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January 31, 2013

The Misappropriation of Harry Potter

12:00 am - HPfanextrm

"B-blood of the enemy ... forcibly taken ... you will ... resurrect your foe."

Harry could do nothing to prevent it, he was tied too tightly. ... Squinting down, struggling hopelessly at the ropes binding him, he saw the shining silver dagger shaking in Wormtail’s remaining hand. He felt its point penetrate the crook of his right arm and blood seeping down the sleeve of his torn robes. Wormtail, still panting with pain, fumbled in his pocket for a glass vial and held it to Harry’s cut, so that a dribble of blood fell into it.

"I am about to attempt to break into your mind," said Snape softly. "We are going to see how well you resist. I have been told that you have already shown aptitude at resisting the Imperius Curse. ... You will find that similar powers are needed for this. ... Brace yourself, now. ... Legilimens!"

Snape had struck before Harry was ready, before Harry had even begun to summon any force of resistance: the office swam in front of his eyes and vanished, image after image was racing through his mind like a flickering film so vivid it blinded him to his surroundings. ...

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