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December 18, 2001


4:56 am - Shadow

The points are up and working again. There are a few homeworks from various classes that we cannot bring back. There weren't many missing and it won't affect house points all too much. Everything is working again now, so teachers, continue your grading and remember the new points system.

December 17, 2001


8:06 pm - neonebis



5:27 pm - neonebis

Ok teachers this is a big topic! Please, I repeat PLEASE do not give any points out that are not homework related! Teachers can mark all homeworks Out Of 20, but do not give any points for any other reason! This could loose your teachers rights, I hope you understand Neonebis

Scripts updated.

3:37 pm - Dobby

To all prefects, forums moderators and teachers you can now delete/lock/unlock/make private/remove private to selected posts in your forum easily ... find out that yourself ;) A suggestion to all teachers, please post some great and funny homeworks to the forum using the new added feature 'PTF - post to forum'. You can make it as private first when the lesson is not finish so that nobody can access to those posts. Then after the lesson is closed and a new lesson is up, you can open those posts for other students to view and have fun. Then, when another lesson is up, you can delete those posts ... what is your idea and comment ? Post it in the Great Hall / Classes - General discussion ! :) Thank you and have fun !

Expelled script has been disabled.

3:37 pm - Dobby

Due to several reasons and problems, the 'expelled' script has been disabled. (and I know that it is too sensitive !) We only hope that you can have fun on this site ... remember that you have to do your school homeworks (real) and study well (for the kids :)) before you play on this site. You'll surely get 'expelled' if we get an email from your parents telling us that you didn't do your homeworks or get bad marks in your examinations ! Just kidding :)


3:36 pm - Dobby

What is the different between lock and private : lock - everybody can view but can't reply to the post. private - only those who have posted previously in the post (plus prefects/teachers) can view it.

December 16, 2001

Creating multiple accounts by same person

12:55 pm - Dobby

Click here for more info.


7:12 am - sHaZu

I just got done sorting people!! Have fun in your Common Rooms and try to earn your house some house points!!

Down Time....

7:03 am - sHaZu

Looks like HEX has been down for a couple of days. Sorry about that but hey! its back up! Yay!!! =)

December 13, 2001


4:55 pm - neonebis

To all teachers. The new classes script is up and Ive been asked to explain it. If you have set a homework for your class, beneath your class (above the forum) is a text box where they submit their answers. To view these answers click the button below the text box (Teachers Access) And award the points. Read the page. It says, Type 0 to give no points with no comment. Type 0 and comment OR Type 5-20 to give points. Mark all homeworks out of 20.. e.g. 18/20.. if you get it! Thanks! :) Passwords have been changed! Please do not give out other houses passwords! 50 pts have been taken from 2 houses for this offence!

Classes Script Done

7:50 am - Dobby

The classes scripts are done ! Teachers can delete those posts which points have been given to. The forum will be used for discussion from now. Thank you.

December 12, 2001

Classes Script

4:34 am - Dobby

I'll create another script for classes so that students and teachers can easily manage the classes, doing their homeworks, adding house points etc. Please give me some time :) Oops, how am I going to change the database structure ? I'll handle it :) Just be patient. For current teachers, you might have to write down the house points or contact Shadow / Neonebis to add points.


3:15 am - Shadow

Ok, to help ease the confusion I (Shadow) am not in charge of all those classes. I have only Defence Against the Dark Arts. (which first lesson was posted today) In, possibly a few hours, we will have all the teachers set. We have it planned out all they have to do is agree now and we'll have all the classes ready. To check who's going to be teaching what go to the Default Board.

December 11, 2001

Teachers and Classes

5:08 pm - neonebis

Please check the Classes page, and see if you have been made teacher, as we have added more classes. Charms class and homework is up to start of the term. Please submit your answers ASAP to get your Points

House Leaders

12:11 pm - Dobby

We are looking for house leaders. Please vote for your house leader in your common room. Thanks !

December 10, 2001


6:29 pm - neonebis

Classes have started, still quite temp. But house points are being awarded, so watch out! :)


6:25 pm - neonebis

Thanks to Dobby, our board are fixed. If you find any difficulties please owlpost me! :)

Boards Fault

4:48 pm - neonebis

None of MY posts are being displayed on the boards. If the same is happening to you, do not bother to email the staff.. it should all be working soon. If you are STILL board, visit the games section of the site, or play a few of the Quizzes that HeX users have made. Keep on enjoying HeX, Dont forget to press CTRL + D to bookmark us, Neonebis

Bug Fixed

11:09 am - Dobby

The problem where some of the messages on the forums got cut off has been fixed. I just found out that it occured when you preview your message first. Anyway, it is fixed now. Thank you and have fun.


11:07 am - Dobby

From now on, you can access Hogwarts Extreme with this URL : https://rpg.harrypotterfun.com Due to some technical problems, you can't login to harrypotterfun.com/rpg in a few hours before. Sorry for that. We have fixed that.

December 9, 2001

New Staff

4:27 pm - neonebis

Today I (neonebis) was welcomed into staff. I've just sorted new members into their houses, and remember, every house is good!


3:43 pm - neonebis

Just to let you know our new FAQ page is up today, HERE Hope this helps you. Any troubles Owl Post Me!

Common Room Passwords

8:40 am - Dobby

The common room passwords are changed and will be changed from time to time ... I received too many requests about that thing. :] Also note that, please don't owlpost me so much, I have read them all but I don't have time to reply everyone. I didn't accept any hogfriend request right now, sorry about that. Please ask your question (if possible) in the great hall and someone will answer it. The FAQ page will be up soon. Thank you and have fun.

December 7, 2001

Whew Finnaly!

10:44 pm - sHaZu

I just got done enrolling people and remember, every house is good! =)

December 6, 2001


11:44 pm - sHaZu

Yay! I have sorted all of you that have sent a enrollment! Have fun in your houses and remember that every house is good!


11:07 am - Dobby

Guess what ? The gringotts is up ! So far, I know that there are some galleons in your vault if you haven't report to the Goblins yet ! Have fun !


8:39 am - Dobby

If you have ever submitted the form to join us as a staff these days, please submitted it again as I have just found out a problem in the script. The data didn't insert to our database. It is fixed now. Thank you.


12:34 am - Matt01

I just finished sorting 127 new signups today, I hope you all got into a house that suits you! Just a reminder, you CANNOT have your house changed...unless of course you bribe me with some galleons ;)

December 5, 2001


4:11 pm - Matt01

Just a small note, we're having a bit of trouble with the rpg.harrypotterfun.com subdomain (as you've already guessed), but it will be back by tommorow hopefully :).


11:04 am - Dobby

I have made a lot of changes to the script and the whole site. Please note that some of the links and scripts might not working for a moment. I'll finish it later.

The sorting hat

11:02 am - Dobby

Click on the link above to enroll and get sorted right now ! Have fun.

New host

10:59 am - Dobby

Please note that rpg.harrypotterfun.com will not work until the subdomain setting is fixed. We're currently moving to a new server ... until then use https://harrypotterfun.com/rpg. Thank you.

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