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July 13, 2010

"Spam Games"

12:45 am - J_W_L

Of late, the staff have noticed an over-abundance of spam games on HEX. Spam games are threads in which no conversation is going on at all and the primary goal of the thread is to raise a user's post count. ANY game in which the replies have no purpose, are not a part of a conversation, or are in the form of one and two word replies will be locked. In the past, when users have spammed, their post counts have been docked (or completely reset) and they have received a warning. As the amount of spam on HEX has reached such a dangerously high level, we will be reviving that practice. Further spamming will also result in a stint in Azkaban.

Why is this even a big deal? To operate, HEX must pay for a server. Spamming wastes precious database/server space that can really impact HEX's performance in the long run. It costs the site more money for each new server. The more fiscally responsible we are will help to ensure that HEX will not be shut down and we are asking for your help in making sure that that never happens.

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