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July 6, 2013

Daily Money Tweaks

4:52 am - John

The way Daily Money works has now changed. The following changes are some of the biggest ever to this feature. They are as follows:

- Everyone now has the opportunity to collect Daily Money twice in one day. If the system deems that an individual user has been particularly active on the site for a given day, it will offer the option of collecting an additional time. You do not need to have collected the first time to receive this offer. The offer can potentially happen at anytime of the day.

- Every single day there will be one bonus multiplier hour. The hour can occur at any time of the day. During this hour, everyone that still has the option to collect will have their money potentially multiplied by a certain amount. There are four different treasure chests to choose from in this hour only. One of the chests is completely empty though, and will actually result in one receiving no money for their daily collection. After the multiplier hour of the day occurs, it will be noted in big letters on the Daily Money page.

The changes bring about a general change in strategy. Should one wait until the potential bonus hour or not? Will one potentially be offered a second collection that could be used in the bonus hour or a later hour of day? Will one potentially get no money by risking it during the bonus hour? The possibilities are endless! A big thank you to Neffa for creating the amazing treasure chests!

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