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January 15, 2007

Hunger and Thirst.

6:34 am - iPod

Hunger and Thirst are back.

On any food or drink item that you wish to be consumed, you must go to the item action page and select the 'add to what you will eat/drink' option. All items chosen through this will be consumed automatically when you are hungry or thirsty. These items will sit in a special section of your inventory, where you can remove them anytime by clicking on them and choosing the 'remove' option.

The food will be eaten automatically, whenever you need it. Failure to eat or drink food after 12 hours will result in you being 'hungry' or 'thirsty'. While hungry or thirsty, you will lose Health Points for the time that you browse the site. The most time for hunger or thirst you can accumulate is 24 hours. So if you go away for a week, you will only need to feed yourself as if you were gone for one day. This way, you won't be overwhelmed if you miss too much time.


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