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November 14, 2010

Accepting Applications - Witch Weekly

10:31 am - Aurora Dior

What is Witch Weekly?
Witch Weekly is an up-and-coming magazine for HEX. It will be quite different from other publications, because instead of an issue by issue format, it will lay out more like a blog, updated on a day to day basis. In canon Harry Potter, Witch Weekly is a magazine that targets women and has content to reflect this.

Why Witch Weekly?
Why?! Because gossip is hot and judging by the looks of things around here you could all use some fashion guidance, advice about your love lives, and some tips on how not to poison your children when you bust out the pots and pans. Oh yes, I said it. You won't believe what we have in store.

For those that require a more intelligent answer to satisfy your curiosity, we'll get philosophical on you: Why not?

Wow! Where Do I Sign Up?!
If you're ready to bust out that quill and start scribbling articles (and why wouldn't you be) you can send your application to Witch Weekly, BY NOVEMBER 30TH, 11:59PM (HEX TIME)...via owlpost, of course. But wait, maybe you should read the fine print:

Only serious applications will be considered, a written sample is required. Your submission should be grammatically checked and display the pizazz that can be expected of you. You should include in your submission a full length article in the style of Witch Weekly (this means, it should be something you think the magazine would publish).

The staff will be required to submit their segments on time and on a regular monthly basis. This really is a must. Completing what you are assigned on time is just as important as doing a good job on it, so please consider whether you really can keep up with the responsibility when you apply.

Last But Not Least!
Any questions you have can be owled to Aurora Dior, or posted in this thread. Preferably posted in the thread (so it can help other people).

If you don't have time for a commitment, but would like to submit articles as a reader submission for possible publication, feel free. But please label your owl to reflect this.

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