dobby

8 wallpapers added.

January 8, 2002

New games

5:23 pm - Dobby

Potions Racing and Catch the Snitch are up. I think I'm going to use the 'Catch the Snitch' game for the first Quidditch. Have fun.

Done... =)

3:14 am - sHaZu

Im done sorting people and i hope you guys and girls like your houses. One more thing i like to clear up is that this Web address is NOT our real address. We will change back to HPFUN when its up agian (hopefully soon). Thanks

January 7, 2002


5:33 pm - Nicolair

Hi - (I am the new Staff-member on HEX) Remember to tell you friends about HEX has re-open! Come to the Great-Hall and talk with you friends! UPDATE: The Edit Classes section do now work - so to all teachers- GO and make you class-room proud!

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