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September 30, 2009

3 Strike System & 8 Week Rule

9:05 pm - J_W_L

In light of how erratic and cluttered Fortuneís Alley has become, we have decided to try and keep it more organized. Raffles will be a lot more fun if we can keep it precise and simple.

We have come up with new additions to our Raffle Rules as well as tweaking a few current ones.

Instead of expulsion for letting your raffle go beyond 30 days we have changed it to a three strike system.

Strike 1:
Once your raffle goes beyond 30 days you will receive ONE warning by owl. If you fail to correct your raffle upon logging into Hex once the warning is sent you will be placed in Azkaban for three days. This means the first time you log in after the warning is sent, you must post in your thread informing users what you will be doing. We have a system for keeping track of warnings and Azkaban sentences, so we will be watching you. Also your store will be closed during your time in Azkaban so that no more tickets can be sold, Azkaban is not extra time for you to make money.

Raffles are not permitted to last more than 30 days. If your raffle has not sold the desired amount of tickets within 30 days of the date your thread is posted, you have two choices: You can hand out the prizes based on the tickets you did sell or cancel the raffle and refund ALL money to the buyers. This is something you need to take into consideration should you intend to begin spending your earnings before the raffle is over. The inability to refund will not be an excuse, you will simply be forced to distribute the prizes regardless of the amount of loss. If you fail to comply with this particular rule you will be entered into the three strike system.

Strike 2:
After logging in after your stint in Azkaban you will be given TWO days to end your raffle. If you fail to correct the problem at this point you will be sent back into Azkaban for one week. This strike also applies if you go past 30 days on a second raffle. This means that if you are warned for a raffle once, you cannot do it again for another raffle. If you do so you will automatically skip the first strike.

Strike 3:
Once you log in after your second stint in Azkaban, you will have TWO days to end your raffle, without selling more tickets. If you fail to do so, your account can and will be expelled. You will have already received two warnings before this point, so it would not be out of the blue. Also, if you go past 30 days on a third raffle, you will automatically skip strikes one and two. This means if you go past 30 for a third raffle you will receive NO warnings.

If you have any questions about this new policy feel free to owl Kitten050606, HPfan2006, or J_W_L.

As for the new 8 week/2 month rule:

We have decided that way too many raffles are being held at once. It causes some users to become bored and as such deters them from buying. There will be a new addition to the guidelines:

How often can I hold a raffle?:

You may hold a raffle once every two months. This is figured from the date you end your raffle (The date the raffle ends is the date you drew the winning numbers). So, for example, if you end a raffle on the 1st of May you would not be eligible for another raffle until the 1st of July. Remember, too many raffles, one right after the other, may make users get tired and not buy as much. Also doing so deters business away from other users hoping to have successful raffles.
This is a guideline for ALL raffles. Anyone who has a raffle that has not ended within 30 days will be banned from having another one until it is resolved. The two months will not start until the date that the raffle is finally finished.

For basic raffle information, Check out: Raffle Rules, Guidelines, and FAQ

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