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February 6, 2015

New RE Abuse Policy

8:43 am - Ninja Kitten

Valentine's Day is approaching and we all know what that means: fun activities to enjoy with our friends and fellow HEXians. Along with the fun and games, though, comes a bit of order.

This is not a new policy, persay, but one that we felt needed to be addressed with the site as a whole. With the random event activities we put on last year came a bit of rule-breaking. Several users were found to be abusing the fun random events that dropped across the site.

These random events are meant to be fun and to be given to users who are active on the site. It is not meant to be given in excess to any one user. Abuse of random events can be found by not only excessively refreshing a page, but also in several other methods that have been employed by users.

Any user that is found to be abusing the privileges that come along with HEX holiday fun and random events will be given ONE warning to stop their abuse. If it continues or happens again at any point in the future they will be banned from receiving said holiday random events on HEX. The banned users will be given ONE chance to owl a site admin to have their ban lifted six months after the ban occurred. If lifted, and the user shows signs of abuse at any point afterwards, the ban will change into a ban for the rest of their time on HEX. That means that this ban is a lifetime ban and is non-negotiable. The users who are banned will receive an owl telling them as such.

Abuse of random events leads to a very diluted market for certain items and that means a decrease in over-all value. This all leads to users not being able to have as much fun as they could have if everyone followed the rules.

So for this holiday season, and all those in the future, please follow ALL HEX rules. It really does help to make the holidays that much more enjoyable! <3

--HEX Staff

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