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June 30, 2019

Conquering Death

1:41 pm - DEATH

Psst, everyone, gather 'round. I've got a riddle for the wise among you, and I will not repeat myself. What do mortals fear and strive to conquer above all else? Why, myself, of course. Since the beginning of time, countless Muggles and magical folk alike have sought to uncover my secrets, some in an effort to escape my cool embrace and others to exert control over my dominion. Regardless of their instrument of choice - be it sword, wand, or science - such efforts have always had one thing in common: they failed.

Now, I'm sure you're all wondering why Death incarnate, resplendent in the flowing black robes your finite minds have surely Conjured to comprehend my eternal essence, has deigned to congregate before you. Well, the answer is simple, my inferior audience. A battle is brewing. A battle of such immensity that none of you could possibly hope to emerge unscathed. Ah, but that's the thing about mortals, isn't it? You simply have to try.

Very well. Head over here to prepare for battle. Be forewarned; many of you will perish, and I will not hesitate to shepherd you to what lies Beyond. It is my birthright, after all. For a lucky few, though... well, perhaps you might find yourselves armed with the equipment necessary to combat Death. I welcome the challenge.

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