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April 8, 2010

Apparation Update

11:53 pm - HPfanextrm

Many of you have been experiencing problems with the Apparation test. I have made a few adjustments to the way successful attempts are recorded which will hopefully make things a little easier.

Previously, you were required to complete the test three times in a row without fail. If you completed the test twice, and failed on your third attempt, your were reset back to square one and would have to complete the test three more times in sequence without fail.

Now, even if you fail, your counter that records your number of successful attempts will not reset. This means that if you complete the test twice and fail on your third attempt, you will only have to complete the test sucessfully one final time rather than three more times again.

Some users also somehow completed the test three or more times in sequence, but were not given the ability to apparate. Everyone that this applies to should now find that they have been granted the ability to do so. Also, any user that has attempted the test at least 15 times has been given the ability to apparate.

The feature was never intended to be difficult, and we apologize for the troubles experienced.

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