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March 28, 2012

Changes to Daily Money

8:37 pm - HPfanextrm

Previously, Daily Money updated every hour, on the hour, to the same new amount for everyone. Any user on the site who tried to collect during the same hour of the day would have the opportunity to claim the same amount. This led to users sharing when amounts were high through threads and other means of communication, even though the original purpose of changing amounts was to encourage users to check-in throughout the day. We were eventually forced to instigate an extension of our rule on Cheating that prohibited this.

While this strongly discouraged one form of cheating, it did nothing to stop users who persistantly seek to exploit the economy through every way imaginable -- those with multiple accounts. The number of users found collecting Daily Money at its highest amounts with multiple accounts has been staggering. The Global Moderators and Staff do their very best to catch every single one of these abusers and remove their ill-gotten goods. Sometimes, however, we find that this money has passed through the hands of many innocent users, unbeknownest of its true origins, inflating the economy. So what do we do to stop this problem? We go directly to the source.

Daily Money will now change for every user every hour, on the hour, independently. No longer will everyone on the site see Daily Money at the same amount at the same time. One user could find it at 50 G and another at 500 G. Daily Money will still remain collectable once per day. Interdepartmental Memos will still alert users who own them when amounts are higher than a certain point, as they previously did. This should have no impact on regular users who operate only one account and never shared information regarding when its amounts were high.

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