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February 22, 2010

A few forum changes.

9:24 am - iPod


There are a few forum changes I'd like to inform everyone of. The first being the preview button. This is correctly functioning and will offer you a preview of how your post will look as if it were posted. Please, use this profusely!

Second, I'm sure most of you have noticed the Edit link on your posts. This is a function that is being made available for all users. Though, you will only be able to edit your posts within 10 minutes from posting. Also, you can only edit the post a maximum of 3 times. These measures are in place to ensure that this function is being used only as a corrective tool. Also, please keep in mind that all edits are logged and extremely easy to view changes. Not that I don't trust each and every one of you ;).

All in all, forums are back to normal functionality. If there are any issues or bugs, please post the situation in the Errors and Glitches thread along with a URL of the page you are having the problem with.

Anyways, thanks. Have a good one.

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