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March 8, 2020

Welcome Center - March Update

4:58 am - Aurora

Someone special in Harry's life will be celebrating a day all about them this month, but not in a way you'd think. It's National Puppy Day! Harry thought it would be hilarious to gift the animagus a new collar for the occasion. Show us how it looks in A Sirius Collar. Meanwhile, Sirius will need some company at the puppy party, so let's discuss some Four-Legged Friends to bring along. All are welcome, furry, scaley, four legs, or even... five? Finally, our monthly Newbie Raffle for new users has some amazing prizes - something for everyone who enters!

If you've recently joined and feel a bit lost, stop by the New User Area and have a go at the tasks and endeavors to learn about the site and earn some galleons. Check out the other helpful information there too.

And finally, if you are under 13 years of age we have a special place just for you here on HEX. Come and visit the Weasley Hideout for even more contests, activities and chat threads for our younger members of the site to get stuck into!

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