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March 28, 2019

Multiple Accounts Amnesty

6:13 pm - HEX Staff

Everyone has heard the phrase "multiple accounts". As the phrase suggests, it's a term used for users who have created more than one account for themselves. As we have heard from many users, many feel that if their family or friend created an account, it would automatically put them at risk. Well, we are here to confirm that this is not the case. Many of us, including site staff, have our friends and family who have joined us here at HEX. This is something we encourage, as we love to meet those who are just as excited about being sorted and taking classes as we are.

However, the users referenced with "multiple accounts" are those who create accounts, even with family or friends information, and use these accounts to gain an advantage to snag rare items or more galleons. All of us who have created an account have accepted the Terms issued by the site, which every user should have read when signing up. The Terms are as follows:

1. You may only have one (1) username/account on this site. Creating multiple accounts is NOT allowed. This is cheating and covered under Rule 16-C.

4. You are the ONLY one allowed on your account. You will be held responsible for anything done by someone else with your account. NEVER give your password to ANYONE for ANY reason.

16. Cheating in all forms is forbidden. You will be sent to Azkaban or expelled immediately. Cheating includes: c) Multiple Accounts - Anyone found with multiple accounts will be sent to Azkaban. Then, either be expelled, or have their inventory deleted, their money reset to ZERO, and all the multiple accounts will be disabled.

Having more than one account also takes up unnecessary space on the server. This causes the server to run more slowly, which causes problems for the entire site. Because we want to ensure each of you have the best experience, we are providing each of you a chance to come forward if you do have multiple accounts. Should you do so, you will be allowed to keep an account. We do look at things on a case by case basis, to determine the best and fairest way to address the multiple accounts. We also want to mention that sharing an account is also not allowed. We encourage every user to have their own account so that they may have their own exciting experience on the site.

One word of caution, however. If you DO have multiple accounts but believe that you are not at risk of having your additional accounts discovered, please think again. When we do find your multiple accounts, you will have put not only the multiple accounts but also your primary account at risk for expulsion because you kept silent when you could have stepped forward. Anyone who currently has multiple accounts and does not voluntarily take advantage of this amnesty before the deadline will have their accounts handled at our discretion, which may include being expelled automatically, without hesitation or warning.

We ask that each of you ensure that if you do want to come forward, that you owl motherof3, Sasuke Uchiha, lilyleia78, or anyone found on the About Us page and let someone know that you would like to come forward. When doing so, we ask that you provide a list of all usernames and emails that you know of or can recall having been used. Multiple accounts are part of our No-Tolerance Policy. As we would like to ensure that everyone is able to be on HEX and enjoy everything it has to offer, this is why we are bringing this up to everyone. You will have until 11:59 PM HEX time on April 30th to submit the information to us. Anyone to be found to have multiple accounts after this day will be punished per Account Management discretion. Our goal is to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy HEX and all that it has to offer, but we also want to ensure this is done while following the Terms.

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