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July 24, 2010

A Bit of a Kerfuffle

1:56 pm - anacrusis

Early this morning you may have noticed several odd things occurring on HEX and we felt that it was only right to inform you about what happened. A while ago all moderators on HEX who have cloaks were owled requesting that they appear online and not wear their cloak at least half of the time that they are on HEX. We had been getting complaints that moderators were hiding under the cloaks and this made it difficult for regular users to contact them when problems arose.

However, recently it was brought to the KA mods' attention that they were wearing their cloaks far too often so users couldn't see that they were online. It was reiterated that cloaks are a privilege given to moderators and they can be removed if abused. An argument broke out because they didn't want to abide by this and things escalated to the point that Rain, Meex18, MsErica and Masterwizard disabled their accounts (before going they decided to hand out some invisibility cloaks), disabled the KA account (the one that holds all the items for the contests) and they removed everyone's access to KA.

The site staff have been working since this morning to return the rares to the KA account and retrieve the invisibility cloaks that were given out and deal with the mess that was left behind. We regret to announce the loss of these users but we don't consider it to be such a terrible thing that a moderator spends at least half their time on HEX uncloaked so that users can see them online.


I'd also like to take this time to make a big announcement, both in terms of length and content:

In order to improve our moderation of the site, select administrators, staff members and global moderators have been appointed to specifically oversee certain aspects of the site, and where needed, new forum moderators have been introduced.

Inside Hogwarts - Entrance Hall, Great Hall, Student Hangout, Hallways, etc.
Sky Miller, Kashtastic, Marvinater123, i3ingo and Carrie have been promoted to the position of 'Inquisitorial Squad' under the supervision of global moderators Laila123, Motherof3 and Simone_Jowett. Should you require the assistance of a staff member or administrator, then you can also turn to Anacrusis or Hermionepotter.

Outside Hogwarts - The Lake, Main Yard, Quidditch Pitch etc.
Hastyr Holderness and Jenny Green have been promoted to the position of 'Grounds Moderator' under the supervision of global moderator Xeneixian. Should you require the assistance of a staff member in any of these forums then you can also turn to Anacrusis.

Information Forums - Welcome Centre, Magical Theories, Ideas/Suggestions etc.
Icemousey and Issaness have been promoted to the position of 'Info Forums Mod' under the supervision of global moderator Tori Tendleswift. Should you require the assistance of a staff member in any of these forums then you can also turn to Quiet_fury87.

Shopping Forums:
Lorrina, Scully, Aarony02, & Dobywinky have been promoted to the position of Diagon Alley moderators. Knockturn Alley moderator appointments are forthcoming. They will all be under the supervision of global moderators HPfan2006 & J_W_L. Should you require the assistance of a staff member, HPfanextrm and Salazar are in charge of the Economy.

Role-Play Central:
In addition to those moderators already in RPC, Birkana has been promoted to the position of RPC Moderator. In addition, sportzgrl33 and Xeneixian are now the RPC Admins. Sarah74656 will now be handling the global aspects of role playing on HEX all across the site. Be sure to watch out for information on the RPC Teaching Center and how you can apply to help run it!

Other HEX areas:
LittleB and Lucala have been promoted to the positions of 'Teaching Co-Ordinators' and shall be working closely with global moderator Podlet to ensure that classes run smoothly in September. Any questions should be directed to them, but should you require assistance from a staff member or administrator then you can also turn to Anacrusis, Sarah74656, or Theny. Stay tuned for news about Top Students from Theny!

The administrator in charge of the items aspect of the site is PixieChickie. She is also working with the staff members quiet_fury87, HPfanextrm, and global moderators Aurora Dior and Xeneixian.

Theny and Tori Tendleswift, shall be working with the publications, including new editors Faye Fenikkusu and MuggleBornMegan07. Any questions, suggestions and ideas should be directed to them.

AND FINALLY: We'd like to remind everyone that the deadline to apply for a teaching position is July 30th. Also, remember to support your house as it competes in the Inter-House Cup this summer!

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