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February 15, 2021

Internet Safety

10:22 pm - HEX Staff

HEX would like to take a few moments of your time to remind you about internet safety. We take the safety of all our users seriously. To facilitate keeping everyone safe we have some base rules in place, including our COPPA policy, which states that users cannot post photos, videos, or audio recordings that contain an image or audio of someone under the age of 13 without that parents permission. This policy does apply to everyone on the site - for example if you have a niece or nephew you cannot post their picture without their parent using our Contact Form to give express permission.

In addition to COPPA, Site Term 11 urges all users to not give out personal information, such as phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses. Internet safety is very important; Staff is committed to making HEX a safe place for all, but we ask that you do your part by keeping yourself safe online as well.

Our page on bullying has additional resources available, including links to A Teens Guide to Cyber Security, Digital Citizenship and Cyber Security, and Emergency Internet Safety for Kids. We urge all users, not just kids, to check out these websites for tips on keeping yourself safe online. Additionally, please take a moment to review the Platform Safety thread for advice written by our own Social Media team.

Lastly, we'd like to remind everyone of our report features. Problems with other users, concerns for others safety, and other issues not directly related to a forum should be reported to members of Staff (Global Moderators, Junior Staff, Staff, and Admins). You may use the Forum Report Button, owl a Staff Member, report an owlpost from the owl directly, or use the Site Report feature. For those not familiar with it, the Site Report feature is located at the top left of the screen on the SITE tab, click Report from the drop-down menu to report a site bug or error, a user, a forum or global moderator, or the breaking of site rules. If you're on mobile you will first need to press the three horizontal bars on the top left of the page to find the site tab. Additional methods of reporting, are detailed out in the Knowledge Base. Unfortunately we cannot see everything that happens on the site. We appreciate when you speak out if something seems wrong, even if you're not sure, so that we check it out before its too late to avoid something unfortunate.

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