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February 1, 2019

The RP Factor 2019

12:00 am - Lucas

A labyrinth of stainless steel walls towers above you, reflecting a harsh fluorescent light whose origin you cannot detect. The air is thick against your exposed limbs, humid, heavy, chafing. You run forward along the seemingly endless pathways, raw grains of earth crawling between your toes like specks of sandpaper. Anxiety buzzing in your veins, you quicken your stride, running until your lungs burn and your senses are reduced to the frantic beating of your heart as its mantra fills your ears. The next turn looms closer, and the gasp that snakes its way between your lips almost obscures the guttural undertone now interrupting the sound of your heartbeat. It almost sounds like... cheering. You barrel around the intersection, your fingers grazing the sleek metal of the nearest wall, and feel your legs collapse at the sight before you.

What happens next, you might be wondering? Unfortunately, I don't have that answer, as the possibilities are endless and lie within the minds of HEX's role-players. Whether it be creating worlds so vivid you can feel the foreign waters crashing against your feet, or writing characters so real you feel you have known them all your life, role-playing demands a lot from those who dare to attempt it. While the results can often be marvelous, filled with dark, poignant, and breathtaking tales, they can also fall a bit flat, the world they are meant to portray crumbling beneath the reader's uninterested eyes. Do you think you have what it takes to enthrall readers with your role-plays, to transport them to other worlds the likes of which they've never seen? Perhaps it's time that you turn that last corner and find out.

The RP Factor 2019: Information & Watch Thread | Discussion Thread

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