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March 4, 2020

Social Media Monthly Update

9:07 am - little fox

March Monthly Announcements!

For years she has reigned as the High Supreme of Memes. But now it's time to finally say, "Bye, Felicia!" Join the SM staff to help with her removal in the new March Contest!

We have a new Muse of the Month - TheBaddestBlonde. For the start of March we want to discuss Social Medias influence on Festivals, and Events that are advertised on them. Head on over to Monthly Musings to give your input on this topic.

Just how good is your knowledge of the Wizarding world? Come test it with the latest round of trivia questions! Think you're up for it? You better, because I Bet the Muggles Won't Know About These!

The Monthly Raffle is ready for a new month! Make your way over to Platform Ponderings for all the information on how you can participate! You have the chance to earn our Social Media exclusive item, house points, and Galleons!

Do you enjoy making online content or coming up with aesthetics and ways to engage with users on social media? You're in luck because we have applications for content creators open indefinitely! We are currently on the hunt for talented folks to help us with Facebook, but those who are interested in other platforms are welcome as well. What are you waiting for? Join the Social Media Department today!


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