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August 16, 2003

Hogwarts Extreme's 2nd Year Birthday

12:21 am - Link

In order to commemorate Hogwarts Extreme's second birthday, the staff would like to thank the users from the bottom of our hearts for you patience, involvement, and your contributions to the wonderful HEX world.

Known world-wide, HEX has taken many leaps and jumps in the past. Though we have just been slowly walking, you will soon begin to see some new, entertaining and interactive material coming your way.

First and foremost, in celebration, there are some new items. The HEX Birthday Store

Second, you will find that the spell book is back! Spellbook Sadly though, most of you have no spells. The old ones were erased. Here is how it works. You gain a random spell different from the ones you already have (if any) every time you score an 8 or higher on a homework assignment in the Dueling Class. A random spell is removed for 3 or below.

Now, to consider what you will do with those spells, you now may duel. There are a few restrictions. You must have 3 or more spells. Dueling

Happy Birthday HEX!!!

-The HEX Staff

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