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February 8, 2012

Multiple accounts.

2:41 pm - iPod

As a number of people have recently found, multiple accounts are being discovered on a daily basis. Using an account with a siblings/friends information to make money/get items for yourself is not allowed, and you will be caught. It is perfectly fine if you have family/friends who also have accounts. In fact, we encourage it! What's not okay is having those accounts send you hundreds of thousands of galleons and rare items.

If you have a multiple account, you need to come forward and tell us about it. Should you do so, the punishment will not be expulsion. However, should you not choose to come forward about your multiple accounts, and you are found to have more than one account, all shared accounts will be expelled. No questions asked and no leniency will be given. It is time for you to take responsibility for your actions. If you won't, then we will and we won't be nice about it in the process.

A No-Tolerance Policy is being enacted when it comes to multiple accounts. If you have more than one account, then you need to owl all of the usernames to a Staff Member or Global Moderator so that we can take the necessary action. You will have 2 weeks to do this. Again, should you choose to not do this, all of your accounts will be expelled. It is time to make Hex a fun place for everyone, not just for the people who make multiple accounts.

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