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January 28, 2017

Superior Wizard Banking for Superior Witches and Wizards!

5:03 am - Spiora

After their brief stint as auctioneers, the Gringotts goblins are hungry for more gold. They racked their brains for months to devise more ways to part witches and wizards from it, and had all but given up, until they hit upon an idea...

The solution had been in Gringotts all along! A superior banking service for those who could afford it; cunning businessmen and businesswomen alike who had built themselves up from nothing and become an economic marvel.

What's New?
- Enjoy the overdue face-lift of the Gringotts building. The standard banking service has been upgraded significantly too, check out your vault history if you need further proof!

- Treat yourself to our all new Private Banking service. A dedicated Gringotts goblin will keep full and complete records of every knut you spend on Hex. Take control of your fortune today!

- Step up your money-making game with our premium Business Banking service. Your dedicated Gringotts goblin will not only keep a keen eye on your outgoings, but will make a detailed log of every knut earned on Hex too. You'll also have access to their superior organisational skills, allowing you to filter through your transactions by type!

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