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June 5, 2010

Item Designers Wanted!

12:46 am - Aurora Dior

New Item Designers are currently needed for HEX. If you are interested in creating items for HEX, please read the entire post below!

What Do Item Designers Do?

Item Designers create graphics, which are used to represent items in the HEX economy. The job entails a lot of graphic skill and creativity, as well as a honed knowledge of canon objects within the Harry Potter world.

Item Designers get to have their item graphics (if approved) turned into site items. If an item is approved and becomes an actual item on HEX, the designer is also entitled to one copy of THAT specific item.

How Do I Apply?

To apply, send 5 examples of items that you have made to Aurora Dior. They MUST meet ALL of the following criteria:

* Your item MUST be 80x80 pixels. It must be on a black background. I mean BLACK. Not almost black. Black black (#000000).

* You must submit original items for this. Not remade items, ones that have not been (to public knowledge) already created. In other words, it can't already be an item that exists currently within the HEX economy.

* You must submit canon items. This means, you must submit items that actually occur within the Harry Potter world as written by J.K Rowling. This can include items from her side work, something mentioned in a book she wrote to correlate to the Harry Potter world (such as Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them).

* You must submit original work. Copying an image from Google is not acceptable. Adding a black background to an image does not make it yours. You need to hand draw, or manipulate the image to the point that it is CLEAR that the work submitted is yours. Use of resources is one thing, ripping an image is another entirely.

*** PLEASE NOTE: If you fail to adhere to the terms clearly stated here, your submissions will be ignored. If you have a question, you may feel free to owl Aurora Dior, HPfanextrm, quiet_fury87, or Xeneixian.

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