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December 16, 2010

HEXmas Has Arrived

1:59 am - Xeneixian

Christmas time is finally here, HEX! I know you've all been waiting and wondering: What are they going to do this year? Are we going to get RE presents? Should we still Beware of Salazar? No, no presents falling from the sky this year. Pull up a seat in the Great Hall and tuck in, because it's time for the Christmas Feast!

We've had the house elves cooking 24/7 for the last two weeks, preparing the meal to end all meals. I hope you've been saving room for Christmas supper and have a few notches left on your belts, because you'll need them before the night is over. Roast chicken, fried sausages, shepherd's pie, Cornish pasties, lamb chops, kidney pie, roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, custard tart, mint humbugs, treacle tart, spotted dick, cranberry sauce, and rice pudding. I'm getting hungry just talking about it!

But the feast isn't the only thing to look forward to. True to tradition, the house tables are piled high with Wizard Crackers! You heard me right: CRACKERS! Grasp one end, ask a friend to pull the other, and BANG! The room fills up with smoke, you're deaf in one ear, and one of you gets an awesome prize. We've got Galleons, balloons, ornaments, and all kinds of hats, and the only place you're going to get them is at the feast. You'll get one at the door and the more time you spend stuffing your face, chatting with friends, and hanging out at the Christmas feast, the more chances you'll get to nab a few more.

So put on your Christmas best, bring your eating chops, and enjoy the feast with your friends as snow falls from the ceiling. And from all of us at Hogwarts Extreme, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and we hope you make out with a pile of new items and a full belly. But don't forget: Santa can see you when you're refreshing, and if you do it too much, he might just send you to bed with no supper and a lump of coal!

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