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February 20, 2010

Forum changes.

12:34 am - iPod

Hello everyone,

I'm moving the forums to a new code-base. While this is going to be good in the long run, it's causing a set of immediate problems.

For those with forum administrator access, the way that forum privacy works has changed. This is especially noticed in house forums. If there are any usernames in the 'Usernames' column of the private section, only those users will be allowed in the forum. Also, the categories such as 'boy' and 'ravenclaw' have been removed from this section and given their own checkbox.

So if you want only ravenclaw boys to access the forum, you check those boxes and update. If there are any usernames in the usernames column, then only those usernames will be able to access the forum.

If you'd like to specifically allow others who do not fit the categories, then you put their usernames into the allow column. This will bypass the categories and give them access.

Also, forums are missing a few functions such as thread watching. They will all return shortly.

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